Lust For


My head said leave but my heart said no. The sight of those beefy cheeks quickened my pulse like nothing in the whole wide world ever had before.

Memories of his sweet kisses and gentle caresses flooded my brain. I could no more leave the mall that cut my arms off. I needed this big butted man back in my life so I had to take the chance and face rejection.

I quickly walked past him, shielded by other shoppers, and then pretended to be look in a shop window.

As he drew close I quickly drank in the beauty of his handsome face and admired the way his big goose eggs had worn the fabric in the crotch of his jeans to the point where it looked like it might just give up the fight to stay intact.

And then he saw me and his face just lit up. I had never seen anything like it and I felt absolutely elated.

‘Dan, Dan!’ he cried. ‘Is you, no?’

‘Yes Luciano, it’s me.’ I stupidly replied and he pumped my hand in his beefy paw.

‘My phone is lost.’ He said. ‘I don’t got your number.’

‘So that’s why you didn’t call.’ I said.

‘Why you didn’t call me, huh?’ he demanded.

‘I tried,’ I told him ‘but I couldn’t get through. Maybe I took the number down wrong.’

‘You show me this number.’ He said.

I had to fight back my laughter. There was something about the way he spoke that just got to me.

I felt like I was being chastised, but I’m sure he didn’t mean it. I took out my cell phone and showed him the number I had stored there.

‘Aah,’ he said ‘is missing the seven.’

For three weeks I had been celibate: it was longest time I had gone without sex in ages but I just couldn’t bring myself to look at anyone else, let alone think about making out with them.

Luciano had promised to call but of course he hadn’t and I felt too vulnerable to make that call myself at first;

when at last I did make the call I got a voice telling me that my call could not be connected. So every night I wanked myself crazy thinking about Luciano’s sexy eyes and that deep, husky voice of his and his juicy big thighs and firm, full butt. Every night he came to me, in my imagination,

and overwhelmed me with his masculine presence and his charm and good looks before flipping me over onto my belly and drilling me deep until the cum just about flowed out of my ears.

So imagine my surprise when I was strolling along in a shopping mall and I saw the ass of my dreams lazily rolling about in a pair of faded denims.

I would know that ass anywhere and I felt panicked. What the hell was I supposed to do, Go up to him and casually ask how he was or turn on my heels and make a swift exit?

He took out his cell phone and took my number down again. I was pleased to see that it wasn’t the same one that he had had last time so it wasn’t just some lame excuse not to call me.

When we got done taking down numbers, and double checking them, there was a moment of awkward silence between us.

Was this all a big act, I wondered. Did he really want to see me again or was he trying to let me down gently. Suddenly Luciano leaned in close and whispered in my ear.

‘Do you want to fuck?’ the magic words, that only I alone could hear, rushed straight into my brain and hungry cock.

I smiled and told him that I did. I asked him to lead the way out of the mall because I wanted to check out his big, beautiful bum and he chuckled and did exactly as I asked.

I noticed that he had his bunched fists pushed into his pockets which drew the fabric even tighter around the pleasure mound.

I thought of all the tiny asses I had known in my time and realized that I would never again stray from the beefier side of town.

There was just so much visual pleasure to be had from Lucian’s ass before I even got my hands on it. I had to put my own hands in my pockets to hide the stirring beast that lurked down in the cotton cage of my underpants.

How it longed to be out in the fresh air and feeling the sexy bear’s hands and mouth working its shaft. I could almost see the headlines in the newspaper


if I gave in to the base thoughts that jangled through my brain: man arrested for fucking in a car park.

My hands trembled as I inserted the key into my front door. My knees were like jelly as I opened it, let us in, and shut the door on the world.

Luciano picked me up in his massive arms just then and kissed me and I clung to him like my life depended on it. He carried me through the house to the bedroom where he lay me down on the bed and just about ripped my clothes of me.

As soon as I was naked my hard cock disappeared into his warm mouth and I reached down and held his large head in my hands while he nursed on my cock.

It had been too long and I’m ashamed to say that my cock exploded within five minutes, blasting fountains of my joy juice down his throat.

‘I’m sorry, Luciano.’ I said as he came off me licking his lips.

‘Nothing to be sorry for.’ He said. ‘All these three weeks I am thinking of drinking your juice.’

