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House Music Mid Summer Vol ONE
House Music Mid Summer Vol FOUR
Techno Sounds Summer 2019 Vol 7
Techno Vibes Summer 2019 Vol TEN
Techno Vibes Summer 2019 Vol NINE
Techno Vibes Summer 2019 Vol TEN
Time is Like A Fire

Below is the link for everything I have done the last year follow link to soundcloud and I do hope we will enjoy not all of them but few Happy Listening

All The Music I Mix , Wrote and Produced

Follow Your Dream

A message of hope and encouragenment for others who may suffer any helth issues and they found themselves stuck in the corner helpless , some even waiting for the end to arrive. I was in the corner and I decided to move i had no idea about music all I knew was to listen to music but not how to make music

When I told my friends they start laughing but some encourage me so I bought my first mixing deck and everyday was mixing songs for 5-6 hours a day until i made my first mixing cd and everybody loved it

Then i went futher and start creating music something inside me was telling me I can make it. From May 2019 till November 2019 i have 60.000 followers on soundcloud, check it yourselves go to soundcloud and search for iliasro you ll see the numbers

I couldnt stop my heart was thirsty for the medication but for the music as well so today I am so proud to say I have music for sale on iTunes worldwide, Apple Music and Spotify to listen too. Next to the big stars is my name and everyday I am excited cause I feel i made it , I look after my heart but my passion comes first so do not give in or up follow the dream you have and you will make it reality

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