Sex Fantasy Stories III

Fucking my swim coach


My swim coach was HOT. I mean he was trim and firm, clearly worked out but still had that ‘swimmer build’ and sported a pair of speedos like a God.

Green eyes, a soft curl to his hair when it was dry and a mix of dark and light shades throughout. Maybe he had some skin troubles in his youth, but the scars made his face all the more attractive.

As a teen, I had so many stroke fantasies about him I can’t remember how many tissue filled wads were his fault!

I graduated and went to college, not really knowing what it was I was doing and ended up with a double major in physio and education

Wiping away the chlorine, the figure walked along the pool edge and squat down, holding a hand out to me to haul me out. I gladly obliged and (kinda coolly) anchored my foot on the drain so I came up standing….

Not like landing a salmon and flopping around.

‘Mike?’, a male voice asked

I was a bit astounded and still not quite seeing anything more than an image of a man, but knew that voice.

‘Mr P?’

‘Mike, you’re working here now so you can call me Twiz’

Mr P was his name because it was Paul and his last name was…. I don’t know…. Twizzle or something like that. He used to own pubs and stuff and we all knew his nick name was Twiz, but no one every dared to use it.

. I felt a hand on my shoulder as I headed in that direction and stopped, turned and it was Mr P. Twiz looked at me quizzically.

‘You’re staff now Mike, the staff shower room is this way’, and promptly headed off.

I woke from my revery and wandered tiredly after him. Not really thinking, just doing.

There was a smaller shower room with about 6 nozzles towards the back of the office. And, there was one already working – steam flowing out of the door and misting up the room.

I entered and focused around to find my own. Pressing the valve on the wall, it sent a warm jet of water over me and I just stood there, hand on wall for a moment letting it flow over me.

‘You OK?’ I heard.


‘Yeah – maybe just over did it a bit’

‘You know you don’t need to wear them in here’ he said.

I gulped and looked down.

‘Here’ he said and turned around. ‘Let me help you’ and reached forward and pulled the top of my speedo open. He reached in and grabbed the string, unknotting it in one deft move.

My cock (as was his) was growing. ‘You know this is what you have been waiting for, for a while now eh?’

My head was swimming. I was in heaven. Mr P, now Twiz was about to stroke my cock. Mine was rock hard and his was slapping against it. I was about to cum there and then….

Then he slid his hand down my abs and slipped below my hard cock to my ball sack and just soaped it up for a while.

No idea what I was going to do with it and then just put my CV out there. Got a few offers and then, boom…

My own school invited me for an interview. Physio, functional movement coach and teacher required – all in one.

Teaching PE and swimming and working with the lads to ensure their safety when playing sport. I was nervous for the post, but got it. I was stoked.

Day one, I got there and there were a lot of my old coaches and teachers. It was a bit weird for a few weeks but fell into a rhythm.

Working with the lads, coaching swimming, basketball and rugby. Injury management and educating the lads how not to get injured. It was a great year – but kept mostly to myself.

‘Um, OK, Twiz… it’s been a few weeks without a sole on campus and I was surprised to hear the door go. School doesn’t start for a few weeks yet. Whatcha doing here?’

‘Um, I was out driving and got caught in the snow. The motor gave out and figured that this was the closest place for refuge. And, it’s warm’.

I looked down at me in a speedo and him in his all his clothes and must have looked a bit shy.

Twiz laughed. ‘Don’t worry, I think I have a spare speedo or two in my office – the warm water will do me good after a hike in the snow….

Anyway – I slipped and fell on my shoulder. It needs warming up’, he said casually as he headed off in the direction of his office and rolling his shoulder.

He slapped me on the shoulder and said ‘here, try this’ and thrust something in my hand.


But not just oil, but Twiz standing there butt naked. BUTT NAKED.

I didn’t know what to do with myself. I figured it best to look at the oil – yes, the oil.

‘Um… oil?’ I said stupidly.

‘Yeah – it’s like supercharged with ginger and chili or something. Does wonders for sore muscles. Where does it hurt?’

‘Um… here….’ Pointing at my pecs. Stupid, stupid move. Nice one Mike. You pointed at your chest in front of a fully naked man. Naked. Man.

The water cut out behind me and I didn’t think about it but reached back and turned it back on. The warm flow spraying over me and then into his eyes.

‘Oh, Mr P. I mean Twiz, I am so sorry’

He then just looked at me expectantly. So, keeping eye contact with him, lowered my speedo.

He looked down at my bouncing cock and then again into my eyes with a smirk.

‘Nice’ was all he said.

‘Can you feel the heat of the oil?’ he asked

After the first term, it was winter break. I didn’t have anywhere to go so stayed on campus. Did laps, trained in the gym and generally hung out. It was cold and the best place to be was the pool.

Indoor, heated and there was a sauna and steam for the staff, so couldn’t really say no when there was 6ft of snow outside. I was swimming when I heard the door to the pool slam.

After 2 weeks of no one, it came as a shock. I stopped swimming, surfaced and looked around. Things were kinda blurry as I didn’t wear goggles and just saw a figure walking alongside the pool

I got back in the water. Head reeling. My coach was going to come and swim in the pool with me? In speedos? Alone? I could hardly keep my cock inside my speedo and had to concentrate really hard on my swimming. Just doing laps.

Like before. One end to the other….. the firmness subsided. Only just in time as I heard a loud splash and another swimmer entering the water. Mr. P… I mean, Twiz.

I played it cool and kept swimming and he did too. Lazy laps up and down and stopping at the end every so often for some casual conversation.

He had a cheeky grin on him – he always did, but maybe that was just me. It came time to haul myself out. I was tired and sore from the laps and needed a shower. So, like usual, muscle or mind memory sent me on the usual path towards the lad’s locker room

Twiz cleared his eyes and smirked. ‘It’s OK’ and opened the oil bottle. ‘Here’ he said has he shook some out in his hand and reached forward. Dazed, I just stood there.

I allowed him to rub the oil on my chest. Kind of roughly, pushing me back a bit but I kept my footing.

‘Now me’ he said and turned. I got to look at his fine, naked ass but then saw the developing bruise on his left shoulder blade.

‘Owch’ I said as I slowly rubbed on the oil.

‘Yeah, fell pretty bad’ he said ‘what’s it look like?’

‘Hmmmm… kinda bruised’

‘Feeling it up here’ Twiz said and tapped his shoulder, up near his neck.

Twiz grunted a bit as I rubbed the oil in and backed up a bit, and a bit more. His ass was now touching my cock in my speedos.

Suddenly, my chest seemed on fire but was not aware of it until that moment. I figure that he spotted my realization and reached for the shower gel.

‘I guess so eh?’ he said ‘I forgot to tell you, you need to wash it off after a few minutes or else it really burns’ and squirted my chest with some shower gel.

Again, he stepped forward and pushed me back against the wall of the shower room, massaging my chest and getting rid of the oil.

As hie did, his cock was swaying to and fro and slapped against my own.

Smirking, without missing a beat in soaping up my chest, he just said ‘oops’ and kept going.

‘Oh c’mon Mike’ Twiz said as the soap suds slipped down my chest and he slowed down washing my chest to washing my abs and then slightly grazed my pubes….

I tentatively reached out and grabbed his cock. It was as thick as my wrist and uncut. I was mesmorized, sliding that foreskin up and down while he lightly squeezed my balls…

Message me, because I just blew my own load writing that!





The dinner rush was over and my last table was sitting around nursing their drinks. I asked another server to keep an eye on them, and then stepped out back for a smoke.

Mitch, one of the bartenders, was already back there. He held his pack out so I could have one of his, then he gave me a light. “Thanks!” I said, after taking a big drag and exhaling.

“No problem sexy!”

I smiled. Mitch was always flirting with me. I liked Mitch. He was in his early forties, black, about 6’2″ and lean and muscular.

After finishing my work, I went into the bathroom to get ready for my date. I stripped out of my uniform and and washed up.

Mitch walked in and saw me standing there, wearing nothing but a lacy black and pink thong. “Damn boy, you have one sweet looking ass!”

He said in a low voice. I blushed a little, but loved the fact that he had noticed. He did his business, and walked out, and I finished getting myself ready.

I put on a pair of skinny jeans, a tight black t shirt, and combed my bleach blonde hair up tall. I applied a little eyeliner, amd stepped back to inspect myself in the mirror

As I said, I was a fem little twink. Mitch saw me waiting alone in the parking lot, and became concerned for my safety.

So he lit up a smoke and waited with me. Several minutes went by, and Shawn hadn’t showed up yet. I text him but heard nothing back.

“Motherfucker!” I muttered. I started to feel as if he was ghosting me. I started feeling down, knowing had had been used for sex and dumped again.

“So, do you think he’s gonna show?” Mitch asked.

“I don’t know.”

“Well I can give you a ride if you want.”

“Oh, well I don’t want to put you out.”

“Sure! That sounds good!” I said. I couldn’t believe he wanted to hang out with me. He was cool at work, but I didn’t ever think we would hang out socially.

“Cool.” He said with a little smile. I wondered for a split second if he had something else in mind. But I knew that was crazy. Mitch was all about the ladies. He put the truck in gear and we drove off.

A few minutes later, we pulled up to an apartment complex. He killed the motor, got out and I followed up up a flight of stairs. He unlocked the door, and we stepped inside. “Here we are.” He said, turning on a few lights. “Make yourself at home. What do you drink?”