He lay down on the bed, fully clothed and held me in his arms while we talked. And all the time he talked he stroked my arm.

I had never felt so loved in all my life. What was it about this big dude that got under my skin? Although I was still horny I felt peaceful enough to just lie there and enjoy his caresses.

In time those caresses grew ever more ardent. My hungry bear was unfulfilled and feeling the power of his lust through his warm hands and horny tongue was starting to get me ready for round number two.

I let him know this by reaching back and grabbing his thick cock through his jeans. He got up off the bed and asked me to put some music on. I quickly turned on my bedside radio and was  amazed as Luciano began the

and wiggled his fat ass at me and I had to restrain myself from prematurely ending his sexy strip

I sat on the edge of the bed and stroked my cock the way it demanded me to.

He tuned around to face me and smiled at me now as he slowly slid his jeans down his big, furry thighs.

They slid down to his ankles and he stepped out of them and he was now clad in just his socks and underpants. His big thick cock peeked out of the waistband of his undies, trapped against the dark fur that grew there.

most sensual strip I have ever seen performed..

His eyes sparkled and those cherry red lips looked so inviting.

My eyes were out on stalks and my throbbing cock leaked a river of precum as I watched him slowly reveal his multi colored rug of chest fur. My mouth ached for those juicy nipples that he had teased into erection. In a lust fuelled daze I watched his hands slide down his belly and undo his fly buttons; he now turned around .

It was a rosy red color and so fat and juicy I almost had to sit on my hands. He danced up to me and pressing his large right hand behind my head ground my face against his full and furry crotch.

I caught a whiff of the stinky cheese that had zapped its way through my taboo barrier and straight into my brain last time.

My hands instinctively reached for his warm thighs so that I could steady myself as I nuzzled his crotch but he had other plans. With surprising speed he turned around and pressed my face into his beefy butt crack and I inhaled his intoxicated musk.

I was so far gone I just had to have this man now. In my eagerness to get him undressed I ripped his underpants to shreds and buried my face in his deep, masculine crack as my hands stroked up his thighs and searched out his big, fuzzy nuts.

Luciano groaned and bellowed like a love-sick bison as I ate out his hot hole.

He held his massive cheeks apart for me as I tongue dived into his love chute. His was begging me to fuck him but I had other plans.

My hands teased his massive balls before sliding on up to his leaking, overheated cock. I relished his sigh as I spread his cooling gel over his flared cockhead

. I knew the little guy needed a home and I was just the man to give it to him. I asked Luciano to lie down while I quickly lubed my asshole.

Then I kneeled over my big bear and once more just gazed in lust and total awe at this mountain of a man with the big heart.

He smiled at me and I could feel all reserve melting away. I wanted him completely; I wanted – and needed — to be taken by him and used for his pleasure.

But first I wanted to please him a little more.

I kissed his brow and then down his face, soft little nibbly kisses that he appreciated.

He turned those juicy lips toward me and my tongue plunged into his mouth and writhed pythonesquely against his horny tongue.

I felt his hand reach down and squeeze my little bubble butt but I was not quite ready to give it to him.I broke free of Luciano’s kiss and licked down his neck before pushing his arms above his head

.and licking his luscious pits He writhed and cooed as I licked his salt and sweat and I could tell my poor beefy bear was almost close to the limit of his endurance; I could feel his hard, thick, slippery cock prodding me in the belly. I licked down onto his nipples and teased each one in turn.

Next I kissed down to his belly button and let my tongue slither deep inside it before traveling lower still.I could feel his anxious fingers digging into my shoulders as I nibbled the creamy pale, silky smooth place where his left leg met his torso.

fuck flesh slid all the way home and Luciano because at last I had given him the release he so desperately desired.

His big hands grabbed hold of my slender hips as he started thrusting into me.

His forehead and eyebrows were knitted in concentration and I wished I had a camera just then to capture that horny look on his handsome face.

He fucked me slowly and steadily and my protesting ass soon relaxed and adjusted to his girth. Now it was my turn to ride the wave; I could feel pleasure

His big balls rolled around in their sack as he waited for me to move a little higher and take his hungry cock into my mouth.

I sniffed my fingers and drove myself crazy over the horny scent as I moved back over his prone body and impaled myself on his fat cock.

