Okay, we’re blowing our own trumpet here, but THEGAYUK’s community is an entirely different concept adding content and members together. So as stories are developing on the site and around the globe, we invite our users to get involved with the story and add their voices. There are forums, private messages, user photo galleries.

It’s a relatively new service, so membership is building. It’s free to join and use. What’s more, we use our community to help shape our content. So if you have opinions that you want to get heard then you should join us!


Fitladz is one of our favourite haunts. It’s bitchy, fast moving and has a real community feel to it. There’s usually between 600 and 1500 guys on at any point and has a fantastic forum system, with people bringing up all manner of subjects for the community to discuss.

Basic membership is free and there is an option to upgrade.


Who could forget the daddy of gay chat, Gaydar? The site has been through a major redesign and overhaul. It has a very clean interface and the old chat rooms are still intact but do seem a little quieter than when Gaydar was the only – or the major player in town. It’s clean and well laid out.

There isn’t a guy aged over 35 who probably didn’t have a Gaydar account at some point! Maybe it’s time to dust off the old log in and get back on.


If fitness and the gym is more your scene is the place for you to hang in, although the membership tends to be US skewed, there are lots of Brits in the membership.

Registration is free and will give you access to thousands of forums and millions (yes millions of posts). Apparently, they have nearly 400,000 members so as they say variety is the spice of life. The interface is simple looking and perhaps a little dated.


It took an age to join onlylads – because the activation code took forever to arrive in my inbox, although the site does allow for Facebook login, not everyone will want to use their other social media accounts to log in.

The site claims to have over 100,000 profiles and come from all over the world. There’s no forum or chat room – but it does allow you to message individual members. It’s very clean looking and the interface is unfussy and user-friendly.

bgay has been around since 1999 and offers a lot of good and interesting gay and bi lifestyle content, however, its chat service has a lot of work needed to make it stand up against its rivals. It runs on Javascript or flash –

which not every browser or user wants or has turned on. There doesn’t look to be a place where you can log in and create a profile. It’s all a bit anonymous to be a good social site for users. Great for lifestyle content not so great for social.


Caffmos is one of the most established social networks and its speciality is older guys, after all, it does stand for Contacts And Friendship For Men Over Sixty. The creators at Caffmos say that “friendship matters” and it’s been designed in a way to help the flow of conversations.

It also offers verified photos – brilliant to ensure that the person is who they say they are. It also has an intelligent way of matching you to like-minded people by asking you to fill out three of your interests. It’s all quite old school but we love it.

Rude and lewd and if you like that, then Squirt is the place for you. You get 10 days for free and you can see a lot of guys in your ten days.

The idea of this site is to hook up, cruise online and generally get your rocks off, it’s more like the dating app experience, but for your desktop and mobile.


I honestly don’t know how to say this but I have to tell you that you don’t need that your shitty partner anymore. You might think I’m crazy, you’re right but trust me you don’t need him. I don’t know why you will put up with someone that drains you physically, mentally and emotionally when you can have the best guys around the world to fuck or start a relationship with.

You are wondering where the guys are? Worry no more, I am delighted to tell you that is the only website you will need. Trust me when I say it’s fucking legit! Finally, you can tell your partner “Fuck Yourself!” literally. I am here to discuss what this website is all about and also tell you about the history of the website and things to look out for (and not).


Recon is a great place to make some fantastic new friends and acquaintances, enabling you to message, interact, or meet up with each other (be it privately, or at one of our many sponsored events worldwide).

Meeting new people can be great fun, but at the same time we encourage you to do it safely. Our guidelines on safer dating are provided in order to help raise awareness, and encourage you to think about how you approach meeting and playing with new people, both online and in the real world.

15-year-old boy hospitalised after a ‘homophobic attack’ in Bury

Another 15-year-old boy has been arrested following the alleged homophobic incident in Bury, to the north of Manchester.

A 15 year boy has been arrested after an alleged homophobic assault against another 15-year-old boy in Bury, north of Manchester in the UK. Shortly after 3:30PM on Monday, 11th Feb the victim, an unnamed student who is also 15-years-old was set upon by a number of males, according to a police report.

A confrontation then took place on Manchester Road Park, before the boy was assaulted by a number of males. The boy was taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and has since been discharged.

A boy aged 15 has been arrested on suspicion of assault and remains in custody. Police are continuing to appeal for information in relation to the incident.

“Cowardly Attack”

Chief Inspector Phil Spurgeon of GMP’s Bury Division said, “This was a cowardly attack on a young man who was subjected to vile, homophobic abuse. “After challenging his abusers, he was then assaulted by a number of offenders and had to be treated in hospital for his injuries.

We are treating this offence with the upmost seriousness. We will not tolerate hate crime and will do everything in our power to apprehend offenders. While we have arrested one person, we are continuing to appeal for information on this crime and would ask that anyone if information contacts police immediately.”

Anyone with information should call police on 0161 856 8172 or the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111. Anyone who thinks they have experienced hate crime should call police on 101. In an emergency, always dial 999.