“Rum and Coke, if you have it.” I replied, sitting down on the comfy leather couch. I looked around, noticing his place was immaculate, and nicely decorated.

Mitch smiled, and looked at me. “Oh, I see. So you wouldn’t try anything on me?”

“Well, no. I mean, you are a good looking guy, but I know you aren’t into that. So it would be rude if I tried something. I don’t hit on straight guys.”

“Oh, I see. Well it doesn’t bother me that you are gay. I don’t judge. I’m a little hetroflexible myself.”

“What?” I said. I wasn’t sure what he was talking about.

“Well, I do consider my self straight. I love women, and I am not attracted to men at all. At least, not masculine men. And I am not into dicks whatsoever. But occasionally, with the right dynamic and situation, I might be with a guy. If I am into him.”

I can usually deepthroat with ease, but this was quite the cock. I got it a little further in, and then began to choke. I came up for air, coughing and gasping for breath. “Fuck, that’s a big cock!”

“Yeah baby. But you got it nice and deep!” He said. He slid his pants down around his ankles, and spread his legs, revealing a set of huge balls.

After catching my breath, I went back to work, and sucked his dick some more while rubbing his balls.


“Fuck yeah Daddy. I love it rough.”

“Nice!” He said, giving me another. “Now shake it a little. Mmmmm yeah bitch! Work that ass for Daddy! Fuck yes!”

I bent over and put my hands on my knees, and worked my ass around for him. “Shit yeah. Now get over on that couch and show me that pussy.”

I quickly obeyed, and put my knees on the cushion and bent over the back. I felt him come up behind me, and slide his hands down my sides.

His cock slid up the crack of my ass, and he spanked me again

He was fucking me with his tongue! He would put it as far in as he could go, wiggle it around, then slip it out. Then he would suck on my hole.

I could feel his spit running down my taint, as he sucked and licked, and I felt as if I might faint from pleasure. He wasn’t in a hurry either. He ate me for what seemed like hours. Most guys did it just long enough to get my ass opened up.

“So you ready for some dick boy?” I he asked, snapping me out of my daze.

“Oh yeah, Daddy, fuck me!” I whimpered. I heard him chuckle, and he teased my hole with his thumb again. “Oooooo fuck yeah.” I moaned.

“That is one tight little hole you got boy. You sure you can handle this big dick?”

“A few times.” A replied. A friend had taken me out for my twenty first birthday, and four guys took me to a backroom and gangbanged me in a swing. I laid down in it and he fastened the straps around my ankles.

I realized I was going to take his big dick on my back with my legs spread wide. Fuck, I thought, this is really going to hurt. I usually like to start out in doggy, and get opened up.

I watched him rubbing lube on his cock, smiling, and then he fingered my hole with a wet finger.

“That’s right boy. You’re gonna take me deep in that ass. I want to watch your face as you take me.” He said. “Think you can take it?”

“Oh yeah, Daddy!” I said, trying to sound confident. But I wasn’t sure. But something told me.I didn’t have much say so in the matter at this point. He inserted two fingers in me, and slid them in and out, getting me open and wet.

After a few slow strokes, he just started pounding. “Fuck yeah bitch! Give me that ass!” He said, in a mean snarl.

I opened up a bit more, and it started to feel good. I started moaning with pleasure, and loving the way it felt. “Damn you moan like a bitch!” He said, fucking me harder.

“Oh yes, Daddy, fuck me! Fuck me hard!” I screamed. I am loud when getting dick. Me and a friend got kicked out of a hotel room once because of it.


“Oh fuck Daddy, right there! Don’t stop!” I screamed, then felt myself erupt. I squirmed and struggled in the swing, as if I was having convulsions.

The room spun and went white, and for a few seconds all I knew was pure ecstasy. The feeling slowly went away, and I began to come to.

I realized he wasn’t fucking me anymore. His dick was still inside of me, but he wasn’t moving. He was just looking down at me, with a big grin on his face. “Fuck!” I blurted out, looking up at him. That was all I could manage to say.

“Goddamn that was incredible. Holy shit. That’s the first time I’ve ever made anyone do that.” He said, looking amazed.

“You’ve never made anyone sissygasm?” I asked.

 He helped me out of the swing, and held me while I waited for my wobbly legs to work again. “Damn Daddy, you fucked me so good!”

He smiled. “Well baby, that’s good to hear. Because I want you coming back for more.”

“Oh definitely Daddy. I’m your bitch now!”


He wore his hair in tight braids, had a full beard and I thought he was hotter than fuck. I had a serious crush on him, and had some nasty fantasies about him fucking me. Unfortunately for me he was straight. He just liked to flirt.

He looked at me and took a drag, then exhaled the smoke up towards the light. “So, do you have big plans tonight?”

“Yeah I guess.” I replied. “A friend is picking me up and we are going to a club.”

“Nice!” Mitch said with a chuckle. “That sounds fun.”

“Yeah, it’s ok.” I replied. “So how about you?”

Damn, I thought. I look good! At 22 I worked out daily to keep my body a lean, tight 140#, loved to show it off.

My ass looked firm and round in the tight jeans, the result of thousands of squats and hours on stair machines.

My shirt was tight, and showed off my flat, tan belly, one of my tattoos and my navel ring. I still had a baby face, with smooth tan skin and high cheek bones.

I wore a few earings in both ears, and had piercings in my lip, nose and eyebrow. I was a total bottom bitch, and loved being a little effeminate and glam for the top guys

“It’s no big deal. I would rather do that than have you walking around. Especially dressed like that.”

“What’s wrong with the way I am dressed?” I asked.

“Not a thing! But you shouldn’t be walking around like that. Someone would likely grab ya and take you off.”

“Well that would be alright!” I said with a smile.

We waited a little longer, and it became obvious that Shawn wasn’t going to show. “Come on, I’ll take you home.” Mitch said. I knew he was right, and I knew I shouldn’t be walking around alone this time of night. So I climbed into the passenger seat of his Tahoe.

 I could hear him in the kitchen, dropping ice cubes in glasses. He returned, and handed me my drink. “This is a really nice place.” I said, after taking a sip.

“Thanks. I like it.” He replied proudly. We chatted for a few minutes, sipping our drinks, and then he got out a bong. I took a few big hits, and sat back into the couch, relaxed with a good buzz. He put on some music, refilled my drink, then sat down in the recliner.

“Fuck that is some good weed!” I said.

He smiled, looking stoned. “Yeah it is. Can’t smoke to much of it. That shit will fuck you up!”

“Damn, I think I’m already a little fucked up!” I said, giggling.

I was a bit dumbfounded. “So, what’s the right situation?”

“Well, I am not attracted to hairy masculine men at all.” He explained. Then he looked me right in the eyes. “But I do like fembois, crossdressers and smooth, submissive bottom guys.” My mouth hung open, as I stared back at him. He laughed, and shook his head. “Damn, you act so shocked. Fuck, baby, I hit on you all the time!”

“I thought you were just messing around.”

“Nah boy. You’re fine as hell. I wanted to fuck you the first night I saw you.”


I took him deep again, and this time I got him all the way down. “Oh damn baby. That’s right. Just like that. Hell yeah.” I held it deep for as long as I could, then came back up for air.

But this time, I went down on his balls. I ran my tongue all over them, while stroking his dick. He let out a nice moan, which made me happy.

I love pleasuring a stud. After spending some time on his balls, I returned to his cock.

I looked up at him, while I teased the tip with my tongue. “Does that feel good Daddy?” I asked innocently

He kept slapping the same cheek, and it was getting tender, and stinging really good. I felt his dick move away from me, and his thumb start rubbing my hole. It was a little wet from spit, and it felt awesome.

“Oooohhh fuck!” I moaned, loving the feel of his touch. He rubbed it a little harder and I moaned some more. There is nothing I love more than having my ass played with.

“Damn boy, you ha e a pretty little hole.” He whispered. “Fuck, so nice, and pink. Yeah baby.” I felt both of his hands spread my butt apart, then his beard between my cheeks.

“Ffffiuuck!” I moaned when his tongue touched my hole. “Oh God, yes!” I squeezed the back of the couch and stared at the wall while his tongue flicked around my rim.


“Yes Daddy!” I said. I was going crazy. But I was kind of wondering if I could handle him myself. He was way longer than anyone I had been with before, and much thicker. I knew it was going to hurt. But I didn’t care. I wanted him in me.

“Come on baby.” He said, pulling me to my feet, and taking my wrist. He led me down the hallway to the bedroom, which was lit with dim lighting. His bed was a king, with a rack above it, with rings attached to it.

The headboard had similar rings, and cuffs hung from a couple of them. “Hope my playroom doesn’t freak you out.” He said gently. “I like to get a little freaky.”

“Yeah, I love it doggie, with a bitches ass in the air, but for the first time I like it face to face.” He explained, moving his fingers around and stretching me open. “So you ready to give me that pussy baby?”

“Yes Daddy!” I whispered. He slipped his fingers out, and lined the head of his cock up with my hole. He gave it a little push, and it slowly spread me open.

The head pushed through, and I felt sharp intense pain as my ass stretched open to accept him. “Oh fuck!” I cried out. I gripped the chains on the swing, and struggled to take it. “Oh my God!”

“Yeah, give me that ass!” He growled. I looked at him, and saw he was smiling. He was enjoying watching me struggle with his massive manhood. He slowly shoved it inside me, inch by inch, until he was finally all the way in.

“Yeah, you like it don’t you boy?”

“Oh God yes! Oh fuck, give me that big dick Daddy!”