I quickly peeled back his foreskin and rubbed the pungent cheese off the underside of his cock ridge. We both gasped: me because of a twinge of pain as his .

emanating from somewhere deep inside me and spreading out to every single cell and nerve in my body..

I was being taken by the man that had tortured my brain with longing these past three weeks. I had given up hope of ever seeing him again and yet here he was deep inside me, slowly fucking me and mumbling things in Italian that I couldn’t understand but that I guessed were in appreciation of the tight, warm vice-like grip that I held him in now.


My big, soft cock flopped against his belly; I was in no hurry to do anything with it as this was all about Luciano.

I braced myself against his strong, hairy arms as I snuggled down deeper onto his fat hog so that his pubes were now mashed up against my ass

I wanted this moment, and this intense pleasure, to last forever. On and on he fucked, with so much tenderness and yet so incredibly passionately;

it was as if this man had been born to fuck. I felt something akin to love as I looked down at his handsome face all screwed up in concentration and lust.

His magic stroking soon had my cock back on the bone and he reached for it now and began to gently milk it in his beefy paw.

I looked down at the fur on his fingers and felt incredibly turned on by seeing my cock massaged by that massive, bear paw.

It was as if I was stroking my own cock; he seemed to know exactly what to do to turn me on.

He alternated concentrating on my inflamed cockhead with jerking just the base of my cock and he was starting to drive me crazy.

My ass took on a life of its own as it gripped Luciano’s cock tight as I started to ride his throbber.

His bass groaned rumbled through the quite of my room as he felt my asshole grip his cock so insistently. We were locked in lust: him thrusting and me ridding and both of us groaning.

I could feel the soles of my feet start to tingle and I knew I was done for.

I started bucking against Luciano’s stiff prick and begging him to give me his jizz.

His hand flew faster and faster over my over stimulated dick and suddenly it all became too much.

I think I must have blacked out for a second or two and when I regained my senses I saw a massive rope of thick cum spray out of my cock and land on Luciano’s chest.

It was followed by a second and third jet of spunk that landed in the dense fur of his belly.

And then I felt myself being pushed higher into the air as Luciano strove to get every last bit of his cock deep inside my ass.

He whimpered as orgasm washed over him and he blasted a geyser load of hot spunk up into my satisfied chute. I collapsed on his broad, furry chest and lay panting as he wrapped his arms around me as I savored the feel of his deflating cock slide slowly out of my well used hole.


Cowboy and his Daddy



In the Great Plains of Montana, not long ago, cowboys came to this Indian Land with their driven cattle, eagerly searching for a place to comfortably settle.

They knew they’d be sharing this land; they even traded with the Natives and learned of their tales.

However, winter came around, which was the worst season of the year.

“I don’t even have a fat squaw to keep me warm; those loco Indians seem to be immune to the cold,” Jimmy yelled from on top of this snowy mountain. “Why did we have to start this fucking trail too late?!”


He unzipped his trousers, fortunately, he wore open crotch chaps so it wasn’t much effort.

This young mustang cowboy watched as Billy Bear’s monstrous cock hung out of his pants, it was already erect and just waiting to be used.

“My ass is too tight to take that,” Jimmy confessed as he looked back up at Billy.

“What? I saw you fuck Randy in the barn a couple of seasons ago and you were takin’ it fine in the

This turned the wild cowboy on, despite feeling the cold air already stiffen his nipples like berries on a bush ready to be plucked.

One time, Jimmy overheard the Great Chief Indian talking about hunting down a bear to the younger tribe members, and yet in this scenario, Jimmy was the one being hunted down.

Billy Bear was about thirty years older than Jimmy, a real hairy daddy figure.

“Are you ready for my throbbing, thick meat?” Billy Bear questioned, staring at Jimmy staring back at him.

“I’ll keep you warm,” Billy Bear volunteered. He was a big, muscular, hairy beast bear after all.

“Really? Do you have a buffalo blanket?!” Jimmy asked.

“If you wanna be warm, please my damn dick.”

Oh, that kind of warm. Why was Jimmy not surprised?

Jimmy was bait for this grizzly bear, Billy Bear wanted to have a piece of ass from this mustang cowboy. Eyes on him, Jimmy felt this bear’s stare all over his twinky body.

cowboy ass,” Billy put. He could tell when a cowboy was lying from a mile away. “Cowboys love big dick, that’s a fact.”

