Mountain Man Muscle Bear


I was hiking in the hills nearby one spring day, when a sudden rainstorm hit.

The hill I was on crumbled under me and I felt myself sliding through branches and over rocks as the mud carried me down.

All I could do was scream “Help!” knowing there was no one around to hear me. My head hit a tree and I blacked out.

When I woke up, I was in a cabin. The rain had stopped. A fire was crackling in the fireplace and a warm comforter covered me.

I looked around, not knowing how I got there, when the door opened. There was the biggest mountain man I’d ever seen! He was about 6’9″ and big as a house.

“Hmm.” Kody stood up and walked over to the fireplace. He was massive and all of it was muscle.

The tightness of his body through his clothes could not be hidden. As I pictured what his hairy bidy must be like, I started getting hard, tenting the comforter a little.

“Lot’s of freaky things in these woods,” he said

“Like what?” I asked.

“Rainstorms, big bears… me.” He looked at me and smiled.

“How’d you end up here?” I asked.

“I used to live in L.A. When I was younger I got into bodybuilding. Took a lot of prizes, but I wanted more out of life.


Kody slipped the shirt off over his incredible shoulders and I could see that his whole body was covered in mats of thick dark hair. His arms were huge.

They had to be easily 35″ around unflexed. His abs were like huge bricks of hairy muscle. He turned around I saw his broad back.

#Lats flared out like slabs of beef, covered in fur and his traps raised up high beside his thick neck.

He spread his back and it expanded like huge wings of muscle. I felt the thickness of his body and smelled more of his man-sweat.


When he was done, the tree came crashing to the ground and Kody stood there,

slicked with sweat, the hair on his massive bulging muscles matted down. He flexed his gargantuan arms and they seemed twice as big!

His chest was so pumped his chin rested on it, the beard pointing almost straight out over the thick shelf of his pecs.

My cock was throbbing hard and dripping precum and I noticed the bulge in his pants stretching further out.

“Get pretty worked up doin that. Better let this monster out.” He unzipped his pants and his half-hard dick, flopped out.

He put me on the bed and started lubing up my asshole. First one, then two then three of his huge calloused fingers.

He kissed me while he loosened me up and I felt my ass relax in his hands. Then he slowly worked the head of his massive dong into my ass.

He stayed hard as a rock as he worked it in carefully, until I felt his pubes brushing my sensitive hole.

He entered me slowly and pupmed his huge meat into me tenderly, kissing me as I felt his thick hard arms and hairy pecs.

He was balding and his scraggly hair flew off the sides of his head in long wisps, draping over his incredibly broad shoulders. He had deep set,

dark eyes hidden behind bushy eyebrows over a big hooked nose.

Maybe in his early fifties. He had a long brown/ grey beard that hung over his massive pecs. His chest was huge and expansive, and I could see tufts of dark brown hair at the top of his plaid shirt and over his thick forearms.

His stomach was thick, but hard muscled, and his legs were like mighty tree trunks.

I found this spot in the woods and discovered that the longer I stayed here, the bigger, more muscular and stronger I got

. It helped me take all the best trophies, but I wanted to be even bigger, and even stronger.

Pretty soon, I was gettin’ too big to compete. When I turned 45 I moved out here and I built myself this cabin.”

“You sure do look big, Kody.”

“Yeah,” he said.

“I’m damn big, son.” He unbuttoned his shirt and exposed his massive, hairy pecs.

He faced me and raised his guns in an awesome double-biceps, each arms bigger than his head and thick peaks rose.

I felt each arms, hung on each arm and began licking the sweat in his pits.

“YEAH! LICK THIS SWEATY MUSCLEMAN, BOY! EAT THIS HUGE BEAR MUSCLE!” I licked and chewed on every solid inch of this massive mountain man.

Then he picked me up in one huge, hairy hand and his lips met mine. His tongue swirled in my mouth and I pulled his chest hair while he kissed me hard and deep.

I chewed on his thick beard and squeezed his massive powerful biceps while he held me. After a while he put me down.

“Yeah! Only 12 inches now. Come here and get it really big for me, boy!”

He stood there with his hands on his hips and looked incredibly thick and muscled and sexy.

I went to him and knelt down, smelling the sweat from his hairy crotch.

His cock bounced up and down as I flicked my tongue around the head, teasing the monster shaft and licking his hairy balls as big as oranges.

Kody threw his head back in ecstasy as I took his cock into my mouth, feeling it flex in my mouth and grow longer and thicker.

He stood up and pulled me up and down on his massive prick,

then carried me to the rug in front of the fireplace, then knelt down as I rode his muscledick. He flexed his arms and I held on as I puled myself up and down on his hard cock.


He flexed his massive pecs as I squeezed the twin mountains of thick striated muscle.

And he had a bulge in his pants that looked huge.

“How you doin?” he asked me.

“Better,” I said.

“I’m Kody.” He held out his huge bear paw and I shook it.

“Pat,” I said. I was feeling incredible lust for this huge man now, but I didn’t want to show it. He looked powerful and I didn’t want him angry with me.

“You sure took quite a fall there.” He tussled my hair and smiled.

“I cleaned you up too. Lotta mud on ya.”

“Thanks. I guess it was that freaky rainstorm. Lost my footing on the hill.”