“Yeah baby, your Daddy’s bitch boy aren’t you?”

“Fuck yes Daddy. I’m all yours! Fuck, yes!”

“Damn boy, you’re a nasty bitch aren’t you?”

Oh fuck yes! Treat me like the dirty whore I am!” I moaned. I could feel precum soaking my jock. I reached down and began rubbing my dick, while he pumped away at my ass.

“No, you’re the first.” He said. I smiled up at him, then laid my head back on the swing. The front of my jock was a warm, sticky mess. “I can’t move.” I said, giggling.

“You don’t need to. It’s my turn now.” He said, then resumed fucking me. K just laid there limp, while he furiously pumped away at my ass. “Oh fuck yeah. I’m gonna cum baby!” He said, ramming me harder.

“Oh yeah, cum for me Daddy!” I pleaded. “Breed me and make me your bitch!”

“You’re already my bitch!” He growled, sounding angry. “Oh yeah, Daddy’s gonna fill his bitch with cum. Oh yeah, fuck yes!” I watched him roll his head back, and felt his cock explode inside of me.

“Nice!” He said, then we crashed onto the bed. He gave me a cigarette and we smoked in silence


“Oh, I think Christy is coming over to, hang out.” Christy was a waitress that we worked with. She was in her early thirties, with a short blonde pixie cut and a big hot ass.

Mitch “hung out” with her often. Of course Mitch “hung out” with a few of the waitresses. I had overhead then talk about him, and how good he was in bed.

Apparently, he had a really big dick and knew how to use it. I felt a little jealous, wishing I was Christy. I thought about Mitch fucking the sexy blonde, and I got a little turned on.

“Well that sounds fun.” I said. “She’s a lucky girl!”

“Yeah, man. I can’t wait to have that hot ass in my face.” He said with a laugh. We finished our smokes and went back inside

Satisfied with my appearance I went outside and saw my date waiting for me in the parking lot. His name was Shawn, and I had been with him a few times.

I saw Mitch walking Christy to his Tahoe, his hand rubbing her sexy fat ass. I felt a little jealous again, then got in Shawn’s car. We went out, had a few drinks then back to his place to fuck.

A few nights later, I was supposed to go out with Shawn again after work. I got all dolled up, this time wearing a hot pink jock strap under a pair of short, silky running shorts, with matching pink knee high soccer socks, and a black fishnet tank top

“Thanks a lot for this.” I said as I settled into the seat. “I really appreciate it.”

“No problem. I can’t believe that guy did that to you.” He said, sounding angry.

“It happens.” I said sadly. It happened fairly often. I would meet a guy, and after a few fucks he would move on. I wasn’t looking to get married, I enjoyed being a little slutty, but I didn’t like being used then ghosted.

“Well, if you want we can stop by my place and have a drink. I’ve got some good weed too. That way, your night isn’t a total loss.”

“Good! It looked like you weren’t having a very good night. Hope that helps.”

“Yeah, fucking asshole. Leaving me standing out there like that.” I said, shaking my head. “Oh well. Yeah, this helped. Thanks for having me over.”

“No problem. Glad I could help.”

I did feel better. The weed had me nice and relaxed. “Yeah, this is nice. I was a little surprised you invited me over though.”

He raised an eyebrow and looked at me. “Oh? Why’s that?”

“Oh well, um, you know, um, you know, because I’m gay I guess.”

“Well why would that bother me?”

“Oh, I don’t know. It just seems to bother guys.” I stuttered, trying to explain. “It just seems alot of guys don’t like gay guys. They all think we will try something on em I guess. I don’t know. Anyway I don’t hang out with very many straight guys.”

Our eyes were still locked, and he had a little grin on his face. I now understood. I stood up slowly, and walked over to him, then got down on my knees, then undid his pants.

I reached inside of them pulled out his cock. It was still soft, but it looked huge. I licked it up and down, looking up at him. He was watching me with a big smile, and his cock quickly grew. “Like that baby?” He asked.

“Fuck, it is huge!” I said in amazement. It was by far the biggest dick I had ever seen in person. It had to be at least nine inches.

After admiring it a little more, I opened wide and went down on him. I bobbed my head up and down a few times, taking him deeper and deeper, until I almost had his whole shaft down my throat

“Hell yeah baby. Your a sweet little cocksucker.” He praised. He stroked my cheek and let me tease him some more.

Then he put his hand on the back of my head, and made me take it all. As he pushed my head down, I relaxed my throat and was able to get most of it. But Mitch held my head, and pushed it in a little deeper.

I choked again, and he pulled a little back, but made me take it again. Then he let me come up a little, but bobbed my head up and down quickly, thrusting a little bit and fucking my mouth. Finally, he let me go, and I came up gulping for air.

“Damn, Daddy, that’s one big dick!” I said, giggling.

“Yeah boy, you suck it so good! You should give the bitches a lesson on cocksucking.”

“Thank you!” I said proudly.

“Yeah baby, now it’s your turn. I don’t suck dick but I do love to eat a hot boy pussy. Stand up and take off those shorts and show me that ass. Leave that shirt on though, I like that.”

I stood i front of him and smiled, then turned around and slid my silky shorts off my ass. “Do you like that?” I asked, looking over my shoulder at him.

“Hell yeah!” He exclaimed, the slapped my on the butt. “Damn boy, I like that jock baby. So fucking hot!” Then he gave me a hard swat on the ass.

“Oh yeah!” I cried, enjoying the sweet sting.

“Oh you like that do you?” He asked, swatting me again, a bit harder.

“Damn that tastes sweet!” I heard him say from behind me. “Yeah baby. Make it pucker for Daddy.” He licked a little more, making me moan louder. “Oh yeah, you like that pussy licked don’t you?”

“Mmmmmhhhhhmmm!” Was all I could manage. His tongue pushed against me, trying to get inside.”

“Open that pussy up for me baby!” He said, spanking me again. “I want to taste it.” I felt a finger, touch me, then push inside. “Damn that’s tight!” He said, then pulled his finger out and replaced it with his tongue.

“Damn Daddy, that feels so good!” I cried, taking his tongue in my ass. “Fuck yes! Oh my God that feels good!” I’ve had my ass ate lot’s of times, but damn, not quite like this.


“No, not at all!” I said, looking around. “Wow. This is hot!” I could only imagine what went on in here. I thought about Christy being cuffed to the rack, her big ass red from spankings. I had dabbled in bondage, nothing crazy, and loved it.

I really liked being cuffed or tied up and fucked. “Are you gonna tie me up Daddy?” I asked hopefully.

“Oh, do you want me to?”

“Yeah, if you want to!”

He put his hands on my waist and gave me a deep kiss. “Maybe some other time. Tonight I just want that ass. I’ve been thinking about that sweet ass for along time.”

While he talked he pushed me backwards, towards a swing in the corner of the room. “Ever been in one of these?” He asked.

I felt completely full, and his dick touched spots that I had never felt before. “There we go baby. Isn’t that nice?”

“Fuck, you are huge!” I whimpered. “Damn you are so big!” I squirmed in the swing, trying to find a more comfortable spot.

“That’s right baby.” He said, now slowly pulling it back out. He pulled all the way out, then shoved it back in. “Damn that’s a tight hole.” I whimpered and cried, but he didn’t seem to care.

“Damn Daddy, you fuck me so good!” I cried, looking up at him. He was sweating profusely, bouncing me onto his cock. It rammed deep in me, then slid almost all the way out, before slamming back in me.

“Yeah boy, I’m gonna beat those guts up! I’m gonna ruin your little pussy. You ain’t gonna fuck with those pretty boys anymore now that you’ve had a mans dick, are you?”

“Fuck no, Daddy. This is all your pussy!” I cried. I squeezed the front of my jock, and felt an orgasm building. I wasn’t even hard, but I knew I was close to cumming. I come so easily with a dick up my ass.

But I tried to hold off, and stopped playing with myself, while he continued to pummel me.

I was so close to cumming, and every nerve in my body was extra sensitive. The sensation was amazing. I love this feeling and like to prolong it. His thickness rubbed the spot in my ass perfectly, and I was hoping to sissygasm.

He gave me a couple of really hard thrusts, then he moaned some more while he drained his balls deep inside my body. When he finished, he pulled out and stepped back to admire his work.

I just hung in the swing, while he checked out my gaping, creampied hole. “Goddamn boy, that was so fucking good!” He said, huffing and puffing.

“Mmmmm yes it was!” I agreed, still a little dizzy. He looked down at me, with a look on his face like he was proud. Proud that he had destroyed another bitch boy. I was proud to, proud that I had pleasured a stud like him with my body, and made him cum.

When he was done admiring my destroyed hole, he undid the straps around my ankles. “I need help.” I whispered, I was still dizzy and weak.

After my divorce


During my childhood I was staying with another family as my mother worked out of town. I was 9 at the time and my mother’s friend had an older son that was 16.

He was basically my baby sitter and my friend. The first night I stayed there he took my anal virginity. This took place until I was 12. I knew then I was gay but as I grew up during my teen years I tried the dating thing with girls. I never got past 3rd base and remained a virgin with women until I was 18.

I, myself, was 25, 5’11”, 180, brown eyes, short black hair and of hispanic descent. We immediately hit it off and he said the place was mine if I wanted it.

The only stipulation was his girlfriend would come over and liked her alone time with him. Whenever she came over I would make myself scarce.

I had been living with him about 3 months when on a Friday night she showed up. I was in my bedroom and she sounded upset. I put on my headphones and turned up my music as I laid in bed listening to Dark Side of the Moon.