“Right then, old man, let’s try it out.”

“Bend over that damn tree stump over there, show me that butt.”

This was how they did it in the countryside.

Bending over the tree stump as he was told, Billy Bear immediately went behind Jimmy and tore off his trousers to bare his backside.

Revealed! Billy slipped his middle finger into Jimmy’s anus, trying to prep him for the big daddy dick.

Condoms were pricey in the Old West, so they had to fuck unprotected.

“You’re right about this; I’m starting to feel warm,” Jimmy said as he glanced over his shoulder.

“I do a fine job, don’t I?”

Grunting, the mustang cowboy soon felt the head of Billy Bear’s monster cock nudge into his anus. So big, so fucking big! It started with the tip, the lip of his cock, and then the train came along.

Jimmy’s features flushed a deep red, feeling Billy Bear really sink his length deep. Jimmy was a big mustang boy; he could take it – Billy believed in him.”I’ve always craved your creamy ass, poke,” Billy Bear stated. “I have been craving it since the day we came to Montana.”

Towering over Jimmy’s form, Billy Bear kept his gaze fixed on Jimmy’s expression. Both his large hands gripped Jimmy’s sides, feeling his ribcage and muscle. He listened to Jimmy moaning out. The bear started to steadily thrust into Jimmy, slowly building up his pace.

One hand gripped onto Jimmy’s shoulder, he sped up his thrusts now. For a second the other hand lifted Jimmy’s poncho and shirt and soon bear dived down to lick that sweaty, hairy back.

“Your cock is gonna split my ass,” Jimmy groaned.

“Yet you let Randy in? It’s a shame that poke ain’t here with us,” Billy Bear answered.

Like bullets being fired from a machine gun, big daddy bear pounded Jimmy’s anus like there was no tomorrow. They were both sweating, both hot with lust.

Eyes were watching Jimmy and Billy Bear from afar, curious eyes from the trees. What in the mountains was all that noise?

Pounding that cowboy butt, Jimmy felt the love on his prostate and received flashbacks of Randy. This was how they did it out in the countryside, they fucked on the plains and had watchers of all kinds.


A swarm of Natives burst out of nowhere on their horses, each equipped with spears. Jimmy and Billy Bear were too slow to stop, thus they were soon caught by the Indians and taken to their village


Three for Fun


Of course, alcohol was involved. It was as random a meeting as any, but they had gotten along well enough, speaking of their respective corners of the world.

Sometimes, Stephen thought privately, there was little better than good conversation, even if he spent more time listening than speaking, thoughtfully interlinking his cinnamon coloured paws.

Robert leaned back on the bar stool and shook his dark-furred head slowly, light drawing different tones from the racoon-dog’s thick fur.

“Can I buy you guys another round?”

The tanuki, Robert, quirked an eyebrow and cast a glance at the husky beside his bear mate, Stephen, looking him up and down in a speculative light.

Having taken off to their favourite seaside resort for the weekend, the couple had come across the grey-white husky with startlingly blue eyes at the resort bar and sat down for a chat.

pulling his bushy, brown tail against his belly and running his fingers comfortingly through the fur, an action that was intended to hide his nerves.

Why did contact lenses always chose the worst times to itch? He swallowed and looked away.

“You know our room is just upstairs?” Robert said quickly, too quickly, the words coming out in a rush.

“Well, a fine minute walk if you can negotiate the accommodation suite labyrinth.”

“I thought it was the single ones that had drinks bought for them,” Robert joked at last, claws rattling across the bar top.

“Ah, no, that’s where you’re wrong. The lucky ones get drinks bought for them,” the husky, James, countered smoothly, tugging at the neck of his beige shirt.

Drawing the bar tenders attention, James soon had another round in front of their threesome, his eyes calculating. Rob blinked rapidly,

“Back to your room, hey?” The husky’s lips twitched. “As much as I’d like to take you up on that offer, I’m not sure what your boyfriend here would think about that.”

“Please,” Rob grinned widely, showing a flash of white teeth. “He’d -“

“Have you on the bed before you could blink,” Stephen cut across.

Caught off guard, the husky stumbled over his words, skin flushing beneath the pale fur upon his cheeks.