He took a deep breath and his chest expanded and flexed. I wanted to run my fingers through that hair.

I wanted to stroke that thick beard and squeeze his muscles. My cock twitched. He noticed that and said, “Get over here, boy.”

Naked I crossed to him. he towered over me and I could smell his raw male sexuality.

He was a huge sweaty stud, hairy and solid. He flexed his pecs.

“Taste ’em, boy.” I reached up and squeezed the mountains of hairy muscle. I flicked my tongue over his hard nipples and took each one carefully into my mouth, licking the hair and muscle.

“Let me show you how strong these muscles are, boy.” He took me outside and walked over to a fallen tree.

It had to be at least 100 feet long and it dwarfed Kody’s 6’9″ frame with it’s width.

“I like workin out with this tree,” he said

It’s damn heavy, but I get a good pump with it.” He thrust his huge hands under the tree and in one swift movement lifted the giant redwood into the air.

He pressed it over his head and pumped out rep after freaky rep. Twenty, thirty, forty reps with a tree that had to weigh 2 tons! Barely breaking a sweat.

Finally, my mouth couldn’t contain any more of the huge dick and I pulled back.


“Fuck, you’re huge!” I gazed at the monster dick flexing in front of my face.

“You’re gonna take it, too.” he said.

“You’ll split me in half!” I cried.

“Believe me, I really know how to fuck with this. It’ll feel like butter in that tight little ass, boy”

He picked me up in his superhuman arms and carried me back inside.

His massive pumped shoulders were like basketballs. His whole hairy body was ripped and rock hard.


I squeezed my ass around the thick cock and felt him shooting floods of hot cum deep in me.

My own cock spasmed as my prostate was rubbed by the thrusts of this mountain man,

and I shot a huge load into the hairy pecs towering over me. We lay there for a long time, kissing and touching.

When I left, I made sure I knew the exact location of Kody’s cabin. I wanted to make sure I could find again in another rainstorm




Ode to Black Men


Trying to do my part… I was recently invited to the home of a black man. We had played together one other time in the past. Since our last encounter,

I have seen the light and have become a true believer in the submission to black cock mindset.

I was determined to show him my gratitude and newfound belief.

As I arrived to his home, I immediately felt a wave if submissiveness come over me as I wanted treat and me him like the king that he is…

he is 6’2, 205, 8.5 cut, smooth athletic build, goatee and dreads, just beautiful in every way! My legs got a bit weak as I arrived and we both immediately got naked. I tried to focus on his body and cock.

He had nipple piercings (those were new) and I licked and teased each one, as I licked my way down to his stomach and to his pubes, I was shaking with desire and anticipation…

He stood up as I was already bent over the bed, he thrust his meaty cock deep in me as I arched my back and ass to fit his cock. I prefer to get into a stance where guys can fuck me comfortably.

I try to avoid having them on their tippy toes or off balance while pumping me doggy style, so I make sure my entry point is positioned correctly.

We certainly found our rhythm and he pistoned his cock in an out of my wet hole…I could feel his manhood invading my hole (and soul) on every thrust. His pelvis was slapping my ass cheeks and making a beautiful smacking noise.

I was pushing back and making sure he was fully hitting the hilt on each plunge… I could have done this all day!

He was a bit taken back, but he then positioned himself by the tub. I wanted to suck him so badly, but I also wanted make sure his piss would come out, so I restrained myself.

He then ran the water in the sink (to help him concentrate) and eventually got his stream going. It was golden yellow and shot into the back of throat at first,

I tried desperately to get it all in, but some ran down my mouth and chest. Once I began to swallow and gulp,

I was able to completely drink down all of his nectar, and he was smiling ear to ear… nirvana! He went and laid on the bed and I cleaned myself up

He hopped up and lined up his cock at my asshole, it was already lubed from his first cum.

I pushed back my ass as he plunged forward and I let out a loud moan…

I was sooo happy to have him back inside me and was getting loud/begging for him to fuck me hard. He gave me the fuck of my life and with no mercy.

His powerful thrust were moving me all around as I tried to push my ass back at him proving I could take it.

Every few thrust, he pulled out and gave my ass a hard slap, I love it and asked for more. He then would smack the other cheek.

I then arrived to his beautiful black meat. I tried to make love to his cock with my mouth, spending extra time licking, sucking, and tonguing every inch. He advised me a few times what felt good for him and how to lick and suck,

I listened and eventually deep throated it all (and fought through the gagging). I wanted to give him the best head possible.

I worked my mouth over the head, the shaft, and licked down to his balls and asshole with my tongue, all the while, he laid back on the bed, moaned and enjoyed

At this point, he was hard as a rock and he reached for a condom. I looked at him and said “no need”… his eyes lit up (we used one last time).

I told him I want him in me raw and I want to feel every inch. He began jacking his cock and I lubed my hole and his cock in one quick motion.

Sensing he was close to cumming, he then asked me to get on the bed and on my back. Again, in one quick motion I was in position and he lifted my legs up over each shoulder and entered me.

I was looking him in the eye and begging him to fuck me harder. The look on his face was one of intensity and he sped up his fucking. I was so turned on by this, but avoided jacking on my cock, as I wanted every second to be about him!

