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Dominic Cummings ‘set to be interviewed’ over Downing Street lockdown parties

The PM’s former top adviser has said he will say under oath Boris Johnson knew the Downing Street

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‘Travelers who were lost forever’: why tourists experience ‘India syndrome’

Some travelers who spend longer periods of time in India exhibit a curious condition: a spectrum of behavioral and psychological changes that can be all-consuming

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Nationalists are on the rise’: How protests in Kazakhstan turned violent & why Russia feels it can’t stay silent

Central Asian security, access to space, and ethnic Russians among reasons why Moscow

Can Boris Johnson weather the storm of sleaze allegations?

Boris Johnson has been caught in a whirlwind of sleaze allegations, from questions about who paid for the redecoration of his Downing Street flat, or for his holiday in Mustique, and accusations that the Conservative Party funneled PPE contracts to cronies.

Political sleaze is not a new phenomenon, from cash-for-questions under John Major to the expenses scandal under Gordon Brown, sleaze has been a part of the political landscape for a long time.

But how do these allegations stack up? And, how bad is it really for the prime minister?

Downing Street parties: Plotters against Boris Johnson consider releasing recording of ‘heated’ exchange with chief whip after intimidation claims

The business secretary told Sky News he was surprised to see claims of blackmail by whips and allegations should be looked into

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White House reveals whether Biden wants DOJ to charge Trump with ‘insurrection’

President Biden’s reference to January 6 as an ‘armed insurrection’ raised questions about Justice Department charges

The Texan Who Saved the Beatles

n Peter Jackson’s documentary The Beatles: Get Back, Houston-born pianist Billy Preston makes a strong case for himself as the fifth Beatle.

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Is the plan to bankrupt Russia working?

The economic state of play is very different now to even just a few decades ago

Daily coronavirus figures revealed as Raab urges NHS staff to get jab before deadline

New Zealand police officers who have not been vaccinated against COVID have been stood down

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What freedom means to Joni Mitchell

While the post-war generation loved to talk about freedom, very few of them had met its opposite, captivity. Joni Mitchell, however, had a pretty good understanding of what an absence

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Brexit minister resigns over ‘disillusionment’ with BoJo’s govt – media

Cabinet Minister Lord Frost has reportedly walked out of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government.

How sustainability made the royals relevant again in 2021

From recycling outfits to commenting on the climate crisis, has the royal family finally found a way to connect with the younger

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Israeli minister under 24/7 protection over threats from ‘Jews’

Omer Barlev has revealed he has been given round-the-clock protection after

Downing Street parties: Growing Tory civil war as MPs wait for Sue Gray’s partygate report to determine Boris Johnson’s future

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First photo of crossbow-wielding Windsor Castle suspect appears in UK media

British media has published a photo of the teen who allegedly threatened to kill the queen,

Why the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 should be your next smartphone

olding mobile phones could very much be the future. With screens that can fold in half, the latest technology can take your breath away.

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F-35 jets grounded after crash-landing

Seoul has halted all operations involving the problem-prone US-made fighter jet after a serious malfunction resulted in a belly landing

UK court rules on who Venezuela’s president is, in row over gold

The Supreme Court has overturned a ruling that put into question London’s recognition of Juan Guaido

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Becoming a centaur.The horse is a prey animal, the human a predator.

Horse-and-human teams perform complex manoeuvres in competitions of all sorts. Together, we can gallop up to obstacles standing 8 feet

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‘PM wrote to me that he could not get involved’: Nusrat Ghani urged Boris Johnson to investigate ‘Muslimness’ claims

The MP claims a whip told her colleagues were “uncomfortable” with her being a female Muslim minister and was warned if she complained her career and reputation would be “destroyed”.

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London declares ‘major incident’ over Omicron

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has announced a ‘major incident’ in the UK capital over the quickly deteriorating

The problem with loyalty to Boris Johnson: he betrays everyone in the end

Tory ministers have made fools of themselves defending their leader. They’ll look even worse when he cuts them loose

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‘History catching up with’ Boris Johnson, Wales first minister Mark Drakeford claims

In a highly-charged intervention in the partygate row, Mark Drakeford says he is not surprised the prime minister has become

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The Dirty Secret of America’s Clean Dishes

The world’s largest chemical maker, BASF, produces ingredients for America’s most popular products, from soaps to surface cleaners to

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America is ‘on the brink of a widening abyss,’ former US president warns

97-year-old Democrat Jimmy Carter also condemned the January 6 Capitol riot, warning the nation is at risk of a ‘civil conflict’

A Very British Scandal

Claire Foy and Paul Bettany play an aristo couple whose notorious 1963 divorce made sensationalist headlines.

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MPs fear Boris Johnson will not be able to survive scandals as Ghani’s claims expose instability in No 10

It’s hard not to see a correlation between the waning authority of the prime minister and the increased instability

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The Best Free Online Courses Everyone Should Take This Year

The days when you graduated college, started a career, and never looked back are long behind us. Lifelong learning isn’t just a catchy phrase—it’s an essential aspect of survival.

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More Covid restrictions inevitable, London mayor warns

London’s mayor has said he sees no way to avoid more Covid restrictions in the British capital amid a spike in Omicron infections,

Scientists want to send human cells into space in battle against aging

The UK government is backing a scientific study that will see human muscle cells launched into space on Tuesday from Kennedy Space Center

Ukraine: UK will stand ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with Kyiv but ‘extremely unlikely’ to send troops, deputy PM Dominic Raab says

He told Sky News’ Trevor Phillips on Sunday: “We will support them in defending themselves.

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Train announcements: Grant Shapps to scrap ‘endless torrent’ of messages in ‘bonfire of the banalities’

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Brits using Covid ‘as weapon’ against police – report

Assaults on UK officers hit around 80 per day in early 2021, statistics released by the PA news agency found, with police

China complains about near-misses with SpaceX satellites

Beijing says that Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites passed dangerously close to its manned space missions, endangering the lives of its astronauts

It Turns Out That Everything We Know About The Runner’s High Could Be Wrong

Many people have experienced reductions in stress, pain, and anxiety, and sometimes even euphoria after exercise.

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University finds novel 1984 ‘offensive and upsetting’

Students are being warned of ‘explicit material’ awaiting them in a novel that, ironically,

How to Overcome Insecurity, According to Hollywood’s Favorite Therapist

Dr. Barry Michels has spent decades helping Hollywood A-listers overcome self-doubt, find their confidence, and unlock their potential.

Protesters clash with police during rally against Covid restrictions

Anti-vaxxers have clashed with police during a demonstration against

BoJo’s popularity sinks to record low

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s woes grew on Monday, as new figures show his approval rating has declined to its lowest level since he took office,

Ghislaine Maxwell: What the trial means for Prince Andrew

Ghislaine Maxwell has been convicted of grooming teenagers for abuse by Jeffrey Epstein. What are the implications for her former friend Prince Andrew?

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Sinead O’Connor admitted to hospital just days after son’s death

inead O’Connor has been admitted to hospital just days after the death of her teenage son.

Police to meet MP who claims Conservative critics of Boris Johnson are being ‘blackmailed’

William Wragg said he would be outlining “several” examples of bullying and intimidation,

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Russia’s RT seeks legal challenge over UK watchdog’s ruling

The Britain-based Russian TV channel RT has said it will launch a legal challenge over a ruling by the UK’s media regulator

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Author of ‘Gender Queer,’ one of most-banned books in U.S., addresses controversy

There are people for whom this is vital and for whom this

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How Mike Pence can help seal Donald Trump’s political demise

Given the crisis-ridden, dysfunctional state of contemporary American politics,

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