X Factor’s Bradley shares horrific story of homophobic attack

Bradley Hunt has hit out at homophobes by sharing horrific pictures from a homophobic attack at a nightclub from a man who took issue with the way he was dancing to Britney Spear’s ‘Toxic’. The star spoke about he was left with a black eye and a missing tooth after the vicious attack from a man he said took offence to the way Bradley was dancing.

The reality star said, “I was dancing in Pop World to Britney Spears, I was flicking my neck, doing my dance moves and this guy came up to me. He said, ‘Can you stop dancing like that?’ “Now I think he was trying to show off to some girls, something like that, and I’m thinking, ‘babes, the girls are loving my dancing. Like, they ain’t bothered at you trying to put me down, you ain’t gonna get a girl that way. Just saying’.

“Anyway, I said to him, ‘don’t tell me what to do’, and I thought, you don’t tell somebody what to do, especially in a club – it’s Pop World! You don’t tell someone to stop dancing like that, I’m sorry, if you don’t like it, go somewhere else.

“The pain absolutely killed”

“Then came the smash right into the nose, then two of his mates on either side ricocheting, punching, thumping me, I’ve never been hit before and the pain absolutely killed.” Getting emotional, he continued “I had an instant headache and I absolutely panicked, I was screaming. I ran to the bar crying, I can feel one of teeth half of it in my hands, blood. I jumped over the bar because I was so scared, ran down to the beer cellar and was on the floor in tears, panicking. Obviously, I was drunk and it just came as a shock to me.


“I called the police, they came and actually managed to find one of them around the corner and arrested him. And he stayed in the cell for a night but other than that nothing really happened. I did a statement at the police station but what can you do?”

He added, “Homophobia’s still here. With me, some people recognise me so there’s a level of, they can say a joke, the can stare, they can laugh, that’s fine. I’ve been on the TV, I was the joke act, you can laugh and stare. But when people say ‘batty boy’, ‘queer’ or anything like that, or try and intimidate me, Nah. I don’t tolerate it.”

TV star Ryan Sampson comes out by calling out homophobes

Boom and boom! TV star Ryan Sampson, best known for his role in the comedy, Plebs has come out in an Instagram post where he revealed that somebody tried to engage him in “homophobic banter”.

The star decided the best way to deal with the message was to come out and at the same time reveal his boyfriend. He wrote, “Hi y’all. So. I was on Instagram and I looked at my direct messages and it turned out someone was trying to rope me in to some (pretty creaky) homophobic banter. Huh! So, for clarity, here’s a pic of me and the boyf. Just to, y’know… straighten that one out. As it were”.

Hi y’all. So. I was on Instagram and I looked at my direct messages and it turned out someone was trying to rope me in to some (pretty creaky) homophobic banter. Huh! So, for clarity, here’s a pic of me and the boyf. Just to, y’know… straighten that one out.

Fans were quick so show their appreciation of the couple, One fan wrote, “How gorgeous are you two together! Go, Ryan! As for your reply, I feel sad you’ve had to do this to try and shut someone up. It’s your life, live it love it, enjoy that beautiful boyfriend of yours and forget the bigots with empty lives.”

Another continued, “How gorgeous you two are! Can I make you matching hats? Taught myself to crochet so they might be ready for next winter. Would defo suit you! Love to you both. Hope you’re long in love.” Another person tweeted, “You two look bloody lovely. Now show us the rest of him not hiding behind your huge muscles”.

Ryan is also known for playing numerous roles in the comedy sketch show Glitchy. He also starred in the Netflix hit The Crown and two episodes of Doctor Who.

MANCHESTER PRIDE: Voice singer on Ariana Grande headlining “capitalist venture”

Manchester Pride has announced that Ariana Grande is to headline the the event, but The Voice finalist, Lauren Bannon and Pride’s Got Talent finalist Andrea Di Giovanni have branded the announcement as “The straight cis white-washing of Pride”.

The Voice and Pride’s Got Talent finalists Lauren Bannon and Andrea Di Giovanni have called the headline of Manchester Pride unacceptable and hit out at the Pride’s ticket price hike from £22 to £75 as a “joke” as many students and other pride goers will be unable to afford the ticket. reached out to Manchester Pride to ask if there were reductions on offer, but they did not return comment.

Andrea Di Giovanni told THEGAYUK “Ariana Grande has been chosen to headline Manchester Pride 2019 and that’s unacceptable, especially right now in a moment where the LGBTQ+ community faces continuous attacks by politicians, press and overall media.

“The straight cis white-washing of Pride celebrations has reached its peak and we, as a community, need to stand up and truly focus on highlighting our own beautifully diverse talents. Ariana headlines Manchester, Kylie Minogue Brighton and Kate Nash & M.O. Birmingham; are we blind or we don’t want to see it?”

The controversial artist continued, “I’m not against allies, we need them but I am against a queerbaiting process that has its chore pure capitalism. It’s not a surprise, in fact, that Manchester Pride this year asks its participants to pay £70 a ticket to access the main stage area, compared to the £22 price of last year – pride is an honour of the people, a protest, not a concert to celebrate straight art! We do this every day.”