About 30 minutes later the door to my room opened up. I took off my headphones and could tell Russ was upset.

I had been through a divorce recently and knew how much he was hurting. I scooted closer to him and put my arms around him hoping to comfort him.

He placed his left hand on my thigh as he cried. “I’m here for you bud,” I said. He then surprised me when he turned towards me and kissed me on the cheek.

“Thank you for being a good friend Lee,” he said as he turned my head towards him and kissed me on the lips. I wasn’t sure what to do. I didn’t want him to think I was taking advantage of him in his delicate state until he licked my lips.

As we entered the apartment we made sure the door was locked and he jumped into my arms. I grabbed a hold of his firm ass as I carried him to his bedroom.

We stood next to the bed kissing until I nudged his head back as I licked and sucked on his neck.

“Mmmmm, I’ve never been with a guy but I really want you,” he whispered in my ear. He had no idea how sensitive my ears are which made me want him even more.

I lifted him up and guided our bodies onto the middle of the bed. I laid on top of Russ as we started kissing again.

I tugged on the side of his pants as they slid off his hips and past his underwear. He was wearing white boxers and his cock was sticking out.

I leaned forward and kissed the head of his cock. It was covered with his sweet precum as I took his cock in my mouth as I swirled my tongue around his fat cock head.

“Fuck that feels amazing,” he whispered as I stared up at him. I let his cock slip from my mouth as I grabbed his underwear pulling them down.

“Get up for a minute Lee,” he said. I moved off to the side and we both stripped off our clothes, socks and shoes in a matter of seconds

Russ, in turn rolled me back over as he broke our kiss and latched his lips on my neck as he sucked my flesh into his mouth.

“Ahhhhhhhh Russ, that feels so good,” I whispered into ear as he sucked harder pulling my flesh into his mouth.

He started thrusting harder against me and I grabbed his ass with both hands pulling our crotches together. I flipped him onto his back again as I latched my lips onto his neck.

“This is so fucking hot,” he whispered to me. He then rolled us onto our sides as we thrust harder as we kissed. I felt my balls starting to tingle as he pushed me onto my back.

Our breathing increased as our passion and the urge to cum swept over us. I rolled him back over as he wrapped his legs around my waist.

“I’m gonna cum,” I said, “I’m so fucking close.” Our bodies slammed against each other as our hands roamed all over each others body. He forced me onto my back again as we both yelled at the same time that we were cumming.

“Ahhhhh fuck,” he moaned into my ear as I moaned into his as well. Our bodies went rigid as we both started cumming on each other. “Ahhhhhhh Russ, give me all your hot cum,” I yelled out. It felt so hot feeling his cock throbbing against my own as our cum co-mingled.


“I hope you have plenty more loads in here for me,” he said.

“I’ll tell you one thing, my next load is going up your sweet ass.”

“Mmmmm, I can hardly wait,” he said. I let my left arm drift down and ran a finger along the crack of his ass. “That feels really nice. Have you ever fucked a guy,” he asked.

“No, but I’ve sucked a few guys off,” I said.

“Did you like it?”

“Fuck yeah,” I responded, “Did you like it when you sucked my cum out of my cock?”

“I loved how your cock felt in my mouth,” he said, “I just realized something.”

“What’s that?”

“Does this make us gay,” he asked.

“Not at all,” I said, “It’s your bodies way of saying that you like sex whether it be with a guy or a girl.”

“Which do you prefer Lee?”


“Your gonna make me cum,” he said through sporadic breaths. I dropped to my knees and spun him around. Grabbing his cock

I swirled my tongue around the head then took his cock to the back of my throat where I started bobbing my head up and down on his cock. I could taste his precum on my tongue which spurned me on to try to deep throat him.

I tried forcing my head further down his cock and started gagging. Tears started streaming down my face as I produced lots more spit trying to use it as lubricant for my throat.

I wanted all 8″ of him down my throat but couldn’t quite pull it off. He grabbed the sides of my face as he started fucking my face forcefully. I kept on slurping and sucking on his cock as I stared up at him. “

“Let’s go back to bed Russ.” We got out and dried each other off and walked back into the bedroom. “Do you have any lube?”

“I’ll be right back,” he said. I climbed back in bed leaning against the pillows as I stroked my cock. He walked back into the bedroom as he stared at me.

“Do you know how sexy you look stroking your cock,” he stated.

“And where do you want this sexy cock,” I asked as I waved my cock at him.

“I want you to fuck my ass with your beautiful cock. I want you to own my ass.”

“Get on your hands and knees,” I said. He got into position and seemed relatively at ease. I grabbed the lube and smeared it all over his hole and on my cock. I moved up closer to his ass when I grabbed my cock and slapped his asshole with it.

With the first half of my cock I slid it faster and faster over his prostate. I started pulling my cock almost all the way out and slammed it deep inside of his hot asshole.

I let go of his hips and leaned back as he fucked himself on my cock


I pulled my cock out and turned him over onto his back. I put his ankles on my shoulders as I placed the head of my cock at his asshole and pushed.

My cock easily slid all the way in and seeing his facial expression as he took it all was pure lust. His mouth opened wide and a huge smile was on his face as he moaned out loud.

“Ahhhhhhhh yessssss, mmmmm,” escaped from his lips.

Pushing his legs back as I spread them wider allowed me to lean in and run my tongue over his lips. Russ opened his eyes and they were filled with lust. Staring at one another I pulled my cock all the way out then plunged all the way in.

“TAKE THAT FUCKING COCK, TAKE IT ALL, AHHHHHHHHH FUUUUCCKKKKKK,” I screamed as I filled his ass full of cum.

“Ohhhhhhh yessssssss, mmmmmm, so fucking hot, ahhhhhhhhh,” he gasped.

I bit into his neck as my body spasmed hard as I kept cumming. His ass spasmed around my cock as our bodies slumped together. We were both breathing hard as we laid ther

“Fuck that was intense,” I said as I kissed my way to his face. We lovingly kissed each other nice and slow as we stared into each others eyes.

“Is it always this good,” he asked.

“I hope so,” I said, “I can get used to it though.”

“Me too,” he said. I went to pull my cock out and started lifting my body off his.

“No,” he pleaded, “Please leave your cock in me where it belongs.” I could feel his ass squeezing my cock as we laid there.

“Yes,”I said, “Ram it all the way in, please.” He pushed in about an inch then grabbed my hips with both hands as he shoved his cock all the way in.

I could feel his wiry pubic hair against my ass knowing I had all of my lovers cock buried deep in me.

“Ahhhhhhhh fuck Russ,” I said as I dropped my head onto the pillow. It hurt more than I thought it would. As he started to pull back I gasped. “Hold still please,” I begged, “I need to get used to your cock.”

“Your ass just feels so fucking good,” he said.

“Just hold it in deep please,” I begged. I started clenching and unclenching my ass around his cock.

“Mmmmmm, fuck yeah, squeeze that hot tight ass around my fucking cock,” he said. I arched my ass off the bed as I kept squeezing his cock and shook my ass side to side.

I did this a few more times and glanced over my shoulder at him.

“Fuck me Russ, I need you to fuck me raw please,” I begged once again. I relaxed my ass and he started a slow in and out rhythm. The pain was gone as pleasure swept through my body.

“Sex with you is incredible,” he said, “but I feel complete when I’m around you. You’re all that matters to me.” I leaned in and kissed him softly and stared into his eyes.

“I know I’m in love with you Russ,” I said, “I love your spontaneity, how much you love those around you and how you make me so happy.

You are all that matters to me.” We adjusted ourselves as we lay side by side just staring at each other. I caressed his face and ran my fingers through his hair as he lightly caressed my arm. He then started laughing.

“What’s so funny,” I asked.

I found myself attracted to men more but when you’re a member of the Marines you have to hide those feelings.

After being honorably discharged I had moved out to San Diego. It was there that I sucked off a few guys but never felt comfortable enough to let someone fuck me.

I had bought myself a dildo and would use it to slowly fuck my ass. I wanted the real thing instead of hard plastic.

I had met this girl that I was working with and we hit it off. We ended up getting married after only two months.

“What’s wrong,” I asked.

“Sheila just broke up with me. She’s been cheating on me for the past month,” Russ said.

“I’m sorry bud,” I said, “Want to talk about it?”

“Not really,” he said, “I’m gonna go for a walk to the park.”

“You shouldn’t be alone,” I said, “Want me to go with you?”

“Yeah, if you don’t mind,” he answered. It was a little chilly out so we grabbed a light jacket as we headed out.

We made small talk and every time I tried broaching the subject about Sheila he would just shut down. I noticed there were benches in the park and walked over to one.

Our lips parted at the same time and we were locked in a deep passionate kiss. I’ve never kissed a guy before but I really wanted him more than anything.

We were sitting underneath a tree and were far enough from the sidewalk that no one could see us even if they tried.

Adjusting myself as we kissed I turned myself towards Russ so I was straddling the bench and he did the same thing.

Our kissing intensified and we pulled each other closer. As he broke our kiss we were both out of breath.

“I’ve wanted you since you moved in,” he said,

I was running the fingers of my left hand through hair as I reached between us and started rubbing his hard cock.

He moaned into my mouth as he grabbed my ass pulling me harder against him. I eased out my right hand as we started grinding our hard cocks against each other. I broke our kiss as I stared into his eyes.

“That feels so good,” he whispered to me.

