About Me

It sounds like this is the selfish page, it is where I talk about me and nothing else but I guess this is the score here. To get to know me you need to go through my work read at list couple of my blogs see the style of my website and this way you can make up your mind with whom or what you are dealing with, however, I 'll take off some work for you by adding the details

I am mid-fifties a single Gay man, single by choice because my last one it was a disaster so I gave up with the thought of having a partner, I prefer my freedom and couple of good friends I am lucky to have I am happier this way than having someone on the top of my head giving me attitude and asking stupid questions

The fact is that some nights I miss going to bed with someone or waking up with someone but I can not and won't sacrifice my freedom for those rather nice and missed moments, sex is sex and I am lucky to have a rich sex life, Been single means I have more time to myself and spent more time doing what I love most and that is the websites and my music, and the half a million listeners I have on Soundcloud under the name IliasRo I am pleased for that and encourage me to work harder and produce more music


More About Me

I was always interested in the politics and the politicians and always knew that there is some corruption going on in every country in any party but lately and thanks to coronavirus and Brexit we have had in the UK I discover more dirty business and corruption within the Tory party in the UK, It is rather disgusting how much they lie, how much they pretend and they say one thing they mean another some laws are for us not for them they using taxpayers money for themselves at they create situations to spread fear and divide us

It is us who put them where they are working for us but they forgot about that they are our workers and they make us feel like shit. It is us who can take them down anytime we want seems to me they have forgotten about it as well. They are arrogant selfish manipulative human beings well human so to speak when you do not have any emotions in place how can you be human

Both sides of the Atlantic are the same story they copy each other who is going to be the worse, we need to stop them and the riots taking place in the USA and the UK proofs just that the young generation had enough ben treated like idiots it is time for those stupid moron politicians to step down


Travel if you can the world and when you have done and go back to your home town and see friends who they haven't been traveling the difference, your mind is open to adventures and possibilities you see the people around you different you may end up learning a second language it is just different.

Those who do not travel they are single-minded one-way street they can not think or see the colours as they are they do not know the shade of the colour black or red they just know red or black, And I am afraid this is the case with Americans some of them the 60% of the population they don't even have a passport and in most cases, this is where homophobia and racism and all the isms taken place

They can't see outside the box and it is sad cause they spent their lives locked inside a box called TV and a president who wants them dead no matter what because he is weak and insecure and scared to leave his white house and his office. He rather kill a million Americans just because he can. The most worrying thing is that we are keeping it to ourselves we should be on the streets calling them out make them feel the fear

Our Future

Life is changing slowly and after the pandemic, we will see a different world some of us will not go back to the office because working from home it is a better value to have a family mother loved the time they had with their children others enjoyed their homes before they didn't have the time, we all discover some things we have missed and somehow we try to make our life easier

The social distance bright another strange attitude to our lives keep your distance and we are better than an unfriendly feeling, some take advantage of the situation and they keep it this way already a crack appear between us if I don't like you I now have the right to tell you to keep away from me and it is nothing you can do or say to defend yourself. Racism is on the rise big time.

The politicians add to the problems already created by them not by us but we have to pay for their mistakes, no one takes te blame it is someone else's fault, you see they are perfect, they create problems to divide us by confusion and that brings fear and fear control; and this is what they want, for us too scared and keep quiet in the corner while they do as they pleased and treat us like stupid