His facial expression was now an angry scowl as he was fucking me with a purpose…

I never felt anything soo intense as watching him feverishly pound me…it almost felt like a hate fuck and wanted that soo bad! He told me he was about to cum and I asked him to fill me up…and he did with several thrusts,

When I emerged from the bathroom, he was on the bed sighing in relief. I told him I’d love to stay longer if he had the time… but he mumbled something about work.

I said ok and briefly caressed his leg and feet and he did not move. I then did it some more and he opened his legs a little.

I knelt down and paid homage to his legs and feet, kissing them up and down. I stopped at his feet and kissed each toe, licked and sucked each one separately…

I noticed he was slowly jerking his cock as I sucked on each toe. I wanted him again so bad and I had hoped he would let me continue. y

I made sure to clean up his sweet cock again with my mouth savoring all the juices from my ass and his cum! I gathered up my things and made a quick exit as he was now late for getting back to work.

This was an all-out pounding and I was in heat… within a few minutes he unloaded in me again and I couldn’t believe how beautiful this all felt.

(I had prepped for him and was confident in taking him whole). He laid back on the bed and I climbed on top and straddled his hips. I looked him in the eye while he eased in;

I then dropped my ass cheeks down on his full length and began to ride him slowly. I could feel his full length and I was opening up and getting more comfortable every second.

He was thrusting his hips up and I was pushing down… it was heavenly! We stayed in this position for a few minutes and the momentum built up.

He then motioned me to get up and bend over the bed… I was sooo ready to be drilled by him that I completed the move in about 2 seconds and propped my ass up for him.

Before he entered me again I got on my knees and sucked him some more, I love tasting my juices on his cock.

I also wanted to let him know I was thoroughly cleaned out and he could pound me as hard as he wanted.

I could feel ropes of cum lining my ass. His spasms slowed down and his body collapsed on mine as I was still clutching his ass cheeks (soo sexy by the way). I tried to keep him in me as long as I could by clenching my sphincter on his cock. I milked out every ounce I could.

As he rolled off, I let him catch his breath. I slowly moved over and got between his legs and licked him clean… he looked down at me and gave an approving nod.

Of course, I licked and sucked his cock and was hoping to feel the blood pumping back in there and see if I could get him hard… that did not happen at that point.

I went to the bathroom to clean up a bit and also to explore my hole with my fingers, I reached in my hole a few times and licked his cum off my fingers, it tasted wonderful.

As I came back out, he was heading into the bathroom… I asked if he was going to pee and he said yes…

I brazenly asked if he would give it to me. He looked confused and I immediately jumped into the tub, got on my knees, and opened my mouth.

I worked my way up his legs with my mouth and stopped at his balls/taint/asshole, I blew on it slowly and gave wet licks all around the area.

I notice he was now at full attention and I quickly took his cock in mouth. He grabbed my head and forced my mouth all the way down…

I could taste a bit of his piss and cum from moments before. I spread my legs wide and arched my ass while laying on my stomach, so he knew I was read


I could feel pull out of me and his cum beginning to leak out of my hole as he collapsed on the bed… I feel like he was satisfied, so I was happy.

While driving back home, I felt the leakage from my hole, I just kept smiling knowing his seed was still in me. I will try to give that performance to every black guy I meet going forward!


Meeting him after Five Year


This is my true story about my refugee Iraqi friend. I live india Delhi. I knew Khaled for almost 12 years.

We were teens when we first met as neighbours. He and his family are UN refugees from Iraq.

Our first fun started in 2012, very unintentionally, one night on the terrace, smoking weed. We kinda fold our dicks and then masturbate together.

Later, in the coming years, we started exploring more sexually. Which often turned out to be me bottom and him top because he couldn’t take it inside his anal like the pro I was lol.

For two months, we didn’t talk. Then that bloody ass started messaging on social media to unblock his WhatsApp and he needed to talk to me. I unblocked him, and he apparently wanted me to get some weed.

I was like, with rolling eyes, didn’t you become an Islam imam priest just 2 months back? He laughed and said let’s meet up and told me to arrange some scenes at my place.

Once again, I brought lots of alcohol, weed, and food and invited him. He came, and we hugged and had our drinks and joints.

He dick is girth in inch is more then his length of his penis, like his length would be 6/half inch long but his girth measured whopping 8inch thick

, i swear 🤦🏻‍♂️ imagine that Thicknes. Ok so I pushed hard till my throat and he moaned so loudly but couldn’t do it for long. Just couldn’t breathe lol. I whispered to him, “Let’s go to bed.”

We stripped off naked in my room and sucked him again and licked his ass and balls, which excited him so much.

I lubed the hole in the meantime and tried to sit on his thick cock and smooch him.

He said he was about to cum, and I told him to hold on because I would cum as well. I jerked myself and shot lots all over my chest.

He took his dick out and rubbed his dick on my cum and used it as lube and fucked me hard. My ass was forming cum foam with his instant fucking and making a loud, slippery sound.

He was about to cum. He moaned so loudly and I could feel his cum ozzing inside me. He shivered.

His whole body fell on top of me and hugged me so tight. I told him, “Don’t take your dick out, keep it inside for a while.”

We hugged like tat for about 5 to 10 minutes, during which his dick softened inside my ass.

