People in general think that Gay men are walking sex machines. We are not, we are regular human beeings like you are , we can do good like you are and we can be bad as you are. Straight, Gay, Bisexuals, Trans, Pansexual no matter your sex preference you are a human beeing, like everyone else.

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I am 555 years old a Gay man and Single, as a child i use to have a dream to be somebody, to be famous to be the best and as I was growing up I came to reaalise that life is not always easy. You have to fight for your beliefs, you have to fight for your dreams it is like a constant battle and never ends. When I was twenty one years old my sex life change and i realise i am different. That day when finally realise i akm gay man My life change or i change my life for good......

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Below I add the thoughts of some people I talk to about "Bisexuality", I had many doubts about Bisexual men, until not long ago someone I met and we became very good friends, he open my mind towards Bisexual as he was one himself, now I can believe and understand what it is Bisexuality and when I read about it more I came to the conclusion as many scientists believe we are all Bisexuals by Nature.

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Homophobia, culturally produced fear of or prejudice against homosexuals that sometimes manifests itself in legal restrictions or, in extreme cases, bullying or even violence against homosexuals (sometimes called “gay bashing”). The term homophobia was coined in the late 1960s and was used prominently by George Weinberg, an American clinical psychologist, in his book Society and the Healthy Homosexual (1972).

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3The Trans Generation

Transsexual is used to describing any person that is born with certain sexual parts but decide to change it using hormones or surgeries. Now, transgender has to do with the way society sees the person. A transgender would be born with certain sexual parts but will choose to act as the opposite.

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4Dirty Ancient Secrets

Revealing images have been discovered on rare 1,800-year-old floor mosaics in a mens’ toilet in the coastal city of Antiochia ad Cragum in modern-day Turkey.

The rare second-century mosaics were discovered at Antiochia ad Cragum, an ancient city first established in the 1st century in the era of Emperor Nero. With an estimated population at its peak of more than 6,000 people,

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5Sexual Abuse

In a previous article, I discussed what I consider to be the six major reasons why former victims of child sexual abuse often keep the secret long into adulthood.

Even though it is estimated that 1 in 6 males have experienced childhood sexual abuse, the numbers are undoubtedly higher because many male victims never report their abuse. In this article,

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6People who Change LGBTI

And yet, in the three months following the Brexit vote, homophobic attacks increased 147%. Across the Atlantic and there are also concerns. America’s Vice President, Mike Pence opposed gay marriage and signed a bill making it legal for businesses to refuse gay and transgender customers on the grounds of religious freedom.

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7Peacemaker or Pacemaker?

Peacemaker is an online mediation support tool for peacemaking professionals. It is part of the UN’s overall effort to provide advice and support to the Secretary-General and his Representatives in their efforts to resolve international disputes and internal conflicts.

It is also intended to be useful to UN partners actively engaged in peacemaking efforts, including Member States, regional organisations, civil society, non-governmental organisations and national mediators.

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8Best Gay Websites

It makes it all more clear when you know what you like or dislike, what you want what you don't, I am not into blood extreme pain or scat, I make that clear from the start, so if someone says eat my shit, I can smoothly say, you ignorant bastard can't you read ? Most often they can't be bothered to do. Let's have a look at some profiles, what are they, what are they looking for and what they really want?

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9Why Politicians are Liars?

NEW YORK – Science has an answer for hand-wringers wondering how there could be so much public lying, how the liars live with themselves, and why supporters of our public liars are willing to overlook it all. One explanation is that loyalty matters too, and when faced with a choice between lying and betrayal, many people consider lying the more upstanding option.

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10Money How Much?

How Much Do You Need?

Really how much money do you need to live on and have a comfortable life? I sat down with a pen and paper couple of us and we did it.Each day if you spent £200 including food that comes to £72.000 a year, I said make it extra comfortable, I raise it up to £400 a day thats £144.000 a year

How Much Money


1How Much Do You Need?

Really how much money do you need to live on and have a comfortable life? I sat down with a pen and paper couple of us and we did it.Each day if you spent £200 including food that comes to £72.000 a year, I said make it extra comfortable, I raise it up to £400 a day thats £144.000 a year

Then we add extra money for clubs bars, theatre, we could not pass the £500.000 a year and that is extra comfortable.Again I raise this amount to £1 nillion even with this amount I felt discusting towards some rich filthy bastards who save and keep their money and not only that but they do it on somebody else's expense


How Much Money
2Pink Money

Everyone in today's industry loves the Pink Money, since the gay rights won the case all so called straight companies turn into the gay market.