“Makes me want you more Russ,” I said as I wiggled my hips side to side. I leaned back and grabbed his t shirt slowly taking it off.

As we knelt in the middle of the bed we came together as we started kissing again. Our cocks were both sticking up at a 45 degree angle as we rubbed our cocks together making us even hornier for each other.

We both had a handful of each others ass as we kissed passionately. He let go of my ass as he reached up and cradled my face as he spoke to me

This is so fucking hot,” he said, “I want us both to cum at the same time.”

“Mmmmm, I’ve laid in bed at night fantasizing about this moment,” I said. He then pushed me onto my back and I watched as he took his cock and rubbed it over mine. It felt incredible especially when he grabbed both our cocks as he stroked them.

“Your cock is so fucking beautiful,” he said.

“So is yours,” I said, “I want you in me before this night is over.”

“I love the sound of that,” he responded, “I want our first cum together to be us rubbing our cocks together.”

“Mmmmm, I want your cum on my body.” I pulled him on top of me as I kissed him as we both started gyrating against each other.

That was so fucking hot,” we said at the same time. We started to laugh as we rolled onto our sides.

I pushed him onto his back as I leaned over and tasted our cum off his belly. I moved up and shared it with him in a slow hot kiss.

It seemed every time my cock lurched forward his did too. Finally we both laid there as Russ moved his hips side to side as our cocks slid so sexily over one another.

I moved from Russ’s neck as I licked his chin until our lips touched. We softly kissed each other as our hips finally settled together. Pulling away from me Russ gazed into my eyes.

“I love getting fucked. It feels so amazing especially when a guy cums inside if you. The main thing is I never considered myself gay, I just love having a cock pounding me really hard then rewarding me with hot soothing cum.”

“I always thought it would hurt,” he said, “And that bitch Sheila was too much of a prude to try.”

“You can fuck me any time you want Russ. You’ll love having your cock in a tight ass than a pussy any day.”

“We’ll have to test out that theory then,” he said.

“Let’s go take a shower and get all this dried cum off of us,” I suggested. As we hopped off the bed I kept my eyes glued to his fine ass knowing when we were done showering I was going to take his virgin ass. He started up the shower and got in as I took a leak. He had his head thrown back as he let the water hit his face. I moved up behind him pressing my body up against his as I kissed the back of his neck.

“That feels so good Lee.”

With me being pressed up against him my cock immediately got hard. I grabbed my cock and placed it between his ass cheeks as I started thrusting against his ass.


You look so fucking beautiful with my cock in your mouth Lee.” I sucked him like this for a bit and pulled his cock out as I licked and kissed it all over.

Holding his cock straight up and down I sucked on his balls rolling them around in my mouth as I stroked his cock.

His precum was leaking onto my face making me feel like a cheap whore which I loved. I let his balls slip from my mouth and attempted to deep throat hum again.

This time he slid past my gag reflex and into my throat. Using my lips I massaged the base of his cock as he thrust harder against my mouth.

I then reached behind him and shoved my middle finger up his ass. He went rigid and started cumming down my throat depositing his cum where it belonged.

“Please fuck me,” he said, “I want your cock in my ass.” I placed the head against his hole and started to push as he stared back at me smiling.

I held onto my cock until it slipped inside of him. I let the head rest inside of him as he adjusted to something entering his asshole.

I could hear him breathing hard but he wasn’t trying to pull away. I slowly entered his tight hole as I inched my way in slowly.

“Oh my,” he said as I slowly tunneled my way inside. I could feel his silky asshole parting as I slid in more. I kept holding my cock as I fed it to him so I didn’t slip out.

He was so fucking tight and it felt incredible. This was my first time fucking a guy up the ass and it was better than I thought. I had about half my cock up his ass and he was loving it.

I kept pushing forward until the pubic hair was smashed up against his ass.

“Fuck me just like that,” he said. To make it easier on him I grabbed a pillow and put it underneath the small of his back.

He grabbed the back of his knees holding his legs wide open and I started fucking him nice and slow.

As I pulled back my body would shiver as he clamped his asshole around the head of my cock.

I could feel his asshole relax allowing me to drive my cock deep. As I was buried all the way in I rotated my hips and fucked him with short thrusts.

Ahhhhhh yessssss, so fucking good, ahhhhhhh,” he whispered as he threw his head back. I leaned in as I sucked, nibbled and licked his neck. He relaxed his ass and I continued fucking him nice and slowly.

I started to feel the bottom of my spine tingling. It was indicative of me getting ready to erupt in his ass. It was like Russ was reading my mind as he ran his hands up and down my back as he reached for my ass.

“You know if you keep squeezing cock cock like that,” I said, “We’re never going to be leaving this bed.”

“Is that a bad thing,” he asked with a wicked smile on his face.

“You’ll never hear me complaining,” I said.

What are you thinking off,” I curiously asked.

“I gotta pee,” he said, “and you’re putting a lot of pressure on my bladder.”

“When I do this,” I asked as I shifted my body to the right.

“Seriously, I gotta pee,” he said squirming underneath me.

“Or when i do this,” I asked as I shifted my body to the left.

“You asshole,” he said, “I’m gonna piss myself if you don’t move.”

“Well if you put it that way,” i said laughing at him. I pulled my cock out of him with a loud audible pop.

“Mmmmm, yeeessssssssss,” I moaned. As he thrust in I pushed my ass back taking him all the way in. He grabbed my hips and started picking up speed.

“Fuck your ass feels good Lee.”

“Fuck me, oh yes, fuck my ass good,” I begged once again. As he pounded my ass harder and faster we both were moaning out loud.

“Take that fucking cock,” he said. I laid my head on the pillow totally surrendering my ass to him. “Ahhhhhh, this feels so good, mmmmmmm,” I moaned. He pulled his cock almost all the way out and smacked my ass again.

“Yesssssss, smack that fucking ass,” I said. He smacked the left side of my ass as well. Russ pulled his cock out and turned me onto my right side and pushed my left leg towards my chest as he slid he slid his cock back in.

I took in a sharp breath feeling his cock enter at this angle. He held my left hip as he started fucking me harder. The sound of his skin slapping against my own filled the room.

“We’re definitely gay,” he said and then we both laughed. He then reached down and grabbed the blanket and covered us both up.

We cuddled up close as we whispered I love you to each other then fell asleep in each others arms.


We were arguing a lot due to her constant cheating on me and after one of her many flings I filed for divorced which took her by surprise.

She was actually shocked that I was fed up with her bullshit. After she moved out I was struggling financially and put an ad in the paper to see if anyone was looking for a roommate.

I got a few responses but one really caught my eye. It was a guy living in the Hillcrest area which wasn’t far from where I worked.

I contacted the guy and we arranged to meet at a local delicatessen for lunch. He was 26 and a very nice guy. He was caucasian, 5’11”, 170, hazel eyes and short brown hair he kept slicked back.

As we sat there he was still quiet. I didn’t know what to say and just said the first thing that came to mind.

“Penny for your thoughts,” I said.

“I was so good to her,” he said, “I can’t believe she did this to me.

“I know it’s hard to deal with but you don’t have to go through this alone,” I said.

“I’m here for you Russ. Anytime you want to talk about it I am here, day or night.” He looked at me and smiled then started to cry

“To be honest with you I caught feelings for you the day we met at the deli,” I said.

“Me too,” he said, “that’s why Sheila broke up with me because I told her of my feelings for you. She tried changing my mind but I told her to move on.

I have so many things going through my mind right now but I just want to be alone with you.” We both got up and walked hand in hand back to our place stopping once in a while to steal a kiss.

When I lifted it over his nipple I bent forward taking it in my mouth as I started sucking and nibbling on it.

“Oh fuck that feels so good,” he moaned. I then licked my way over to his right nipple giving it the same treatment.

As I did this he was pulling my shirt out of my pants and pushed me back a bit. We took off our shirts and tossed them on the floor as we smiled at each other.

I scooted back and ran my hand over his cock as he moaned. I undid the belt and unbuttoned his pants as I eased his zipper down.

It felt so good feeling our cocks rubbing against each other as his balls smacked against my own. We gyrated against each other for a good 10 minutes as the room was filled with our moans.

I was nibbling on his neck and tonguing his ear as he licked and sucked on my shoulder. I was pushing up hard against him as our skin smacked together.

Russ paused as he lifted up his body a bit and we noticed from our grinding together that our stomachs were sticking to each other from our precum.

We both scooped some up on our fingers and brought it up to each others mouth.

We stared intently into each others eyes as we sucked each others fingers clean. I grabbed the back of his head and started kissing him as I rolled him over onto his back as we thrust our cocks together.


He then bent over and licked it up as well as we shared it. I reached down and grabbed his cock that was sticky from our cum and fondled his cock with tender loving care.

I squeezed his cock and wiped up his cum as I brought it up and licked it off my fingers.

I ran the fingers of my left hand tenderly through his hair as I said, “See what you did to me.”

“Is that a bad thing,” he asked.

“Not at all,” I said, “You’re the best thing that has happened to me.”

“You really mean that, don’t you?”

“Of course I do, being here with you in my arms feels so wonderful.” He got really quiet for a minute and moved up to kiss me. We let our tongues swirl lazily over one another as he reached down and cradled my balls in his hand then pulled back.

“Mmmmm, your cum tastes so fucking sweet,” I said. He smiled at me as he pushed me onto my back and took my cock in his mouth. He gently sucked on my cock as he milked it with his hand then moved up and kissed me.