So in 2018, he left for Turkey alone, despite being an UN refugee, which eventually got terminated from the UN list and his visa to return to India was banned for years.

His parents were still in Delhi. I missed him so much when he left and I was exploring other Iraqis, but none like him in terms of our chemistry and friendship

We only used to have phone sex. This year, 2022, may be the year he returns finally.

We met after 4 days of him landing, and I invited him to my place with all the drinks and food to welcome him.

He said whatever decision he made two months back was purely because of his guilt consciousness because of his religion.

I told him all Arab men are bisexual. They all do it without string attached, and I told him I even have a friend from Saudi who eats pork in the US.

It’s how the person’s heart is, not what religion you follow. Pleasure has nothing to do with gender.

It’s all in your head, and the messed-up century-old religious ideology that makes everything appear to be wrong. m Christian.

Religion was created to control human instinctive behaviours.

His cock just wasn’t getting inside me this time, I swear. thick for my hole, though I have had many thick ones when he was away, nothing like his.

I told him it was just not entering. So we flipped our position to that of a missionary, with a pillow tucked under my back and my ass raised. He licked my ass and started fingering his two and three fingers.

He told me I was very tight. Of course, after four years of waiting, I lied.😉🤣 He tried entering his cock but was not going inside somehow. He applied more lube and spit and tried pushing slowly.

I kissed him again and caressed his body, and suddenly I could feel his soft dick growing harder inside me. He started moving his hip and asked me if I wanted more. I said yes. We continued the second session without his dick out with a cumulus filled hole.


He came late in the evening and, surprisingly, to my utter shock, told me he had changed and we weren’t doing any sex or even kissing. which sounds to me like wtf. Not even a kiss after 4 years of not seeing each other.

His excuse was that he had become kinda religious and it was haram in Islam. I was like, “I don’t believe in any fucking religion.”

So our conversations just kind of turn sour and we feel negative vibes all around us. He said he had to leave and left after one hour.

I drank all the alcohol brought for us, and I was really sad. We started to urging on messages and I blocked him eventually.

Now let’s go straight to the most awaited fun for me. I just went and kissed his lips, smooched him, and told him I know you missed me.

He hugged me tightly and we kissed each other passionately and I could feel his cock bulging out of his Jogger. I kissed him and grabbed his cock.

I told him to remove his shirt and joggers. I went down to my knees and grabbed my favourite catch of all time.

I tried doing a deep throat but it was too thick as always, but I didn’t care

I could feel every bit of my ass muscle stretching apart like an elastic. It was so painful, but I was like, “To hell with the pain.” I missed this boy for so long. He pushed and everything went deep completely and told me again, wow, so tight my love.

He smooched me and was fucking me slowly in rhythm and biting my ears, neck, and nipples.

I moaned and hugged him tightly, telling him, “I’m all yours, fuck me my love,” and he increased his rhythm, and I said, “Yes, fuck me harder, Khaled. Fuck me harder, aahh yesss.

It was the best sex after so long with the person I truly like and love as a true friend. We still keep meeting every weekend. He comes to stay for the night every time these days.

For the past 3 weeks, we slept fucking and woke up in the morning with morning fucking sessions.

I wish I could make some videos of us, but I don’t want to show him that I am too desperate, or maybe he might suspect I do it with others too.

He made some videos once, years back, but he deleted them right in front of me. It was my phone. I have some pictures we exchanged while we were away




It was 1964 and the weather was wet and cold and I was young and bored, so, so bored.

I couldn’t think of anything to do there was no one to hang out with.

I tried to read but just couldn’t find a book of interest and then I remember hearing that the local cinema were selling half price tickets in the afternoon weekdays to get people in,

so I gathered up all the change I could find and set off on my first visit to a cinema on my own.

He did this several times, I looked at him but he just stared at the screen so I didn’t say anything.

He then rested his large hand on my knee, I didn’t know what to say and he just stared at the screen..

He looked around the cinema and adjusted his coat so that it covered all off my lap,

now he started to pull my zip down and I found myself lifting of the seat to help him, his hand got inside and searched for my cock,

I undid the button on my waistband to give him better access.

He pulled my cock and balls over the top of my pants and out and was wanking my very hard six inch cock while still staring at the screen.

He pulled me in and bolted the door behind me. He spoke very quietly and softly and said we will have to be very quiet.

He undid my jeans and pulled them and my pants down to my ankles.

He told my what a lovely cock I have as he pulled back my long foreskin and licked my helmet and then up and down my cock,

then taking one of my balls in his mouth and then the other and then back up my cock, he sucked my helmet into his mouth,

I asked what that was and he explained and seeing I was shocked he said try it you will love it, trust me.

He said I’ll make a deal with you, I promise I will not do anything you don’t want me to and if you say stop we will stop but you have to promise to at least to try things and give them a little go before saying stop. I agreed.

He bent me over the toilet and pushed my T shirt up, stroked and kissed all over my back and my bum, then pulling my cheeks apart he kissed my ring.

His hot cock felt good as he rubbed it on my arse and even sent a thrill through my body as it slipped pass the wetness of my ring.

He put his cock between my legs and told me how lovely it felt between my soft thighs and got me to squeeze them together as he fucked them.

This was ok he was enjoying it and so was I and I felt quite relaxed.

