What is Gays in the City

The website “Gays in the City” appears to be a platform dedicated to the experiences and challenges of being young and gay. The site contains blogs, stories, and experiences from the perspective of a gay man. The content is described as real, based on actual experiences, and aims to encourage questioning and debate.

The website also provides a safe and supportive online space for young gay men and women to connect, learn, and grow. Initially, the creator intended to write about the gay nightlife, travel, and other related topics, but the content has evolved to include more erotic stories and discussions about various aspects of the gay community.

In addition to personal stories and experiences, the website also covers topics such as environmental crimes, politic

s, LGBTQ+ issues, and music. The creator of the site also shares their music production work, with links to their tracks on SoundCloud.

The website has received positive feedback from users who appreciate its informative content, advice for the young gay community, and its open and honest approach to discussing issues relevant to the LGBTQ+ community.


“Welcome to our website for young gay men and women! We are thrilled to provide a safe and supportive online space where you can connect, learn, and grow as individuals”

It sounds very informative and professional but Gays in the City is not like this.  When I create the website I wanted to write about the gay night life the Do’s and Don’t , info about traveling which I have done but something was missing

Nothing pornographic but more erotic Which I have done but something was still missing, plus Google thought the context was not appropriate.

I came back confused as to what the context is going to be? I can not say the F word but…Another example that power and wealth control the world. monopoly always win.


This is where everything comes to life stories from facts and true covered with some white lies in purpose to make things more interesting, follow the link below or from the Menu


Here you read erotic sex fantasy gay stories I am doing my best to renew the content as often as time permits but even those ones it will take time to read them, I try to cover all fields fromn army to fetish and S&M stories about Master & Slave and a contract between them


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It all comes down to this, whjo am I and where I come from What do i do what do I do not do and some more you going to find out soon


A Page full of today’s news not gossip but news in politics and what the leaders are up to behind our backs, as we know by now they distract us with some stupid stories and they are up to something


There is a lot going on within the gay community the gender thing is out of proposityiopn some support the issue but most are against it the “they ” is a little confusing to the mass it may take some time to get use to it but we also read about some horrible stories about trrans causing trouble in the statyers


The last 6 years as a hobby I start the music production on Techo and industrial Techno Progressivce house and taking courses on line I start to terach myself and the result is my music to distributed in all major digital shops one contract and nearly a million plays on soundcloud check for yourselves, click the soundcloud link below and the main link takes you to the Music page where I add all my new stuff.


This is where you conact me for any questions or arguments you may have or some mistake i have made and I have upset someoine I will make sure I will correct the mistake