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Are we Racists?

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February 8, 2019
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February 4, 2019


I Comment to some press remarks made today 6/2/2019 about Liam Neeson. Keep in mind this happen 40 years ago, keep in mind he said clear how ashamed he is about it and how sorry he feels he also said no violence occur or ever did thank God he said. 40 years after he confess this secret to a journalist imagine how hurtful it was for him to have the secret inside him all those years, I am not try to excuse him for the way he thought no it was wrong but every white man would have thought and done the same because this is what society wants us to do and believe. Feel ashamed and sorry for the thoughts afterwards its the second best reaction . We need to talk and thanks to Liam Neeson I hope we will talk about this issue

“Once we had only the land. The white man came and brought us the Bible. Now we have the Bible, and they have the land” (Hare, 178). In Nathan Hare’s Brainwashing a Black Men’s Mind, Hare believes the Black society is being brainwashed into thinking that Whites are the supremacy. Nancy Larrick’s


The All-White World of Children’s Book’s (1956), states “... white child learns from his books that he is the Kingfish [top dog].” Which leads to, how are the Whites brainwashing a Black man’s mind? Hare gave the following example, controlling and manipulating the minds and bodies of the subjects [blacks] will be the best by removing the blacks normal settings.

Hare writes that the color white symbolizes purity and black stands for evil and derogatory referent and that “... theirs brains,..., at last has been washed white as snow.”. At a young age, children are taught how to read children’s books. ‘“Why are they always white children?” asked by a five-year old Black girl” (Larrick, 63), as many books seen are only white. Nancy Larrick wrote an article about children’s book and argued how children’s books portrays only whites in books,

It Appears That Understanding Racism Is An Intellectual Milestone. It Really Isn’t.

Inside what we call the “Western Civilisation” the only race that can be racist is the white race because we have consistently acted on and, worse, enacted racism as a foundational cultural ingredient.

We, the whites who own and have created and so carefully groomed the western civilisation devised racism as a way of insuring a sort of fraternity between peoples who have so little in common other than the shade of the brown of our so called white skin.

When you as a white person understand that “black people cannot be racist” it means you have transcended a cultural brainwashing for which you are not to be blamed ever, but it is an achievement nevertheless. The key here is to grasp the cultural background of racism.

White people are not racist because they’re white. They are racist only when they oppress other races while inside the cultures which give privilege to the white race. Now I understand why his first thought was " What colour was he?" now I understand why my first thought as well was the one I said. It does make sense , this is what I know and so do my friends when I talk to them about it

However The Footballer Mr John Barnes made the right comments, himself has been a racist victim amongst the footballers years back so he knows what to say or how to deal with the sityuation. He is miles ahead of me or anyone white me and instead of thinking negative he said well done to Liam you did the right thing by admitting this and bring it to the public however we need to talk about it and yes we need to talk

We Need To Talk

As humans we all need to sit down and talk about the issue "Racism" it is with us no matter what it is. Unfortunately we never been told how to deal with racism how to not think the way we do think. There is a murder or a robbery what is the first thing it comes to our mind?

Black men must be behind the robbery or any illegal thing is happening

Why that is? Do not confuse racism with xenophobia or ethnocentrism. Racism is different than segregating from outsiders or segregating from other kin. Both xenophobia and ethnocentrism are defensive actions, while racism is attack action.

For example, I am a bit xenophobic in my belief that the influx of refugees in western Europe will alter, for the worse, the culture of western Europe. I am also one who opinionates that many folks are ethnocentric by default: some hebrew folk, some gypsy folk (rroma), some nordic folk, some Japanese folk, because they have a cultural grooming based on their ethnicity first.

Some folks are xenophobic by default, like some greek folk or some Nordic folk, because they have axiomatic belief that their culture is pristine. Ethnocentricity is visible, for example, in business where many people choose banks, suppliers, contractors and even clients, based on ethnicity. Xenophobia is less visible by default, it usually pops up when there is a nationalist or patriotic political movement to fuel it.

Some ethnocentricity is a solution. If the ethnic group is an oppressed minority business is only possible inside the group. Then it becomes custom, then obligation. Some xenophobia is natural because it takes hundreds of generations to build a well defined culture.

Racism is not a synonym for oppressed minority. You can be an oppressed majority, racism doesn’t go away with numbers. Racism is only authentic if it is based on some kind of exclusionary cultural support network.

Racism is intersectional when it permeates politics and thus affects survival. Racism is institutional when it permeates economy and it affects society. Racism is structural when it permeates civilization and it affects progress.

And That is what makes racists so hilarious, especially poor, uneducated, sick, no infrastructure, wealth depleted, natality capped people. They play a politics game devised for the survival of the few exploiting groups at the top of the social pyramid.