Then by complete surprise his cock left my thighs and buried itself balls deep in my arsehole. I shouted out in shock and in pain and he quickly put his hand over my mouth.

He cleans his cock with a tissue and this is the first time I’ve seen it and It looks massive even as it is softening, longer then mine and so much fatter.

As he dresses himself he pushes something into my hand and closes it, he tells me to bolt the door and wait here for five minutes after he’s gone before leaving.

He kissed me again and said come and see “Uncle” same time next week.

I sat on the loo farting out all the spunk and air that he’d pumped into me and then I look in my hand and find a ten bob note.

The old girl took my money and said that I had only missed the first five minutes and left her booth to lead me by torch light down the aisle.

There was a group of people in the middle at there back and a group at the front but she took me to a row of seats in the middle and to the right and told me sit along there.

I sat in the middle of the aisle all alone with no one anywhere near me.

I was engrossed in the film when a man came and sat next to me and as he sat he draped his coat over his lap and some of it fell over mine.

After only about five minutes I grabbed his arm and told him I was about to make a mess on his coat,

he stopped and put my cock back in my jeans and pulled the zip back up

. He spoke for the first time and told me to wait for five minutes and then to come and find him in the gents and gathered up his coat and left.

He must of took my silence as consent as he started stroking up and down my leg,

this went on for quite awhile and then as his hand travelled up towards my crotch I found myself opening my legs

he held me by the hips and moved me back and forth going deeper each time.

I couldn’t take anymore and told him so but he just sucked harder as his tongue flicked around my helmet

and I was coming and he was sucking it all down and just kept sucking, I had to push his head of my cock as my knees went week.

He sat there grinning at me and asked if I had enjoyed it, I just stood there and nodded.

I felt his warm wet tongue going around my ring and then the tip going in, it was quite nice and my cock was hard again.

I moaned when he push a finger in and he said just relax and enjoy, remember our deal I will keep my promise.

Then two fingers went in and he was spitting on it. He said what an amazing arse you have,

one minute it is to tight for just one little finger and now I have three all the way in with ease as he kept spitting on my ring

I tried to pull off it but he held me firm and whispered just relax, relax and the pain will soon go.

I said take it out, if fucking hurts and he said just relax and it will go and you will enjoy it.

I said you fucking barstard you promised and he replied but you agreed to try before saying stop so just relax and try it.

He slowly started easing his cock in and out and the pain slowly subsided.

His hands found my nipples giving me new sensations and his tongue was back in my ear as he gently fucked me.

It took longer then five minutes to get back to normal and I kept checking that I’d dressed properly and that there was no tell tell signs before stepped out of the cubicle.

As closed the door behind me I see a man having a wee so I go to the sink to wash my hands thinking it would be the normal thing to do and as I’m rinsing

He stroked over my crotch and down my other leg then back up resting his huge hand on my bulge.

After about five minutes he started squeezing and when I didn’t complain he felt for my cock, through my jeans, which was beginning to harden

I looked at him but he just stared at the screen, after awhile he started fidgeting with his coat and as he did so his hand touched my leg.

sat there, with a raging hard on, for a very long five minutes.

I kept looking around to try and see if anyone had noticed anything and kept glancing over at the little light of the gents.

My brain was advising me not to go, he just a dirty old man what is he going to want me to do in return?

My cock was saying I don’t care I need to cum now.

As I entered the gents a cubicle door opened and he was sat there, he was much older than me, I think he may off been older than my dad.

He stood up pulling me close to him and running his huge hands all over my body he started kissing my neck,

telling me how lovely I was as he stuck his tongue in my ear, he mouth found mine and he kissed me hard,

I responded and his tongue poked in and explored my mouth.

He said I know you would love to do something nice for me in return. I said oh, ok, would you like me to suck you and he said what he would really like is to rim me.

and working his fingers in and out and opening them up and I could hear it squelching as he worked his fingers faster.

I got a little worried when I noticed his trousers drop but he repeated his promise and said I just wants to rub my cock against you lovely young skin.

Then the tempo change and I had to hang onto the toilet as he pulled on my hips and fucked me hard my head was banging against the wall then he’s pushing deep and hard and my face is squashed up against the wall as he groaned and emptied his ball deep inside me.

He holding me close and kissing me, saying how great it was and how good I was at it.

He points to my cock and I hadn’t felt myself coming but I can see spunk just oozing out of it and he said I’m so pleased you enjoyed it to.

I hear the man make a fake cough which makes me look at him and he his wanking and beckoning me over.

I quickly leave thinking that they are all at it, does anyone come here to actually watch the films?


As I enter the foyer the booking clerk/ usherette is pushing a broom around and she says “your out early love” and I just stare at her in a panic then to my relief she says “

A bit slow for you, come back next week, we’ve a good action one that you will enjoy”.

I walk out thinking if only she new what action I’ve enjoyed in her cinema.

I walk home and I cannot believe what happened, I can’t believe that I enjoyed it and I cannot believe that I have accepted payment for it.

My steps are getting quicker and quicker as I know I am heading straight to my room to wank and to relive it.



Special Delivery


I was excited knowing that the wife was going to be out all day and I would be free to go out cruising. Then just as she was leaving she told me she was expecting a parcel and that it was important so make sure that I was in to receive it. I said “yes dear” but inside I was screaming NO this is going to ruin my day, I really need to get out there and find some cock.