He pulled back and told me how delicious my cum was then laid his head on my chest.

“Your heart is beating so fast Lee.”

“Mmmmmm,” he moaned as he leaned into me. As I nibbled his neck I reached around and pinched his nipples as he gasped. I twisted and pulled on them as he pushed his ass against my cock. I moved up and licked around his ear lobe and shoved my tongue inside.

“Ahhhhhh yessssss,” he whispered.

“Hand me the soap,” I whispered to him. He handed it to me and I lathered up my hands then began washing our dried cum from his belly. I let the water cascade down his chest as I stepped back and repositioned my cock between his legs as I thrusted against his balls.

“What are you doing to me,” he whispered as he really started getting into it. I soaped up my hands again and grabbed his cock. I washed it from the base to the tip as I stroked his hard cock.

“Mmmmm, I love your thick cock Russ,” I whispered into his ear. As I stroked his cock with one hand I massaged his balls with the other. I was licking and biting into his shoulder as I piston fucked my cock between his legs.

I pulled back so he could cum on my tongue so I could taste his hot creamy cum.

I started humming around his cock as he shook really hard as he fed me his cum. I slurped and sucked every sweet drop of his hot man cream from his cock.

He pulled his cock out and stared at me as I showed him my mouth full of cum then I swallowed every bit of it.

I opened my mouth again to show him it was all gone and he leaned down as we kissed.

He pulled me up to my feet as we kissed. I broke our kiss and smiled at him.

“I want to show you something you’ll fucking love,” I said. I turned him towards the back wall of the shower and dropped to my knees. I pulled his ass cheeks apart as I stared at his puckered virgin opening.

#I pulled him by his hips as he jutted his ass back at me. I spread his cheeks apart again and licked his asshole. I flicked my tongue over his asshole causing him to push back against my face.

I slowly inserted a finger just inside of him as I licked around the rim of his hole. He took in a sharp breath as I spit on his asshole and eased my finger in more.

“Eat my fucking ass Lee, eat it good.” I licked his asshole for a good fifteen minutes and was trying to shove my tongue up his hole. I lapped at his hole like a starving kitten.

I stood up and placed my cock between his ass cheeks again as I watched the head of my cock leaking precum down the valley of his ass. I grabbed my cock and rubbed my precum against his hole.

“Fuck your ass is tight Russ,” I said.

“I can’t believe your cock is all the way in,” he stated, “It feels incredible.” I slowly pulled my cock back as his ass tried sucking my cock back inside.

I slowly fed my cock up his slick shit chute. His ass felt amazing and now I knew why the guy who fucked me as a kid wanted to fuck me so much.

I could feel his ass gripping at my cock as I pulled slowly out. I kept this up until Russ pushed his ass back taking in every single inch.

“Fuck me, fuck my ass, ahhhhh this feels so fucking good,” he moaned. Grabbing onto his hips I watched as my cock went in and out of his tight fucking asshole.

I threw my head back and started steadily fucking him harder and faster. “Ohhhh fuck, your cock feels so fucking good, fuck my ass, fuck it good.

I started increasing my thrusts going faster and harder. He was breathing hard into my ear.

“Ahhhhhhh, oooooooo, yeeeesssss,” he kept whispering over and over again. This spurned me on and I slammed my cock harder into him.

“Cum inside me please,” he begged, “Flood my ass with your cum please.”

“Ahhhhhhhh, here it comes,” I whispered as I started breathing hard and grabbed onto his shoulders as I pounded him harder and faster.

“OHHHHH FUCK LEE, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, OHHHHH FUUUUCCCCKKKK YEEAAHHHH!!!” As I started firing my cum inside of him Russ started cumming between us which increased my orgasm.

“Must’ve been a tight seal,” he said as he hopped off the bed and a whole bunch of cum leaked out of his ass. “Fuck,” he said, “Are you storing up for winter?”

“You little shit,” I said as I jumped off the bed and chased him into the bathroom. That’s when I realized I had to pee as well. We both barely made it to the toilet as we pissed side by side. I nudged him with my hip and he pissed on the seat.

“You fuckwad,” he said as he nudged me back causing me to piss on the floor.

“I ain’t cleaning that up,” I said laughing.

“Mmmmm, that felt nice,” I said.

“Oh really, are you into pain?”

“No, it just felt good. What are you doing back there,” I asked.

“Trying to open up this condom wrapper,” he said.

“No,” I said, “Fuck me without a condom or don’t fuck me at all.”

“Your wish is my command,” he replied. He moved a bit closer and smacked my ass with his cock.

He fucked me like this for a few minutes then laid down behind me as his cock remained inside of me. He grabbed my left leg holding it up as he buried his cock in me repeatedly.

You’re the best fuck I’ve ever had,” he said.

“Oh yeah,” I responded, “and hopefully not the last.” As I said that I squeezed his cock with my ass. As I relaxed my ass he slowly pulled out his softening cock and collapsed next to me. I scooted closer as I put my head on his chest.

My ass felt so empty without his cock was the first thoughts going through my mind. I could tell my asshole was leaking which satisfied me in so many ways.

After a few minutes of total silence and listening to his heartbeat Russ spoke to me.

“Lee,” he said almost in a whisper. I raised up my head and stared at him and smiled.

“I think I’m in love with you,” he said.

“That’s just the sex talking,” I responded as I laughed.

Straight Invaded


I was a 52-year-old happily married father when my world turned upside down in an instant. My wife and I had been planning a vacation for several months with my 17-year-old daughter.

We were going to spend 16 days with her parents in the Bahamas, fishing, skiing and hanging on the beach.

We were leaving on Friday evening returning 2 weeks later, on Sunday. It was going to be the longest vacation I had ever taken.

I am a National Sales Manager for a large company and was never willing to take that many days away from work.

It was the summer before my daughter’s senior year and may be the last chance for a long vacation together.

Four shots later I was still too wound up to even think about sleep. I found my wife’s old Ambien prescription, took one and dusted off the Jet tub in the bathroom.

The Jacuzzi tub would surely relax me. I made it about as hot as I could stand it, turned on the jets and climbed in. The jets on my neck were great, and I could feel the tension leaving my body. I turned my body to let the jets work their magic on other parts of my body.

After a few moments the hot stream rushed over my cock, causing it to stir, bringing back memories of my teen years.

My parents bought a hot tub and put it in our basement. Whenever I was home alone, I would get naked in the hot tub and let the jets pulse the sweet spot on the head of my cock until I blew my wad in the hot tub.

I could see the first one had what looked like black jeans, a long-sleeved black T-shirt, and a dark ski mask. I noticed the others were wearing hoodies and baggy pants, and probably had masks also.

As I was trying to sneak a look, he lunged toward me, he raised his arm up quickly and brought it down with lightning speed.

I could not tell what was in his hand as there was a sudden shot of pain across my back, as the snap of a belt shattered the silence.

He growled, “If you want to live, sit there, stare at the floor, don’t move, don’t speak!” As he shoved the belt against my cheek, he added, “Nod if you understand.”

He continued, “Nod if you understand.”

I nodded sheepishly. The other 2 turned and left the room. I sat there trying not to move for so long it began to hurt.

My bodyguard was shuffling nervously the entire time. I thought about trying to talk but did not want to experience a taser.

I slowly tried to tilt me head up to see if eye contact might help. Thwack! Pain shot across my back again.

He commanded, “Lay face down on the bed. And I mean face down!”

I turned around quickly and lay face down, arms at my side, legs together. I lay there not sure what to do, hoping to God that the belt did not bite me again. Thwack! The belt snapped across my ass cheeks!

When I say action, you will drop to your knees on floor, look up at number 3 and repeat the following lines.”

“I am a cocksucker. I have always been a cocksucker. I want to service your cock until you cum in my mouth.”

“Then you will help take his cock out for him and fulfill your destiny as a cock sucker. You will service him in any way he commands like you love it.

When he is satisfied, we will take the movie with us. If the police are in any way contacted, we will know, and copies of the movie will show up in every mailbox in the neighborhood and in the mail to every member of you company board of directors. Look at number 3, nod, and give him a big smile if you understand”

I looked at the leader pleadingly. He just smiled and tilted his head toward number 3. Looking down, I could see his hard on was full on through his sweats.

He straddled me with his knees and pinned my hands down beside me with his hands. Then he pinned my arms under his knees.

As he sat himself down on me, I could feel his hot ass cheeks on my chest. His cock waiving in front of my chin. He rocked himself forward until his cock hit my mouth.

I brought my head forward to take his oozing cock in my hungry mouth again. He did not move, so, taking his signal, I thrust my head up and down on his rod.

“Finish it cocksucker. Take it all,” he grunted.

The camera zoomed in as I plunged my mouth up and down his shaft faster and faster. His balls rubbed on my chest and bounced off my chin as I face fucked his hard cock.

 was in the office early on Friday to wrap things up before leaving, when a friend of mine from our largest customer called and told me his management team was no longer happy with our service and were ready to shift 100% of their business to our competitor.

After much groveling and assuring him, we valued them as a customer, he shared some information regarding what he thought it would take to turn things around.

They felt our Account Manager was taking them for granted and they could see a significant cost savings with our competition

I convinced them to give us one week to come in with a new plan to retain the business, increase our service and reduce costs. There was no way to get more time, so I would have to skip the vacation.

It was the closest thing to a blow job I ever got at 15 years old. I would have some of the strongest orgasms of my life (at that time), as those magic jets brought me off without having to do the work myself.