Walk in to a travel agency and you will see a big poster with 2 men holding hands while on exotic island a week ago the poster would be prohibited ...

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3Gay Rights/Community

Talking about sex is hardly new for gay artists. They were doing the dirty in song almost 100 years ago, in 1920s Harlem, when blues singers such as Ma Rainey and Bessie Smith sang about same-sex affairs. Even gay men, less documented than the women, took advantage of a brief new social permissiveness following the first world war – George Hannah wrote and sang Freakish Man Blues in 1930

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4Agenda 21 is a non-binding action plan

Agenda 21 was United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Division for Sustainable Development and was apparently developed as a means of restructuring the world population to lessen environmental impact and achieve an improved quality of life. One of the main ways of achieving this, however, is through encouraged and direct depopulation.

As the UN put it:

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"I'm married to a woman and I'm very much in love with her but I'm not opposed to a man because to me, I like a person. "I guess you could qualify me as pansexual because I really don't care. If a person is great, then a person is great.

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6Strange Days

Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught falsehoods in school. And the person that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool”

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7Drugs & The Gay Community

So where do these myths come from? There are several possible sources of this misinformation. One source of the misinformation is research bias. Studies of drug use among gay men may recruit samples of men who are not representative of the full population of gay men, but instead, subpopulations of drug using gay men.

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8Lesbian Culture

Now once you’re finished imagining that tree (I can give you a minute if you’d like?) my point is that (at least where I live) you can’t just wander down the road and bump in to lesbian ladies in abundance.

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9When Slam Goes Wrong?

style=" color:#090909">The term "slammer in the house" comes from the white house as has been lots of rumors that then President Kennedy was injecting some kind of boost medication, conspiracy theory has it that must have been Crystal Meth, there for the Gay men in S.F call it with the above name.

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10My Music

I Always had/have respect for the DJ's or today's called Digital Mixer. The doing a great job , not all of them but most of them. The effort they are making to keep the dancefloor busy is huge. I decided to write and produce music something I always wanted to do but too afraid to go ahead as my thinking was I am too old for this etc Never too late..

Soundclound Link

The most simple things in life are the most beautiful and pleasant to watch. Add lights massive screens with graphics and fireworks , the cost of money is huge the loss of electricity and lots of work the result it may be good it may not usually is boring. Watching a woman with passion to dance dancing to the violin a basker plays it is just breathtaking and cost nothing, it makes you smile.

Brexit: All you need to know

After the UK formally leaves the EU on 31 January 2020, there is still a lot to talk about and months of negotiation will follow.While the UK has agreed the terms of its EU departure, both sides still need to decide what their future relationship will look like.

This will be worked out during the transition period (which some prefer to call the implementation period), which begins immediately after Brexit day and is due to end on 31 December 2020. During this 11-month period, the UK will continue to follow all of the EU's rules and its trading relationship will remain the same.

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Little Stories from Everyday Life


All the News updated daily, easy to follow by just clicking on the picture



Knowing your History is Knowing Who You Are

History of Islam
A Question She Shouldn't Ask
UN Against Homophobia
Debate About Gay Rights

UK, London Based Gay Charities

A List of Gay charities most of them based in London but you can have access from anywhere in UK. They help a lot of gay men in the past and they continue doing this today and hopefully for many years to follow. Any issues you may have small or big contact them and they will guide you to the right direction.



Terrence Higgins Trust


Gay Charities






The Edystone Trust


London Friend


LGBT People


Shelter Legal England


Opening Doors London


Positevely UK


Gay & Lesbian Parenting


GMFA Health Equality & Rights Organisation


Mosaic LGBT


The Kaleidoscope Trust


Centred LGBTQ



Knowledge is the sum of experience, training, insight and education and is tacit, whereas information is tangible, captured, manipulated in information systems and subject to further interpretation.

Power is based on knowledge and makes use of knowledge; on the other hand, power reproduces knowledge by shaping it in accordance with its anonymous intentions. Power (re-) creates its own fields of exercise through knowledge


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