Lessons we Learn

Why we are behaving like mad Human going around fighting with others, killing others we make our life so fucking hard to live in when you can step back relax and think to yourself "WHAT AM I DOING?

Why? Life is a miracle and we are lucky we are alive lucky to be part of this miracle but instead we hate each other we aare greedy we kill for money we create wars we care more about the money we have and not for the friends or neighbours, we are end up been the worse ever visitors this planet has ever have had, we are the worse animals and we can't stop we continue to hate and kill each other

Think about it we have no choice but to face death when the time is here , are you going to take anything with you? No matter how rich or poor you are you ll die alone as you came alone to life. We are nothing but a combination of Bacteria aajnd viruses trillion of those , we re lucky cause we're at the rright place the right time when nature create humans.


We Are Killing Earth







Our Earth

The world’s 7.6 billion people represent just 0.01% of all living things, according to the study. Yet since the dawn of civilisation, humanity has caused the loss of 83% of all wild mammals and half of plants, while livestock kept by humans abounds.

The new work is the first comprehensive estimate of the weight of every class of living creature and overturns some long-held assumptions. Bacteria are indeed a major life form – 13% of everything – but plants overshadow everything, representing 82% of all living matter. All other creatures, from insects to fungi, to fish and animals, make up just 5% of the world’s biomass.

We need to go back and check our history somewhere along the line we got it wrong.

We start to behave worse than the most small creature exist on this planet, we think we are clever and we know everyrthing about everything well think again as we are all small viruses and dirty bacteria and we lost respect for other lifeforms .we need to wake up and start living again like we suppose to, stop hating yourself and hating others gow up there is still some time left to save our earth



Seven years ago i started the website as a hobby something to write when i am happy and when i am upset. But as time went by things around me start to change some taking shape some loosing identity and then the rebel mind of mine start to waking up and with out realising i was involved with some projects on the gay scene and all went in the direction it had

Today i am changing again, I change because i fed up with situations around me taking place and some I allow them to be and some not. I change the website in order to change me i ll follow no one but me, i will speak out myself and what is fair or not i will put it on here, My first attempt it was all about the young gay generation to look out now it is about the gay Community


The Early Gay Rights Movement

In 1924, Henry Gerber, a German immigrant, founded in Chicago the Society for Human Rights, the first documented gay rights organization in the United States. During his U.S. Army service in World War I, Gerber was inspired to create his organization by the Scientific-Humanitarian Committee, a “homosexual emancipation” group in Germany.


Donald Trump's Rally

Pure suicide mission, Trump lost the plot co,pletely he can't manage numbers, he can't read, hold the bible upside down, he thinks the F35 is invisible and the water he says it's wet, WHAT THE FUCK he is not capable to do anything but dodgy stuff or get advice from Putin . He beg the chinese president to help him with elections he threats the governors if they do not stop the mail vote he is not going to give them any founds What's next? Today he is about to kill 19,000 morons anericans wh else is going to follow him only the mental ones





Shoot Them With Rubber Bullets & Gas

All Supplied by UK

Release thousands Of Army

Dominate The Streets


This is the future we are heading for, Trump's future, Dictatorship, Fear, Control, Biggest followers to his movement are UK their Alies, UK supply the USA with gas and Rubber Bullets, and I was thinking these days we do not export anyting and felt sorry for the econoy. Trump is loosing his grounds, he looks lost and miserable most times once a looser always a looser I thought he may get use to loose so far but he is not. And the counting Begun 130 days and he is out


If You Don't Know Your History

Then you are going to repeat the mistakes over and over again

those who do know then they know how to deal with other religions and cultures



News & Entertainment

"I can't believe it's taken me this long to figure out that NEWS stands for Numerous Evidence We're Stupid."

It took me 19 years to figure out NEWS stands for "notable events, weather, and sports"

23 years and I've just learned that NEWS stands for Notable Events, Weather and Sports

updated every day so you can be one step ahead from the others

Our World

The way I see the world today it may be completely different than how you see it but here is my view. On both atlantic sides we governed by two most arrogant selfish psycopath politicians and we stuck in the middle. Sometimes i can't even breath, none of them gives a dmn about us but it's all about them and money and busines and the scary part is they have no idea about business.

They are very good on getting loans, bankrupted, cheating, lying and tax avoid very good on that. They don't care about the enviroment and if you think corona virus wass the big thing? wait 5-10 years from now when the Earth start collapsing now that is very scary , i don't think will be any survivors then. And we are doing nothing about it but sit back and making fool of ourselves

People Actually Think “News” Is An Acronym — It’s Not, But This Mess Is Pretty Hilarious

"I can't believe it's taken me this long to figure out that NEWS stands for Numerous Evidence We're Stupid."

It took me 19 years to figure out NEWS stands for "notable events, weather, and sports"

23 years and I've just learned that NEWS stands for Notable Events, Weather and Sports