Here I am 37 years later about to do it again. I snapped out of it and told myself I did not need to masturbate any more,

I am 52 years old dammit! I laid back and relaxed with my dick pointing up at me, I closed my eyes and drifted off. Sometime later I woke up, the water, noticeably cooler and it was completely dark outside.

I climbed out of the tub and dried off. (My dick still half hard). I was feeling better and thought, I can get some sleep and be productive tomorrow. I really believed, for the first time, we could save this customer. I looked at my naked body in the mirror thinking,

I nodded obediently. I was sitting with my hands clenched between my legs, looking straight down at my lap. I was shaking uncontrollably as I noticed my penis had retracted like a turtle head pulled into its shell.

The belt was shoved into the side of my head as he repeated, “I said, don’t move!”

As I began to breathe deeply, trying to stop shaking, and think about a plan to get free, he began sigh and rock back and forth nervously.

I thought about trying to talk to him and see if I could calm him down, but my back was still reeling from the lashing with the belt. I did not want to take a chance at angering him.

“You have been warned for the last time!” Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

I clenched with each hit. Tears leaked from my eyes. I lay with my face buried in the bed spread, naked defenseless, cold and afraid. The tears continued as I lay there motionless for what seemed like eternity

The color left my face and my cock shriveled even more as reality hit home. I had to get out of this. I gently shook my head. He pulled me up to stand me up and look me in the eye.

He snarled as he spoke, “You fucked this night up so there is only one way for you to make it right. You were not supposed to be here.

Not only do you show up, but you show up naked and get number 3 all excited. So, you are going to star in a little movie tonight…”

I just told myself to recall the great blowjobs I had seen in porn movies over the years. I would imagine being on the receiving end and get through this.

As I noticed the wet spot at the peak of number 3’s tent, I put on a smile, looked him in the eyes (through his mask) and nodded my understanding

I slowly pulled my head away keeping the grip on his steaming hard on. I looked at his pulsating dick head. It had a huge glob of pre-cum sitting on the tip.

As I tilted the head toward me it began to drip off, I stuck out my tongue to catch it and brought it up to meet the underside of his cock head. It tasted sweeter than I imagined.

I could feel his balls contract. I moaned in anticipation of his hot load filling my waiting mouth. The camera was right there capturing it all


I was able to convince my wife to go without me with the promise I would join them in exactly 1 week and finish out the vacation with them.

I arranged for my management team to come in Saturday afternoon to begin the recovery plan for our number one customer.

My plan was to have a draft done by Tuesday to review and finalize on Wednesday. We would have dinner with our customer Thursday night and deliver the pitch on Friday morning.

I would jump on the plane Friday evening and catch up with the family and have 8 days together.

I got home Friday evening, dropped my family at the airport and returned to a quiet empty house

I looked damned good for my age. I gripped my cock, shook it at my reflection and did a Tim the tool man grunt. Thinking I got this!

I dropped my towel, strutted naked into my dark bedroom, when my heart stopped as I glanced a silhouette of a man in the bedroom doorway. Suddenly the silence was shattered as he yelled, “Freeze!”

I stopped, swaying, trying not to faint from shock. I stammered, “P,P,Please, take whatever you want…just don’t hur..

While he spoke 2 more men stepped in the doorway behind him. As I sat down on the edge of the bed, I tried to subtly get a look at them, but it was difficult in the darkness.

He sighed heavily, and I detected motion again as the sting of the belt exploded on my cheek and temple. I let out a half grunt and half scream, as I brought my hand up to the area of pain.

“Well, Hell!” He exclaimed. “What the fuck are we going to do with you? This place was supposed to be empty tonight!”

He grabbed the person to his right and pushed him forward until he stood a couple of feet in front of me. I could see his feet as I stared at the floor. I dared not look up.

The leader spoke again, “Number 3 will stay with you while number 2 and I get the stuff and load up the car.

If you move, he will whip you. If you speak, he will tase you.” The darkness was shattered, by the spark of a taser.

I could not help myself and cut in, “I have money! Please, I am not gay. I promise I will not tell!”

He yanked my head back and spun me around until I was facing the boner guy. Boner punched me in the stomach. The air left my lungs as I doubled over.

Before I knew what was happening, the leader pulled me down and lay me over his lap. He grabbed the back of my neck and shoved my head toward the floor. The belt cracked over my screaming ass over and over, the pain was intense.

Crying like a baby, I pleaded, “Ok! Please stop!”

He took in a deep breath and continued his orders with a smile of conquest, “OK, here is how it is going to go. Number 2 is the cameraman.

As I rubbed his cock head back and forth across my outstretched tongue, the taste and the scent started a stirring in my cock that I could hardly believe. It was almost like honey. His cock was hot and hard like granite, but the skin was so smooth.

I kept teasing it with my tongue. It was like every nerve in my body was electrified. My heart was racing, my breathing growing more rapid. My cock was coming to full attention. I could not wait another second to take him in my mouth.

As I backup to plunge it in, he pulled me violently by the hair and drug me to the bed. He was trying to throw me on the bed by my hair. I threw myself on the bed to lessen the pain.

He forced me on my back and pulled me by the hair until my head hung over the edge of the bed. The camera man zoomed in on my boner, which was fading fast with the pain in my scalp.

He grabbed my cock pulled it back like a lever until it was pointing almost to my feet. Just as the pain really started to set in, he let it go and it pounded back on my stomach like a drum.

“Got that on tape,” said the camera man.

“Let’s go boys. My clock has been cleaned. I will sleep well tonight” number 3 bragged. “We need to let him satisfy himself now,” he said turning for the door.

“Not so fast,” said the leader. I am afraid number 2 is going to need some relief,” he said pointing at the camera man.

As I looked the camera man stood up and I could see his sweatpants tent, also with a wet tip…



Dick in an Elevator



This story is told in real time from the mind of the main character. For clarification, thoughts will be between apostrophes. Example: ‘What a great smile.’

Dialog will be quotation marks with the character designation in front. Example: Ken: “Hi, good to meet you.”

Added narrations or descriptions will be in parenthesizes ( ). I hope you enjoy…

(The Story begins with our main character (Ken) returning to his office on the 47th floor of a New York high rise for a potential all-nighter to complete a major project for work.

He holds a director level position at his company and hopes this project will launch him to the next level.

He just had a quick dinner with his wife, put her in a cab and entered the mainly empty building around 8:30PM on a Thursday night.)

He seems nice… or… not… looks like a pricey suit and briefcase. Oh 68th floor, must be top level exec. Doesn’t look any older than me! I’ll be upstairs soon buddy.’

Ken: “Working late?” (The man glances, does a half smile, and looks back at the I-pad.)

‘All righty then, too good to talk to me. So, I guess, I’ll call you Suit. how’s it going Suit… Good to hear. You realize you’ll be working for me in another year or so, right?… well good discussion suit… 9, 10, 11’.

(Ken looks at his watch)

(Ken looks at his cell phone knowing the inevitable. To prevent people from being rude to fellow passengers the elevator is a perfect signal blocker.)

‘No fucking signal! Suit must have a Wi-Fi connection or he’s playing fucking solitaire. I’m fucking losing it…calm the fuck down Ken. It will be over soon…I wish I could talk to Jan. I am getting tired of the suit and his constant yammering.’

Ken: “So, do you work here? I am not sure I’ve seen you before.”

(Suit looked at Ken and shook his head and went back to the I-pad.)

‘Mother fuck, what an asshole! Fuck you suit! I really ought to tell this shithead off. But, it’d be my luck he works for the CEO or something. I don’t think we even have any space on 68…Relax Ken, he could be a member of the board or something.’

(Ken looks at his watch 8:48)

‘What the fuck, three minutes!”

Ken: “I’m sorry, I don’t want to be inappropriate, but do you have some kind of speech or hearing problem?”

(Suit looked at him and shook his head and returned to the I pad.)

Fuck 8:54!”

‘Oh, it’s still gonna be a fucking hour. Tell me that thing is not growing… Don’t fucking look at it. That’s it, turn and look at the buttons…But I can’t see the perv then… You can’t let him think you’re scared. Look him in the eye. Fuck he keeps staring, he’s gonna think I like him or something!’

Ken: “Listen Perv! You’re not that big…”

‘Oh, fuck yes he is big’

Ken: “I mean, compared to me…”

‘You’re 6 fucking inches hard jackass!’

Ken: “Body wise I mean. I can defend myself so put that fucking thing away before I get really pissed! And knock off the fucking staring. Whatever point you were trying to make, I get it. I will leave you to your I-Pad.”

(Suit looks at Ken and brings his hand toward his own open mouth like he is eating an invisible banana. When his hand gets close to his mouth, his cheek puffs out on one side.

He lowers his hand and brings it back up for another bite, tilting his wrist, he puffs out the other side with his tongue.)

‘Mime blow job…really!’

Ken: “Listen man, I am not sucking your dick! You need to back up or I’m gonna…”

(Suit slowly steps back and leans on the wall again. He points at Ken, repeating the blow job pantomime. Then looks down and bobs his head again. Ken’s eyes follow.)

‘Fuck it’s hard, and huge. It’s pointing right at my face! It really is a porn cock! Women would beg for that thing. Stop thinking about porn… They would go to town on that thing.’

(Ken fidgets like a junky and looks at his watch.)

Voice: “I’m about to reset the system and when I do, the elevator should immediately head back to the ground floor and Jorge will meet you at the elevator door in less than a minute. Hold on.”

‘Holy fuck, less than a minute.’

