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Earth has cycles and it goes through them every 1000.000 of years . Continents change shape because of the platonic movements, earthquakes, Tsunamis, Volcanoes. For billion years Earth has been through a lot and that brings me to my argument “How much damage a plastic bag causes to the planet if any?”

The mysterious items washing up on beaches

From unexplained metal balls to Garfield-themed phones, the strange material that drifts ashore from the oceans can reveal a surprising amount.

Earth a dangerous temperature limit,

Temperatures on Earth will shoot past a key danger point unless greenhouse gas emissions fall faster than countries have committed,

How We are Killing Earth

Human pressure on nature has soared since the 1970s. We have been using more and more natural resources, and this has come at a cost.

Fantastic Elizabeth Line

ust after 1 P.M. on January 9, 1863, a smaller-than-average steam train loaded with Victorian dignitaries and other men in tall hats left Paddington Station,

The woman whose stolen images were used to scam men out of thousands

Almost every day, Vanessa gets messages from men who believe they are in a relationship with her – some even think she’s their wife. They are angry, confused

You’ve probably heard about ChatGPT by now – the new advanced AI technology currently going viral on every news channel and TikTok you watch.

The Mega-Wars That Shaped World History

Renowned scientist and best-selling author Vaclav Smil meticulously charts one of the single largest causes of non-natural mortality.

Friendships at work can boost happiness. Here’s how to nurture them

Trends like “quiet quitting” have taken off as many tried to pull back how much of themselves they invested in their careers.

New Order’s Blue Monday

The Mancunians spliced Donna Summer with Ennio Morricone to make a futurist dance smash – and ended up influencing Rihanna, Pet Shop Boys and Detroit techno

Irish films

The announcement of Irish film The Quiet Girl’s Oscar nomination for best international film led to understandable joy among its production team, as captured in a video shared on Twitter.

How will life on Earth end?

Asteroid strikes, supernovae blasts, and other calamities could take out humanity. But no matter what, a cataclysmic event 1 billion

Dispatches From the Cost of Living Crisis — And Tips for Surviving It

These difficult economic times are putting pressure on people’s finances—but the impacts aren’t being felt equally. Explore what the cost of living crisis looks like

Exclusive: Putin

ladimir Putin’s health is a subject of intense conversation inside the Biden administration after the intelligence community produced its fourth

Suella Braverman says 100 MILLION could claim UK asylum under current rules as she warns ‘criminals are breaking into Britain daily’ on ‘waves’ of Channel boats

Who’s Afraid of ChatGPT?

If this leaves you feeling a little uneasy, you’re not alone—and not without resources. We’ve gathered 10 fascinating stories that investigate the different ways ChatGPT

How Our Reality May Be a Sum of All Possible Realities

Richard Feynman’s path integral is both a powerful prediction machine and a philosophy about how the world is.

Every Planet in the Solar System

Mercury is shrinking. Venus may once have been as fit for life as Earth. It rains diamonds on Neptune.

What Does the Universe Sound Like?

The Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory and other researchers have melded astronomy and music to offer a new oeuvre

Russia-Ukraine war: what we know on day 103 of the invasion

European Council President Charles Michel says Russia’s blocking of food exports from Ukraine is “pushing people into poverty and destabilising

Nicole, who lives in Germany, has alopecia. It’s a condition that can result in hair loss across a person’s body. Because of this, she’s used

Poverty in the UK: statistics

This briefing sets out information on the levels and rates of poverty in the UK, including historical trends and forecasts for future years

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend: 8 of the Best Sunsets in Literature

Well, it’s happening. We wound our clocks back, and the glorious light of day is going to be leaving us at, like, 4PM now. Say goodbye to sunshine.

Your brain could be controlling how sick you get — and how you recover

Haykin, a doctoral student at the Technion — Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, wants to know whether stimulating a region of the brain

Pop Stars on Life After the Spotlight Moves On

Musicians from Bob Geldof to Robbie Williams and Lisa Maffia reveal what they did—and how they felt—after the hits dried up and the crowds vanished.

William Faulkner

William Faulkner is one of the best writers America has ever produced, with a distinctive voice and a relentless intelligence that earned him a Nobel Prize in literature at age 52

The Devastation of War

Humans have always been at war. It is our instinct to protect ourselves, to neutralise perceived threats

The British Once Built a 1,100-Mile Hedge Through the Middle of India

In 1878, W.S. Halsey, Commissioner of Inland Customs, reported on the state of British India’s giant hedge. The hedge had grown to more than 1,100 miles long, he wrote,

Russia-Ukraine live news:

The Ukrainian army says heavy fighting continues after pro-Russian separatists claimed to have encircled the key city in the Donbas region


Washington Realized Russia Was Actually Invading Ukraine

A first-ever oral history of how top U.S. and Western officials saw the warning signs of a European land war, their frantic attempts to stop it

Life’s Losers

Status means something to all of us; there’s no getting around that. But there is a type of person who is susceptible