It was one gold and wet night of November ten maybe fifteen years ago when my friend Ian put the idea down as to why i do not create a website where I can express myself in any way i can and the same time to guide some gay men with the mistakes I have made as one.

Great idea I said but i never had a website and i don’t have the finance to support the project so just forget it but my mind was busy after that. Ian suggests the name “gays in the city” we search, and the name was available under a good price as well.

I think Ian paid the first-year fee for the website and the journey begun. I had no idea from where to start which platform should I choose the cost and how on earth can I build a website?

the challenge was there, and I love challenge and the next year it was the year of self-teaching how to build the website. Sleepless nights in front of the computer re-search after re-search, how many times i had a fight with myself calling me stupid why i could not understand some tutorials.

I was even arguing with Ian why he put the idea inside my head i was ok before, however that was then now i am so pleased because today i can build websites any kind no Hussle at all i can create blogs talking about whatever comes to my head , with a small price to pay here and there.

Some providers do not like what I was writing, and they block my website twice but i re-build it and came back I hate it when they stop me to talk about what i think. Why some have the freedom to say what they want, and some do not. No No NO i won’t put up with that.

So my next goal was the hacking business i got a course and within six months i was a master of my own. i learn what is it like to be a victim and how it feels like when the victim becomes a hunter, and I can tell you the feeling is powerful

As for my experiences from life I must admit I lived more than i imagine I would’ve lived, cannot complain I manage to live as possible as i could having experienced the fear the adventure the quietness of a cargo ships the excited life of a sailor.

the lonely nights when I thought this must be the end of life and the happiness, I fell in love and been loved I have been selfish and generous, I gave what i could to those who needed help and i took when I didn’t have

All situations I got involved at the time no matter how young I was or how old I knew what i was doing and I have made many mistakes in fact I still do, and if they tell me I never learn? What is it I meant to learn?

nobody knows what we need to learn in order to be a better person, follow your instincts there are there for a reason, if your guts tell you one thing listen to them because this is your inner voice warning you or protecting you or trusting you do not let yourself down no matter what.

keep always in mind you are the number one nobody else is but you and when you need help not you father your mother your best friend can help you but you, you are the only one who can help yourself nobody else, make peace with yourself love yourself and then you are ready to love and help those who may need you.

Never assume that a friend will make you happy or make you feel better that’s on you, friends and family are good to have but they have their problems as well as you do they need to find solutions.

we are social beings we like to be part of a group with a leader to follow until we learn enough to be leaders ourselves, freedom is in our nature nobody was born to be a slave, and no one belongs to anybody else.

See humans as a three stage, we are free intelligent beings and somehow, we trapped in this human form where we made ourselves so comfortable, we allow others to tell us what to do, we lost our spirituality and become slaves.

We need to break that cycle because this is not who we are at the moment on our planet three quarters of people are asleep they act like zombies it is time to wake up and i believe slowly we start waking up.

We have such a great fear of death that we forgot how is like to live. We allow fear to take over our human spirit and if you think about it fear is something we create because we do noy know the outcome of a problem, we manage to scare ourselves with something we do not know instead of embracing the unknown we learn how to feel fear from it.

No matter what direction you choose to go sometimes it is good to stop and look back and just remember where you come from, help people while you live your journey because from time to time we gar tired from our everyday life and how strong you may be or feel there are times when we need a little help.

Knowledge is power and the more you have the powerful you get however there is limits, there is a line you always must add so you control yourself because there are always others stronger than you are.

Purpose of the website was and is to point out to the young Gay generation what is it like out there as a Gay man, how to survive alone when you are new to the community, and you must have lots of questions to ask.

With stories from my experience and my friends i will guide you slowly but steady to the gay community but whatever I say it is my side of the story, i will advise you to take my advice but do not practise it until you have more to compare them.

You can make your own mind after you take different advice, never follow the easy path it is not good you cannot trust it with some work you can gain rewards much more valuable to yourself.

I always trust people i meet because I like to make friends, I like to challenge myself and I see life as experience where i learn every day and some days are better than others, so are people some are better than others,

Balance is everything you can not taste the good if you haven’t experienced the bad how you will know?

Make mistakes and don’t punish yourself because you make them but make sure you learn from them and do not repeat them.

If you do then you are a prisoner of your own world you can never escape and move forward, stuck in the same place with the same routine no experiences you are doomed.

No matter what direction you choose to go sometimes it is good to stop and look back and just remember where you come from, help people while you live your journey because from time to time we gar tired from our everyday life and how strong you may be or feel there are times when we need a little help.

We lost humanity in every way we look, mothers giving birth to a baby only to sent it to a war not fully knowing what the war is about, how can you sent the child to be killed after the pain you have been through the birth.

Men arrogant rich, greedy powerful, corrupted by their selfishness to become more powerful killing other men for their ego, we lost our touch to humanity and our direction to life.

Life is simple and beautiful, has so much to offer but we are ignoring the good part and follow the bad ways. It is time to start the new way of thinking because to change the world now you have to start now tomorrow may be late

Prince once said, “I celebrated my birthday when I was born since then I don’t have any birthdays because I was born once and not every year there for age is irrelevant I have no idea how old I am ” and i support the theory he was absolutely right age means nothing as who created the time the weeks the months and the year, are we 100% sure this is the right way to count days or seconds?

It is based on some ancient calculations and according to those we start to live our lives because it was convenient for some men at the time.

The point to that is age is just a number don’t let it stop you from chasing your dreams, don’t let it be a distraction to your future do what you have to do when you want to do it follow your dreams till the end. don’t let others with their words to discourage you listen to their opinions, but you do not have to take them and execute them.

All advices are welcome but that does not mean you have to practise them just get all together then you made up your mind. Remember you are the number one in this life and no one else you are the master of your life just live it to the full.