Anyway, racism is complex but it really isn’t complicated: if you are the one who has to work to remove the weight some society’s culture placed on you because of your race or ethnicity, you cannot be racist when you express your experience carrying that weight.

Anger may be racial but only oppression is racist. Labelling may be racial but only social classification is racist. There are many people who cry racism when it is mere anger. There are also many, many people who cry free speech when in fact they help the oppression.

A Story to Be Told

A mother who tried to ban her ex-husband from taking their children to Ukip events has claimed they were being brainwashed with racist and homophobic views. She feared he was ‘abusing their childhood’ by ‘pumping them full’ of the party’s political beliefs.

Some ‘99.9 per cent of parents’ would recognise that children should not be involved in political activities, she claimed. Her allegations emerged after a judge lifted a ban on the father, who is standing as a Ukip candidate, from involving the children in rallies.

At an appeal, the judge found there was insufficient evidence that the youngsters were at risk of ‘emotional harm’ because of potentially hostile reactions to the party from the public.

But in court documents, the mother – who is not a member of a political party – feared her ex-husband’s political views were ‘influencing the children’, saying the older child in particular ‘can be racist and homophobic’.

A report said the father had enlisted the support of his children to distribute Ukip leaflets when they spent time with him. But their mother said it was ‘mentally challenging’ and ‘confusing’ for the children to encounter opposition to Ukip.

One had a leaflet ripped up in their face, while an older child had an egg thrown at them while campaigning with their father, it was claimed. She said the court had so far ‘failed to protect certain of the children from brainwashing’ as one is a member of Ukip’s youth wing and another is intent on joining.

She told how one of her children had gone into school and told classmates that they had been to a Ukip garden party at the weekend. ‘The other kids go, “Hey, what?” they have no idea what they are talking about,’ she said.

‘They shouldn’t know what they are talking about because none of them at that age should know anything to do with politics. ‘Isn’t that to do with abusing their childhood if they’re being pumped full of whatever political party?’ But the father said the child had been ‘exceedingly amused’ to have an egg land ‘somewhere near’ their feet. He added that the child was ‘very keen’ on campaigning for the party and ‘gets a lot out of it’.

The father also accused his ex-wife of herself ‘indoctrinating’ the children. At the appeal, heard at a court in the South of England on Friday, a judge overturned the ban imposed during a custody battle at a family court, saying the order was ‘invasive’ of the ‘rights of the father’.

The judge said the candidate had not been given advance notice that his membership of Ukip would be raised as an issue or an order made about it.

Lifting the ban, the judge said the case should be brought back to court for a new hearing if the parents still cannot reach an agreement. The father, who cannot be named, said last night: ‘This is a victory. People are fed of up of being told how they are supposed to think.’

He disputed the claim that Ukip was making his children racist and homophobic as ‘nonsense’. ‘Even if my children had picked up racism, which I do not accept they have, they have not picked it up from Ukip,’ he added.

We all need to wake up and do something about our lives make the world a better place to live and for some to fit in life is too short for hatred, if we do that we will live life as we dreamed off, if someone does not bother you then do not bother them live your life in peace and let others to do the same

Basic Questions and Answers

"Why do people continue to be racist after so many articles, videos and talks about how racism is dumb?"

It's a question that people ask all the time. If we're all part of the human race, why are people racist? After all, there are no biological differences between people. No race is superior or inferior to another. We're all the same. There are many reasons why people can have racist attitudes.

A lot of our attitudes are shaped when we're young. When our family members or friends express racist opinions, it's common that we will take on those views ourselves. The problem is that, unless we do something about it, they can stay with us for a lifetime. It's normal to want to spend time with people that have the same interests, background, culture and language. It creates a sense of belonging that is really important. The downside is that it can also set up differences between other groups and, over time, this might lead to us to thinking that our group is better than others.

We often put labels on people. He dresses like this so he must be into this music. She goes to that school so she must be rich. We can also stereotype people from different racial backgrounds as "lazy", "brainy", "aggro"… you get the idea. The way to beat the stereotypes? Don't judge a whole group. Get to know people from different racial backgrounds and find out how much you have in common.

When we feel angry or frustrated, we often look for someone else to blame for our problems. As a community, we can do the same thing. People who look or talk differently to us are an easy target. You can hear it happening today in comments like, "those people take our jobs" or "they get government handouts all the time". Nearly all the time, these statements are wrong.

When we feel angry or frustrated, we often look for someone else to blame for our problems. As a community, we can do the same thing. People who look or talk differently to us are an easy target. You can hear it happening today in comments like, “those people take our jobs” or “they get government handouts all the time”. Nearly all the time, these statements are wrong.

Racial inequity exists, and it’s not decreasing.

