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After a very long time Gays in the city is back, for some stupid reason they shut my website because the language was not appropiate and what is allowed to say on line these days is been controled i am afraid and by the wrong people.

Back now but a little bitter taste in my mouth I have one half of my brain says one thing to do the other half is against it so i am torn between good and bad.

What makes something to be called a good act and the bad act? i wish i knew as for the rest I will speak out my mind regardless and there is always the fight back option.

BACK TO OUR DAILY LIVES WHERE i FEEL LIKE i AM IN PRISON THE JOKE LASTED TOO LOMG AND SOON AS WE GO TO RELAX AND START TO BREATH AGAIN ANOTHER NEW VARIANT IS COMING AROUND OR IS IT NOT? I don’t trust this government at all they keep repeating the same mistakes they are arrogant they have no idea what are they doing and basically i feel they are morons all together half a sleep half awake. the lies one after the other and there is no end to corona virus.

One otheer good thing came out of this was my music production does really well for your trouble follow this link to listen to my MUSIC    

I Hope you enjoy listen to it as much as I have writting and producing.

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