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We are all social species, like a wolf pack we like to have a leader and live within a group or groups, there is no exception to that rule. However if you add politics, religion and traditions coming from our families all that is a chemistry for disaster as we know. We fight each other with wars, for oil, gold and money. We sent the children to war to fight for what? For our country we believe, but the country was and it is fine no threats from anybody then why out of the blue we drop bombs to another country? I guess no one will ever explain that because there is no explanation

And when it comes to the gay community governments do not give a fuck if we are alive or dead, gay men and women for years end up doing things hidden and that make them more creative and in a way powerful, are we different from the straight citizen ? first look no we are not but we became different by the attitude we had to put up with all those years. How can you deny someone not to Love? What are they thinking, Love itself is so powerful feeling and you can do nothing to stop someone from Love and that is what the gay community is all about all we care and need is Love basic Human Right.

Unfortunately there are still some governments still around who deny the gay rights or even the human rights and gay communities are under preassure and suffering, it is hard to see our people suffer, and On the other side of the world we are we can do nothing but watch them live their life in misery. The internet helps to keep communication but it is not enough, they need our help and they need it soon


About Me


My Generation was the unlucky one because we didn't have the freedom to do or say what we wanted to, to come out as a gay man in 60's was a very hard thing to do, families would not accept the fact you are gay, my best friend's mother took my friend for exorcism several times and every time my friend was telling me that he was been through hell again and the church is a evil place to be. I never told my family I am gay although I must admit the mother must have an instinct, I am sure she knew I was gay but she never ask me and I didn't have the guts to tell them

Since I start living the gay lifestyle as a free gay man after I left my family's home I enjoy been who I am every single moment, I am not an activist but I can't keep my mouth shut and if i have to demonstrate against authorities I am more than happy to do so. I don't like politics and politicians they are hypocrites and liars, they don't care about us at all and they made it so clear . The gay community I end up admire more and more there are some gay men I can only call them as Genius and there are some wankers, I have a blast with them and some bad times, trust is something some gay men are not very familiar with, but it is up to us with whom we are getting involved.

I Travel a lot and always on my own because I wanted to feel 100% free, I found myself sleeping on the beach in Victoria Du Santos or a month when I was 18 years old, my friends were the local prostitutes and they were looking after me, it was fun those memories are still deep in my head. In Nigeria I was chased by the Police because I was smoking dope and in Singapore with the Coca -Cola girls boy that was fun, I lived every single moment to the full because I was thirsty for life and nothing would have stop me even when I was broke I was making sure I will reach my destination no matter what

No matter what I was doing I always make sure I would help someone when I can do, I respect the Human race no matter the color or the sex I never see gay or straight or black or yellow all I see is names and the name is who you are and it is far more important. I never had any troubles well big troubles because I was practicing to be honest and truthful. Sometimes a white lie won't do any damage but you have to think twice about it. Love yourself and by miracle the universe will love you back and no matter what you going through in your life always think you are not alone reach and ask for help, tere are some good people out there and you will find help


I Keep wondering sometimes how seriously can we take our lives? if I take my life too seriously and start analyse every little detail I will kill myself I don't think i can take it all in, on the other hand I take my life with a smile and somethings I should take them seriously I just don't.

Think about your life and what different you would have done to change it. Some people have the stupid attitude and they think if you don't take your life seriously that means you don't look after yourself, your health etc. No this is silly , You can look after yourself even if you laugh at life's problems.. Unless you are a freak by nature then laugh is not for you

Taking ownership of your mind is a start, yes life sometimes can throw problems at you and let's face it we may be strong but there are days we are not so strong and then the problem it can get you. When this happens just switch off from the problem and make it a solution by looking at the bright site of it because even the worse things in life they do have a bright site.

Taking Life Seriously

Life is a miracle and no matter how much we will discover about our origins where are we come from? are we made from dust and are we going to end up dust? are we been transported here from another planet? are we prisoners and until we start behaving like human beings then we will be released as many conspiracy theories support?

We will never find out the absolut truth therefor let slive the life we have to maximum lets stop the wars what are they for really? Americans do it for power and money they are obsessed with the power they are obsessed with been a superior race above everyone else and you know what this means? they must feel so insecure and weak and scared so they are trying to look the opposite and they do try hard but ....they should give up really

All we need is love and understanding lets practise on those things and lets make the world a better place to live, to live safe without fear without boundaries , united we are stronger and this is what they don't want us to be united. we can


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