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Music I Wrote and Produce

I Always had/have respect for the DJ's or today's called Digital Mixer. The doing a great job , not all of them but most of them. The effort they are making to keep the dancefloor busy is huge
I start mixing music at home not long ago and to my suprise I start with software at home and turn tracks to a single file to my suprise it went well but the challenge was if I can wrirre music. And like a miracle you can listen to the music I wrote by following the link below. Have Fun with it


A Good Night Out

For a Good Night out out check the link below as I believe this is the best guide there is around targeting only bars and clubs for lesbians.

Best Guide For Lesbians Clubs & Bars

Masturbation & The Benefits

Masturbation. It’s not just a great way to kill time, but it’s also the safest sex you can have. And it has many health benefits. Although we can all agree that masturbation is pretty much the cherry on top of the ice cream of life, there’s more to the act than that. Here are 11 things you probably never knew about your favourite hobby.

You’ve probably noticed that you masturbate the same pretty much all the time, right? While sometimes you may use different stimulation – visual, written erotica, or something else – your physical technique probably doesn’t vary all that much.

There’s a word for this: idiosyncratic masturbation. What this means is that your body has become so accustomed to how you get yourself off, that when you’re with a partner, .

We need to see on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK


Brexit and Are We Going or Not?


That's a subject worth mention. There is a stereotype that gay men use recreational drugs. While research tells us that sexual minorities, including gay men, may be more likely to use drugs, and at higher risk for substance use problems and addictions, the truth is that many gay men do not use drugs. For example, statistics showing that a third of gay men use drugs also indicate that twice as many do not.

Most of the focus of research into substance use in sexual minorities has been with gay men, largely because of concerns about HIV in the gay community. Research has shown that some gay men engage in dangerous party and play activities, during which substance use, and particularly the use of crystal meth, has been combined with unsafe sex, including sex with multiple partners. Yet research has also shown that one of many myths about gay meth use is that these activities are common among gay men — in reality, only a minority of gay men take meth and have unsafe sex.

Read More on Drugs & Gay Community


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Knowing your History is Knowing Who You Are


History of Islam
A Question She Shouldn't Ask

Debate About Gay Rights
UN Against Homophobia

UK, London Based Gay Charities

A List of Gay charities most of them based in London but you can have access from anywhere in UK. They help a lot of gay men in the past and they continue doing this today and hopefully for many years to follow. Any issues you may have small or big contact them and they will guide you to the right direction.


Terrence Higgins Trust

Gay Charities



The Edystone Trust

London Friend

LGBT People

Shelter Legal England

Opening Doors London

Positevely UK

Gay & Lesbian Parenting

GMFA Health Equality & Rights Organisation

Mosaic LGBT

The Kaleidoscope Trust

Centred LGBTQ


Knowledge is the sum of experience, training, insight and education and is tacit, whereas information is tangible, captured, manipulated in information systems and subject to further interpretation.

Power is based on knowledge and makes use of knowledge; on the other hand, power reproduces knowledge by shaping it in accordance with its anonymous intentions. Power (re-) creates its own fields of exercise through knowledge

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