I hung around the house for about an hour, cursing my luck, then I noticed a white van pull up. I went out to catch him in the drive before he set the dog off.

I was having doubts that he would return but thought that I would take a shower just in case I might get lucky so I stripped off and was soaping myself up when the dog started barking]

, I jumped out of the shower and looked out of the window to see a white van, I wrapped a towel around myself and locking the dog in the kitchen I ran to let him in.

I opened the door and before I could say a word he pushed me back inside slamming me up against the wall, kissing me hard his hands groping all over my wet and soapy body.


When he recovered he pulled the full rubber off and said he was sorry for being so selfish but he was so desperate and could he suck me in return.

He started kissing my mouth, his tongue exploring and then my neck, working his way down to my nipples he sucked and gentle bit them and by the time he’d worked his way down to my cock I was almost bursting.

Pushing a parcel towards me he asked my name, I gave him my surname and with a cheeky grin he replied “Your not Susan though?”

I laughed and said only on Sundays and he replied shame it’s a Monday as I would like to see that and I asked she what?

He said you in your wife’s finery. Grabbing his crotch he said that he’s got a special package for that.

I thought are we just having a joke or may I get something out of this but he was already heading back down the drive so I shouted out that

He pulled back my long foreskin and played his tongue around my helmet and down my shaft and up again and back down taking one of my large balls into his mouth and then the other and then sucking on my helmet, taking my cock in deep. I told him I was about to cum and his asked for another condom as he really wanted to fuck the cum out of me.

I lay on my side as he gently slid his cock back into my willing arse and slowly fucked me while wanking my cock, it wasn’t very long before I shouted that I was going to cum and he rolled onto his back taking me with him, his cock in deep and wanked me hard and fast until I was groaning and spurting cum all over myself.


“I never had” he looked back and asked “never had what?” and I replied worn the wife’s clothes but there is always a first time. I erm mean I’m home alone if your up for some fun?

He stared at me for a little too long and just as I was thinking I’m going to have to turn this into a joke, he said “

I’ll tell you what, I have three deliveries that I really must get done but after that I can take a break maybe in 30 or 40 minutes time?” I said that’ll be great come back.

He said “I hope you like taking it as I’m going to fuck the arse off you!” I said that he had better come this way and led him into a bedroom.

I dried myself off as he swiftly shed his clothes. He was late twenties firm and trim and had a very nice seven inch uncut cock sticking out.

I was straight down on my knees taking that beauty in my mouth as he grabbed my head and started face fucking me and then he stopped and said that I was far to good at that and he would be cumming in seconds.

He demanded that I just put that towel on the bed and lay face down on it.

He flung me roughly on the bed and jumped on top shoving his rock hard cock deep up my arse

He removed the rubber and put just the helmet of his cock in my mouth and filled it with cum. I offered him a shower, tea, coffee but he said he really must get back to work and dashed off.

He demanded that I just put that towel on the bed and lay face down on it.

I gave him a condom and as he was putting it on I lubed and loosened up my arse with my fingers.

and fucked me hard and fast for a good ten minutes and then groaning loudly and ramming deep

he emptied his balls and slumped and just laid there, a dead weight on top of me


Getting Caught


I work in an office building on the third floor. On that particular level there are around 75 offices most of them full but not all.

The ones that are empty are all the way down at the end of the hall next to the men’s room.

I like wearing women’s panties from time to time and when I do it makes me extremely horny.

This happens to be one of those days, so I make my way to one of the empty offices and jack off onto the floor.

Now I’ve been doing this for a while, I keep the door closed and usually locked but this day I just forgot to.


He finished filling my stomach with cum and said thanks as he pulled up his pants, I’ll be seeing you later.

What’s that mean I thought, I hope he says nothing to anyone I can’t afford to be fired at this point in my career

I get dressed and head to the men’s room and rinse out my mouth of the cum that’s left over. I guess that’s what it’s like to give a blow job and I guess his cum wasn’t to bad tasting either.

I finish cleaning myself up, head back to my desk and work another hour and go home.

Tom takes out his cock and shoves it into my mouth, as he’s face fucking me Brian takes out his cock and commands me to jack him off.

I did that too after a minute or so they switched places, as I’m sucking Brian’s cock I noticed my own cock was rock hard and wanting to be milked.

I took it out with my one free hand and started masturbating. Tom noticed this and said to m

e, I new you were gay, look at what you’re doing! Now I never thought of myself as gay but I gue this could be true

Brian said it between moans maybe, we should try something different? Tom said yeah that’s a great idea. Get on the desk and lay on your back. I did this and Brian comes over and spits on my now exposed anus.

I’m breathing heavily but quietly as I’m getting closer to cumming.

Brian’s back and his cock in my mouth, I’m sucking him deep and hard waiting for my own cock to release it’s juice.

Tom moans softly, God I’m cumming and fills me with my second load of cum. I to start cumming with the feeling of him cumming deep in me.

I gasp for breath as Brian shoots his load down my throat and I didn’t care.

Fuck he tasted great, the mixture of my ass juice and his cum was out of this world tasty.

I wanted more of this feeling, more of the hot cum filling me, more of pure lust of sex and the feeling of hard cocks I’m me and in my mouth.