It is a fact Minorities are less likely to be given appropriate cardiac medications or to undergo bypass surgery, and are less likely to receive kidney dialysis or transplants. By contrast, they are more likely to receive certain less-desirable procedures, such as lower limb amputations for diabetes and other conditions. When people hold a negative stereotype about a group and meet someone from that group, they often treat that person differently and honestly don't even realize it. The problem for our society is that the level of negative stereotypes is very high

If you think about it, what is race? What is racism? At its most basic level, racism is a lens through which people interpret, naturalize, and reproduce inequality. We had, on the one hand, these national ideals of freedom and equality. And, on the other hand, we had this economic reality of a slavery system that was part of the transatlantic slave trade. So, basically, this ideology developed to justify how slaves weren't equal biologically.

Our culture has shown through countless examples that people's potentials are not based on these racial groups. Up until this election cycle, I would have said that we were living in a time when explicit racism has been on the decline

But current political discourse aside, implicit, unconscious bias is still everywhere, with large, concrete consequences for people's lives—voting rights, access to education, employment, treatment by law enforcement and the criminal justice system.

So then I find myself asking, why do we continue to think racially? Why do these groups persist, and why do we still have bias against certain groups?There’s another way to understand the role of racism in our society: as a way of managing relations among whites.

Children come into the world prepared to learn certain things. And they actively learn them. You don't have to teach it to them Children learn language effortlessly, even though language is incredibly complex. They’re learning language at one year old just by listening to people talk. A developing child also tries to determine which social groups will be important.

Let’s say a mother is in a conversation with another adult at the playground, and her child overhears her say, “It's so great that we have a black president.”

The child just learned a lot about the world from this remark. She learned that there's a category called “black.” Every other time she heard the word “president,” it didn't have the word “black” in front of it. She learned that this new term is really important. And she learned that her mother is excited or angry or sarcastic about it, depending on the tone of voice.

As a result, the child forms what’s called a cognitive placeholder, and she goes about actively trying to figure out what that category of people is like and using that placeholder in social situations.

Children’s brains are picking out these groups in the world. Their brains are trying to understand power dynamics. But you've also got adults—and here, I'm mostly talking about white adults—who won't talk to their children about race. And it's often for good intentions. They want their kids to be “colorblind,” and they want to protect them from the ugliness of racism.

Racial ideologies are fundamentally judgments about who is worthy, who is decent, who belongs, and who doesn't. Inclusion and exclusion The contexts you mention with admissions, those are areas where people are called to make judgments of other people. So it's inevitable that racial issues come up in those contexts.

I think that people who say affirmative action is unjust lack any structural understanding of race. They simply don't understand how racism works If you understand that we live in a society that systematically channels resources toward white people at the expense of black people, then you realize something: the fact that this white person is more qualified might itself be unfair.

But, if we can take that assumption and spin it on its head and show people how race is actually historically and culturally and socially constructed, then you've just opened their eyes to this whole way of looking at the world.

It’s not about attacking individual people and labeling people as racist or not. It’s about understanding the larger systems of oppression and reducing the bias that everyone has. With a social science approach, we attempt to challenge the fundamental ways we all think about this issue, which is more helpful

If we can inspire deep critical thinking on some of these issues, if I can get people to think more like a social scientist or an anthropologist, then I think we all will see things differently. And change will follow.

Understanding our own racial biases is something we all struggle with, even when we aren’t aware of those struggles. We speak with one psychologist who has been studying a more modern form of prejudice and says ridding ourselves of those biases is practically impossible. But being aware of them is the first step toward improving relations among different racial groups

We used to think about racism in a very simple way – that people had negative thoughts, negative feelings, hatred toward a group. But since the 1960s when there was civil rights legislation, it changed the way we thought about race because it was not only immoral to think that way, but it was illegal to discriminate. And what we think is that racism has become more subtle since then.

That people still have negative feelings, but they may not be aware of those negative feelings. Instead of feelings of hatred, it’s more like feelings of avoidance and discomfort. That’s where the name aversive racism comes from. Most white Americans, the majority of white Americans, about two-thirds to three-quarters, have the unconscious, implicit, racial biases.

Wake-Up Call: Racism is Alive and Well

For those of you who believe that racism is a thing of the past, think again. I received dozens of notes from anonymous posters who felt the need to trumpet their hate for Black people, Jewish people, and other oppressed groups — freely using the n-word and any other insult that came to mind. Safely hidden behind the Internet's opaque digital wall, the negative sentiments that most people are socialized to keep to themselves spilled out for all to see.

Good old-fashioned racism is alive and well, as many cling to the passé notion of a social order where Whites alone are at the top. In today's world, old-fashioned racists can no longer run around in white hoods, but they can spread hate from their personal computers. This type of attitude underscores the need for new ways of approaching our society's wounds surrounding race and ethnicity.

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