Stephen allowed a small smirk to grace his lips, evidencing his eagerness, though he did not blame the husky for doubting hisdesire.

Sometimes the bear was too quiet but that would change once he was within the bounds of the bedroom, even if not with words: words were not always needed.

Intent finally in the open, Stephen’s stubby tail twitched anxiously and he took another gulp of his drink,

willing the level of the liquid to decrease more swiftly than it actually was.

“Are we staying to finish this round?” Stephen inclined his head towards their half-full glasses.

They downed their mostly empty drinks in turn and the dominant racoon-dog gulped, wiping the back of his paw across his mouth.

Arranging the liaison felt dirty, illicit, and he could not wait to get the husky on all fours on the bed. So many things he could do to him…

He could only imagine what Stephen had in mind. It was the quiet ones you had to watch – that was what he’d always said.

Leading the way, Robert trotted to the bar exit, skidding to an untimely halt as a tall, palomino horse stopped in the doorway.

His tail swished innocently, dragging their eyes down to his taut rump, which was clearly defined through his tight jeans.

Robert growled at the younger fur, far too eager to reach the bedroom to waste time on a silly stallion.

“Don’t stop right here, damn it,” Rob cursed quietly, though he did not truly intend the horse to hear; the stallion smiled blandly. “Other furs want to get past!”

Side stepping the distracted horse, he stalked ahead; Stephen and James exchanged amused glances, the bear’s gaze lingering longer than it ‘should’ after James had turned away. The husky flicked his tail as he passed the languishing stallion,  catching him across the thigh with a flirty sway of his hips.

The couple did not notice, but they did not need to.

Reaching their hotel room in record time, Robert swiped the key card through the lock, pushed the door open and bowed mockingly, allowing the others into the room ahead of him.

The room was furnished simply but comfortably for a weekend by the ocean with a decidedly nautical theme, blue, white and seashells utilised in tasteful decoration.

“So, pup,” Robert drew himself up to his full height, the middle aged tanuki stretching confidently.

“How about you start by taking those clothes off?”

“Why don’t you show what you’ve got on offer first, hm?” James cocked his muzzle and turned, lapping over the side of Stephen’s muzzle, blunter than his finely angled snout. He was not one to be intimidated.Surprised, Robert was momentarily thrown off-balance, and curled his tail

If he had been perusing poetry, Robert would have said that it was ‘picturesque’ and Stephen would have claimed his word choice cliché, as usual.

Licking his lips hungrily, the tanuki growled under his breath, lust colouring his posture.

The husky’s tail wagged lightly as Stephen’s paw crept around his waist, pulling him against his side with a sly smile.

between his legs, pulling it across his stomach in something of a hug, eyes narrowing apprehensively. 

No, what was he thinking? Of course he was in control of the situation.

He was simply unused to being challenged. Sensing his discomfort, the bear released James from the circle of his arm, muzzle flushed from those light kisses over his muzzle,

and arched his body against Rob’s, the bulge in his pants speaking volumes.

“Stephen?” Rob smiled, confidence returning with the warmth of a familiar body. “What about you?

Take your clothes off. If our friend is too shy to be the first, that is

In answer, the bear dragged his shirt over his head, shyly putting on a show for his lover.

The bulge in his trousers grew, cock pushing obscenely at the looser fabric, and the material pooled around his ankles in a navy tangle; he’d only chosen the colour to off-set his cinnamon-brown fur.

The plain, blue boxers fitted snugly around his chubby hips and he eagerly dropped them to his ankles, kicking them aside along with his shoes.

His hard, tapered cock sprung free, a drop of pre cum rolling down the dark grey length, leaving a trail of moisture in its wake.

Ever conscious of the husky’s eyes on him, Stephen thrust his rump out provocatively, spurred on by a chorus of appreciative murrs.

“Very nice,” Robert murmured, underpants uncomfortably tight. “Come here and show this dog just how good you are with your muzzle, sweetheart.”

Before Stephen could move, the submissive bear keen to follow orders, the husky laid a paw on his shoulder and trailed it down to the small of his back.

“I may have something else in mind,” James licked his lips, flicking his tongue down Stephen’s neck. The bear groaned and Robert’s cock throbbed at the delicious show. “Why don’t you get down on your knees?”

Robert scoffed.

“And why would I do that?”