I’m standing there naked from the waist down, hard rock cock in my hand, jacking off fast and steady.

Just as I start to cum I hear a noise, open my eyes and right there in front of me is one of my office mates.

As I’m shooting thick streams of cum on the floor he’s starring at me not saying a word. Hell what could I say? Oh just doing company research.

I was totally busted as my orgasm diminished into no pleasure.

Tom walked closer to me reached out and took a little sample off the end of my cock, then said tasty.

Now that’s out of the way what are you willing to do to keep this our little secret.

The next day I was hoping that Tom was home sick or something like that.

Anyway as I’m working trying not to make eye contact with Tom or anyone else I get a glimpse of one of the other men in the office, he’s starting at me and when I looked directly at him he gave me a big smile.

Shit, Tom had to have said something to him. I get up all nervous and head to the bathroom,

I’m only in there 30 seconds and Tom and Brian walk in. Hey Mike how’s it hanging today? wink, wink.

I hope you’re ready for this he stated as he lined up his cock with my rectum.

He proceeded to push his way in to me, only stopping for a second allowing me to catch my breath and trying not to pass out from the pain.

He’s all the way in and he’s drooling on me, I can see and feel his saliva on my lower abdomen.

That’s not the only thing I feel, I can feel his hard cock deep in my hole, I can feel his nut sack pushing against my cheeks

. I can feel a hot burning sensation of pure lust overwhelming me wanting him to plow my hole.

I still said nothing, Tom said I have an idea get on your knees right now.

I did this and Tom unbuttoned his slacks and took them down to his thighs. Suck it now he commanded, I have never sucked another man’s cock so I was hesitant.

Do it he said in a soft low growl. So I took his cock into my mouth and sucked as well as I could. He’s moaning softly as I suck him,

the next thing he’s got ahold of the back of my head forcing his cock deep down my throat and cumming.

I went to walk away and Tom said, hey Mike we’ll be seeing you later for our afternoon break, so be ready.

Again I didn’t say anything, but I found myself getting a hard on thinking about it.

So it’s that time and I head down to the one office as I get to the door I can hear the two guys in there talking quietly. I open it, walk in and close the door behind me.

Lock the door this time will you, we don’t need you getting caught again. I lock it and walk over to them, get on your knees Tom said, I did just that.

He’s motion less at the moment but he can feel me squirming, wanting him to fuck me.

He starts pulling out until he’s all the way out, pauses for a 2 count and puts it back in fast.

Then the fucking starts in and out, fast then slow, I’m in heaven as he’s plowing me.

He’s about ready to cum and grabs ahold of my hips and shoves deep in me cumming all the way in.

He moans and pulls out leaving a trial of cum from my hole to the desk.

Tom said it’s about time, now it’s my turn. Tom flips me over onto my stomach, pulls my cock back so it’s coming out between my legs and starts to insert his cock in me.

God his dick is huge and he slides in with ease from the cum lube that Brian left.

He fucking me feverishly and at the same time he’s stroking my cock sending me into a sexual bliss overdrive.

As I laid there coming down from my sex high, both Tom and Brian were playing with my organ and I could feel it getting hard again.

Tom just happened to look at the clock on the wall. Holy shit the time was about 40 minutes after we got into the spare office, we’re late

We all hurried up and got dressed and left one at a time like we had all been in the bathroom or at our cars getting back from a late lunch.

Let me tell you that was the best lunch break or “snack break” I’ve ever had, really yummy in my tummy to.

We have got to have more breaks like this at work, now that I’ve had dick in me I don’t think I’d care for anything else or less


The Pastor’s Son


I’ve been going to this Baptist church for a while now and still no one knows that I’m gay. Which is a good thing because I sure don’t need the lecture on how it’s a sin and so on.

The pastor is a good guy but still don’t need that headache of him going all preachy on me. He has two teenage kids. One, who I might add is a really nice looking young man.

His name is Logan he is around 5ft 8in or so, 140 lbs and nice round perky ass. I’d bet that Logan has at least an 7 inch cock and might even know how to use it.

I’m home and I made sure I didn’t have anything out that might raise suspicion as to my sexuality.

Logan pulls in the dive and parks behind some tall bushes that blocks view from the road.

He comes up and I open the door for him,

( the thought ran through my mind that someone know about me and he must be here to let me know.)

he’s one hot man, blue eyes light blonde hair and buff.

He comes in and sits down looking really nervous, do you want something to drink?

My cock leaped and stared getting harder than I have felt in a long time, Logan’s cock was already wanting to burst out of his jeans as we continued kissing.

We paused for a second and I asked Logan, so how did that make you feel?

In a short quick breath he said, oh my God that was powerful.

Did you feel what I felt the minute we started kissing?

Yes, it was really good, do you want to have more good feelings?

Yes please Logan said.

Yes, Logan said. I just have never had that done before. Before I could say anything else he asked me, can you show me more?

I said to him yes, so I stood him up and turned him around and told him to get on his knees with his arms over the back of the sofa.

He did this and his ass was at the perfect angle for a good fucking but first started with a tongue bath on his rectum.

As I started licking his hole he once again gasped for air. I take it that this is a first time to?