Speaking about the controversial price hike, Lauren said, “For the prices to go from £22 to £75… now that’s a joke. I have no problem with straight performers, allies and the like, but when none of the biggest pride celebrations has a single LGBTQ+ headline, it highlights the lack of representation we have in the mainstream industry.

“As for the price increases that follow these ‘Major Acts’ when did pride just become another capitalist venture? It’s supposed to be a celebration of the LGBTQ+ community, it should be accessible to all but by hiking up the prices it’s just making it less obtainable and disrespecting the whole purpose as to why we have a day like pride!”

M I Ro

Bisexual Resource Center (BRC)

Founded in 1985, the BRC is the oldest bi organization in the U.S., that “...advocates for bisexual visibility and raises awareness about bisexuality throughout the LGBT and straight communities.” The BRC is a fabulous resource that has everything you could need surrounding bisexual identity, including bi-specific news, thought pieces, videos, a list of meet-ups, and lots of other useful information.

If you live in the Boston area, where BRC is headquartered, there are specific Boston BRC events. Check out their event calendar here.

indebi institudex
Journal of Bisexuality

The Journal of Bisexuality is an academic peer-reviewed journal, which means you’ll have to have access through school or another research institution if you don’t want to pay for it.

The Journal of Bisexuality contains and continues to publish scientific studies that are bisexual-specific, greatly impacting the bisexual community.

indebi institudex
American Institute of Bisexuality (AIB)

Founded by Dr. Fritz Klein in 1998, the goals of the AIB are simple. First, to educate the general public about the needs and concerns of bi people. Second, to discover, promote, and fund research on bisexuality and finally to engage in various conferences, forums and talks to promote and understanding of bisexuality in the public eye.


BiNet USA is a site similar to BRC, but it also provides a map of all the bi groups in the U.S. and their locations, which (needless to say) is very helpful when you need to find a bi community near you.

City Bi serves as a great hub where you can get the chance to meet interested couples and other bisexuals through personal connections online. Once you have registered and created your own profile for free, you can start browsing right away to find the friends and potential lovers you are looking for. takes pride in creating a wonderful community for bi curious and bisexual singles.

They site respects all its members and the choices they make, so they see to it that everyone is protected and secure the moment they sign up at the platform.

Bisexual Chat City

When someone hears about bisexual, they automatically think of an unusual kind of person however at Bisexual Chat City, bi singles, men and women, are accepted without any question or doubt. Bisexual individuals are those who are attracted with same sex or gender.

Both men and women feel this; in fact, there are already lots of bi singles who are able to find their match through the help of an online dating site. .

Bi People Meet

One of the best known and popular online dating sites for bisexuals as well as the incurious, bi people meet promises to be an effective and easy to use experience for its members. The site is free to join but in order to access all the features, one must pay a subscription fee, which is pretty affordable at $1 per day.

Add to that the fact that the price decreases depending on the length of the duration you sign up for. Bi People Meet is powered by Bi Cupid, another amazing and popular online dating website that caters to the bisexual niche and currently has more than 100,000 members and the number continues to grow!

Bisexual Scene

Founded in 2007, Bisexual Scene is currently one the largest online dating websites on the internet catering to the bisexual as well as the bi curious and then some, packing a lot of excitement and freshness with its member sponsored events and welcoming groups.

It is one of those rare dating sites where you would feel as if getting into a relationship is more of a group activity than an individual quest.

When you are born a doctor will assign you a gender, either "male" or "female" based on the appearance of your genitalia. Gender dysphoria is when your gender identity differs from the one which was assigned to you at birth. Someone whose gender identity matches that which was assigned to them at birth is called a cisgender person.

You may identify as male, female or non-binary which means that you identify as neither male or female, perhaps you identify as both or your gender identity changes depending on how you feel.

I think I'm trans* what do I do?

You do whatever you feel comfortable doing, you can apply to join the teens forum here and talk to lots people of similar ages and experiences. You may want to talk to a few trusted friends or family members if you feel confident in coming out to them, and if you are over 18? you can speak to your gp without your parents being able to know if you are not comfortable with coming out to them yet.

Through talking to people on our safe, secure forum you may find out about local support groups or may even find someone living nearby. You can also search for your nearest LGBT centre and see if they have any community events or support to offer you.

My friend/sibling came out as trans

Firstly, good for them, they've made a huge step in their life and done something very brave. Support is invaluable to everyone, especially trans* people who have just come out. You don't have anything to worry about, they are still the same person. You should use whichever name and pronouns (eg he/she/they) they ask you to use for them, as these are incredibly important for their happiness and self confidence.

Don't be afraid to ask questions but you must also understand that they may not want to answer, or that some questions are too personal, you don't ask everyone you meet about their genitals or sexual preferences, so don't ask trans* friends or family either.

More Info Copy and Paste The Following URL:

M I Ro


There are many groups on social media offering support and networking opportunities for trans people. As with all social media, you should be careful about what personal details you share online.

While Mermaids hosts a Facebook Group for parents of transgender and gender non-conforming children and young people, it can not endorse or recommend any other social media group. Here are a few articles about resources on social media...


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