(Ken looks at his watch.)

‘9:16, less than 40 minutes and look what you’ve done.’

(Ken stunned and disappointed, staggers to his feet as the elevator moves. Once his clothes are fully on, he looks in the mirror, wipes some cum off his chin and neck, and straightens his pants. He positions his still hard cock, so it won’t be obvious.)

‘I can still taste his cum… He came a lot…Oh fuck I am hard…I need to cum again…Might as well hit the stall, you already came in the elevator Kenny Boy.’

(Ken enters the stall drops his pants to his ankles.)

“His cock tasted so good; I made that beauty cum… The way my lips gripped his hard fucking shaft… I could feel the cum pump through that beast… Oh fuck…”

(Ken pants and grunts and whispers as quietly as he can.)

Ken: “Oh fuck I love your cock…Please feed me your cum. Auh, Auh, Auh, I’m cumming for your big fucking cock. Auh, Auh, Auh”

(He milked his cum into the toilet and again pulled himself together.)

(He has a small duffle bag with a change of clothes and some toiletries, just in case, but hopes to wrap up by midnight so he can get home for a few hours’ sleep in his own bed. He passes security waving his badge at the guard.)

Ken: “Hey Jorge, good evening.”

Jorge: “Evening Mr. Bantham. Working late again I see.”

Ken: “Jorge, I told you, you can call me Ken.”

Jorge: “Yes Sir Mr. Bantham.” (He laughs).

‘8:38…I can do this… Out by 11:00PM. 21, 22… You scored brownie points tonight, Kenny! Gonna get some tomorrow night… Focus Kenny. Won’t be good working with a woody all night.’

(The elevator jerks and stops causing Ken to stagger and regain his balance. The lights flickered and came back a little dimmer)

‘Holy Fuck! what the hell! Not again!’

Ken: “It’s OK, this happens. I know the drill.”

(Ken pushes the call button and a phone ringing sound blasts out. after 2 rings it’s answered.)

Voice: “This is security, I see the elevators have stopped is everybody OK?”

(Ken looks at suit and he smiles and nods looking back at the I-pad.)

Ken: “Was there something I said or did that made you angry?”

(Suit looked at him a little irritated and shook his head and went back to the I-Pad.)

‘Oh my God, what a world class prick. I ought a punch his fucking lights out.’

Ken: “At the potential risk of my career, I gotta say, you are coming off like a snobby SOB.”

(Suit did a combination eye roll, shoulder shrug and back to the I-pad.)

Ken: “You are a world class prick!”

(Suit lowered the I-pad, slid it into the flap of his brief case and began to unhook his belt.)

‘What the fuck is he doing…he is a fucking perv queer…Oh God it’s fifty shades of Gay!’

(Suit continued to unzip, open the flaps.)

(Suit continued to stare and when Ken’s eyes met his, he looked down, nodded his head down subtly and stared again.)

‘The fucker keeps staring, OK staring contest… what’s with the head twitch and eye thing… I can do this… he keeps doing the eye thing.

I am not looking at your dick perv. OK enough staring, I’ll turn this way… Oh God, dick’s in the mirror, don’t look at it! Oh, shit do you see yourself, you’re twitching like a crack head… Stop rocking… Don’t look at it…

He sees me looking and he’s smiling…turn away from the mirror… Try the call button!’

(Ken turn’s back to the call button and pushes.)

Voice: “Occupants of the elevator…”

Ken: “Hello, is anyone there!”

Voice: “…rest assured help is on…”

‘8 fucking 59! Please help me somebody… Why is the image of Jan riding that cock in my head! Stop thinking porn… Oh god my dick is getting hard… Think of something else…

The project, think about your project… Not Jan sucking his dick… I gotta get out of here… Call box!’

(Ken pushes the call button staring at the speaker.)

Voice: “Occupants of the elevator…”

Ken: “Mother Fuck, is anyone there?!!!”

Voice: “rest assured…”

‘Oh God there’s cum on both knees…Please don’t let Jorge see the cum… Breath and act normal, you’ll be fine.’

(The door opens, and Jorge’s eyes widen.)

Jorge: “Hi Mr. Rutherford, I didn’t know you were on here too, how Ironic.”

Suit: “Everything’s Great Jorge, it is kind of funny, my last night as owner and my damn elevator breaks down. Luckily, Ken here took complete care of me. What a sendoff. I’m gonna miss New York. Well, it seems to be working now, I’m gonna risk going back up. What do you say Kenny, feeling luck?”

(Ken jumps off the elevator duffle bag in hand.)

Ken: “No thanks, I’ve had enough elevator drama for one day thanks. I think I will call it a night.

‘Fuck Kenny, you got some issues… Fuck, presentation tomorrow!… Fuck, what is wrong with you! Breath, and get home, grab a few hours’ sleep and update the presentation early…you got this.’

When he exits the restroom and heads for the cab pickup, he hears a voice talking to Jorge.

‘Gotta love it, he will never call me Ken. (Ken pushed the elevator up button.) OK, need to update the timeline, review the forecast, and put in the plan change.

(He looks at his watch) Meeting tomorrow, 10:00AM do I need anything else? I don’t think so. I wonder if I can get out by 11:00. That would be ideal. Kenny my friend, time to focus

Damn I look good! Jan is so lucky to have me! I love this time of night; the whole place is mine! Ok 47, 47, Ok got it. (He pushes the button). And away we go…really stopping already? Second floor? Why?’

(The doors open and a fairly young African American man in an expensive suit steps on holding an expensive top open briefcase.)

Ken: “Evening.”

Ken: “Yes, we’re fine, I think we are about on the 25th floor, but all the buttons are no longer lit, and the floor indicator light is out.”

(Suit is focused on the I pad, touching the screen apparently working on something.)

Voice: “I’ll radio Rasheed from Maintenance and get him on it. He was up on 59 so it may be a little while, hang in there. He will need to reset the system and it will bring you down to the ground floor when the problem is corrected. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

Ken: “Please hurry, I have some major work to do this evening”

Voice: “Understood, we will get it taken care of as quickly as possible.”


‘Fuck 59th floor and he is gonna have to walk down to the basement level for the elevator. Fuck it’s gonna be a fucking hour! Lucky, I got Suit to keep me fucking company…’

Ken: “Dude, what the Fuck! This is not the men’s room. No pissing in the elevator!”

(Suit reached into the waist band of his underwear and pulled out his cock and slid the underwear under his balls. It hung down about 8 inches, 5 inches of it past his balls. He leaned back against the wall and folded his arms across his chest and looked Ken in the eye.)

Ken: “Joke’s over man, put it away, I am not gay…fine whatever, I will leave you alone.”

‘What a fucking freak. I really pissed him off…maybe humor?’

Ken: “OK I misspoke…”You HAVE a world class prick,”…Ha, ha!”

(Suit did not react, he just kept staring.)

‘Fuck! he’s crazy, I gotta call security!’

(Ken pushed the call button trying not to look at the perv with his exposed monster.)

Voice: “Occupant of the elevator….”

Ken: “Yeah, Hello! You gotta help me out here. Call the police please, this guy is crazy! I need help!”

(He hit the call button, hanging up.)

‘He is still staring, stop with the eyes, I am not looking… Fuck it’s growing… This is like a bad porn movie… I think I’ve seen that thing in one before… Stop thinking about porn… Shit now I can’t stop… Some bimbo blond sucking the shit out of that thing… Stop it’

Ken: “Listen, man please put that thing away, this is not fucking funny.

‘OK just breath and calm down. (Looks at his watch). 8:58! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!’

(He peaks over his shoulder, startled he spins around toward Suit.)

‘Oh shit! He’s closer, and fucking smiling like a psycho. Stop with the look down thing, I’m not… Fuck it’s pointing at me!’

(Ken hung up and turned toward the mirror. Suit was looking at him through the mirror, smiling and pointing at the obvious hard-on and wet spot-on Ken’s pants. Then he gave the pantomime jack off gesture to Ken, through the mirror.)

Ken: “Listen perv, I won’t be jacking you off either. I am not a queer so get over yourself…”

(Suit turned to face Ken, shook his head and pointed at Ken’s chest. Then gave the jack off pantomime.)

Ken: “No I won’t jack off in front of you either, you sick fuck!

Suit: “Really good to meet you Kenny, you made quite the impression. You do respond well to pressure situations…

(The elevator door closes as Suit smiles at Ken.)

Jorge: “Need me to call you a cab Mr. Bantham.”

Ken: “Sure, I need to hit the restroom first.”

Jorge: “Trapped in an elevator I could see why. I’ll call, and they should be here shortly.”

Ken: “Thanks”

‘Oh shit, the owner… I heard they made a deal… You just sucked his fucking cock, came like a freight train and you’re still hard.’

(He was looking himself in the mirror got some wet paper towels and cleaned the cum off his knees.)

Voice: …”whacking off in the bathroom and he just blew his wad in the elevator sucking to boss’s dick!”

Jorge: “I was hoping that wasn’t what I saw on the wall and floor of the elevator. That’s some twisted shit right there. And his wife is gorgeous…Damn. I guess ass kissing just isn’t enough anymore!” (They laugh.)

‘Fuck, Fuck, Fuck! Just keep your head down and walk straight to the cab. It will be OK, here’s the door, I see the cab…’

Jorge: “Good night Mr. Bantham. You want to check the elevator again and make sure you didn’t leave anything?” (Giggles.)

Ken: “I’m good, see you tomorrow.”

The End?