Ahh fuck I say as I’m pumping him full of cum, at the same time he orgasmed again shooting his seed all over the sofa. I stay in him pushing in deeper as I linger, do you want to try two more things?

Yes Logan said.

I pull out of his hole and lay down on my back, come over here and lay on top of me in the opposite direction, face down.

He does this and his cocks still dripping cum as I take him into my mouth. I didn’t need to tell him what to do as he starts to suck me at the same time.

Fuck yeah I scream as I explode as start shooting cum all the way up to my face.

With that I’m clamped down hard on his cock, causing him to cum deep in me.

I thought he was going to pass out with that sensation of cumming deep in someone.

Logan says shit! I need to go and quickly gets dressed, but I noticed he can barley walk. Will you be ok?


It’s Saturday and we’re all at an softball game when Logan comes up to me and asks me a question?

Hey Mike, can I talk to you in private after the game?

Sure I said back, what’s it about?

Well it will need to wait until then, ok?

Sure no problem I said back.

So the whole rest of the game I kept watching Logan and every once in a while I’d catch him staring at me, he’d turn a little red and turn away quickly.

After the game I was going to go to the adult store and watch so gay porn on the private booths, but hey it will wait.

Yeah that’d be great, so I go to the kitchen and get a coke for both of us. I get back and ask so what’s the problem?

Well I don’t know how to say this any other way, and he blurts out I think I’m gay!

Ok, so why do you think I can help out?

Well aren’t you gay? he asked.

Now I have a choice to I admit to being gay! or do I play it off? I was thinking to myself.

Ok so yes, I am gay, wow what a relief Logan said, I thought you were but no one knows or at least I think no one knows.

Ok now that we have that out of the way, what can I help you with?

I went back in for another kiss and felt the same thing as before.

This time while we were kissing I unzipped his jeans and reached in and grabbed his cock. He let out a little gasp of shock as I started stroking him.

We stopped kissing, so I turned my attention to taking off his jeans.

I slipped them down to the floor and started at his cock. It was a beautiful cock, smooth not a hair on his balls or nothing,

Uh huh was all he could say, I continued licking him and darting my tongue in him.

I did this for a minute, got him nice and lubed, are you ready from me? Yes please, I need you to fuck me with that hard cock.

I lined up behind him and said, it’s going to pinch the first time so I’ll go slow.

I gave him one more spit lube and started inserting my cock head. I just got the head in past the first inch and stopped. Logan’s breathing heavily as he starts to push back on me.

We’re in the 69 position for a minute and he’s hard once again. Ok now I need to fuck me, he gets off of me

and I lay down on the sofa a bring my knees to my chest exposing my hole to him. You know what to do it just comes naturally.

Logan lines up, spit on my hole, I tell him, he spits a nice amount and then starts to enter me slowly.

He’s all the way in and I thought he was going to cum that second by the look on his face. I’ve never had this he said, god your hole is tight.

So Logan comes over to me and asks for I have a place that’s private?

Yeah I do but what about your Dad? Isn’t he going to wonder where you are?

Nope he’s busy and I told him I was going to the movies. So no problem for either of us.

Well then come back to my place then, it’s about 15 minutes out of town and I’m the only house on that dirt road.

He asks me for directions and I head off, he followed about 10 minutes later

Well I’ve never been with anyone, not even a girl! I was hoping that maybe you could explain to me what its like to be with a man?

Well that’s a good idea but it would be easier to just show you.

(The only reason I suggested that to Logan as that I could see his bulge getting bigger on his jeans.)

So how would you show me? he asked. I walked over to him and sat down next to him on the sofa, do you trust me?

Yes he said.

ok then, I leaned in for a kiss and he met me and as our lips locked together I felt a wave of electricity between us.

perfect erection with a nice curve, balls nice and tight, the color was a nice tan with a bug light pink head with blood rushing to make it turn a light purple wanting to be milked.

I wasted no time and went right to my knees and sucked that sweet cock down my throat.

Logan just moaned and held on for dear life, he must have had a build up because it only took four or so good sucks and he was cumming in my mouth.

He shook in an orgasmic bliss for probably a minute or so. His cum was sweet and salty and holy shit there was a lot of it too.

He finally pulled out if my mouth and looked at me in disbelief of what just happened. Are you ok? I asked.

Damn his hole is tight as I’m slowly getting in deeper. It must have took a minute to get balls deep in Logan’s asshole but once there it was the best price of ass

I’ve ever had. We start in a slow rhythm of in and out and within less than a minute Logan’s wanting me to go faster.

I picked up my pace and by the time I’m getting close to cumming in him my balls are smacking his ass with each thrust.

Hold still for a second I said, how’s this feel? I asked him as I clamped down on his cock. God that feels great he said,

I could tell he was getting close to another explosion so I said let’s do it this way.

Hold still and start jacking my cock but don’t move much in me, you’ll like this I promise.

He did as I asked him, he started to jack me as his cocks in my hole.

Go faster I said, he’s jacking my cock at a record pace. I’m getting closer to orgasm I told him keep going, go faster, faster, faster, oh God!

Yes, he said. Can we maybe do this again soon?

Absolutely whenever you want to, with that he left.

We get together all time and pleasure ourselves with each others cocks, asses and mouths.

Filling each other with creamy good stuff, we can’t seem to get enough.



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