He flexed, showing off his muscle; for being middle-aged, the tanuki remained in good shape, muscle definition visible through his dark brown fur. The tanuki’s jeans dropped to his knees and he tugged at the belt, struggling to work them down further in his eagerness, briefs fighting to restrain his thick member. Unperturbed by the display, the slightly younger husky – somewhere in his thirties – rolled his shoulders in a shrug.

Everything happened in a blur. Before Rob knew it, the husky was behind him, dragging his paws behind his back and bearing him to the ground until the tankuki was forced to drop to his knees, bushy tail lashing angrily.

A low snarl built in his throat and he wrenched his arms, crying out when he was unable to free himself so easily.

That husky was stronger than he looked! Laughing breathlessly (which was some comfort to Robert as it showed the husky was struggling),

Robert did not think the bear would be so quick but, ready to take advantage of the usually dominant tanuki, Stephen stepped forward, round ears perked. Gripping the base of his length, the bear rubbed the tip over Rob’s lips, defiantly pressed together.

 James huffed and yanked the tanuki’s underwear down without ceremony, revealing his muscular backside. Robert gasped in response, an action that proved to be his undoing as Stephen slid his cock between his boyfriend’s lips,

James tightened his grip on the tanuki’s paws as Stephen looked on, eyes wide and cock hard. There was no denying his enjoyment of the turn of events as he stroked his shaft with a low, throaty groan.

“Ah… This is why you should be on your knees now, tanuki. I think your boyfriend needs a little attention.”

James pushed the tanuki’s muzzle down, grinding his own bulge against Robert’s rear cheeks, held back by the too-thin fabric barrier of their respective remaining clothing. “Suck him.”

The tapered head of the bear’s length brushed the back of Rob’s throat and he gagged lightly, cheeks flushing under the humiliation. Though, if he did not like it at least a little, his cock would not have been so hard.

Moaning, Rob leaned in, forgetting the hold around his arms as he closed his lips around his mate’s length in a tight ‘O’. He sucked with loud, lewd slurps that made Stephen grunt, a low whine escaping his muzzle. Normally the one with a dick thrust under his tail, the bear could not deny that he panting as the restrained tanuki was forced  to take him deep.enjoyed some personal attention from time to time. It was a fact that he had shared with the husky earlier in the evening when Robert had excused himself to the bar bathroom. Rolling his hips, he thrust into Rob’s maw, fighting not to cum too swiftly – he would never hear the end of it!Close to orgasm already, 

Stephen thrust into Rob’s muzzle, paws on his partner’s head as he erupted in a chorus of grunt-whines, fighting with every thrust to hold back a few moments longer.

His lover’s tongue was too talented, however, curling around his cock and flicking against the underside, so that he was soon panting and bucking like a teenager, too eager to spill his seed into that waiting maw.

With a loud gasp that degenerated into a lusty moan, the bear thrust rapidly, cock shooting thick spurts of cum over the tanuki’s tongue. His creamy seed was quickly swallowed, disappearing straight down into Rob’s stomach as he savoured the taste, husky still pounding under the tanuki’s tail.

The final one to reach his peak, Robert kissed Stephen deeply, paws flat on the floor, and ground back, moaning unashamedly as James pawed his cock.

 It was not long before he spilled his pleasure on to the floor and the husky’s paw, hips bucking furiously.

He yelped loudly enough to cause an innocent passer-by on the other side of the hotel room door to pause,

listen and then trot on at a greater pace, muzzle flushed with the knowledge of just what was going on behind the door.Drawing his mate in close to his chest,


“Hey, stud,” he purred like a feline, smiling widening as the horse on the other end scoffed. “Did you miss me?”

Listening to the horse’s voice, James relaxed over the rumpled duvet, letting him talk until he demanded an answer to the most pressing question of all.

“Oh, I don’t know about that,” James grinned. His mirth was palatable even over the phone. “You’ll have to ask them nicely if you can join us next time, stallion.”

Drawing his mate in close to his chest, Stephen moved so that his muzzle rested on top of Rob’s shoulder, their bodies arched towards one another.

The husky’s lips twitched in a one-sided grin and he pushed slyly against Rob’s rear, making the tanuki tense, the thick rod shifting under his tail.

“Damn you, Stephen,” Rob managed to mumble, paws finding purchase upon his partner’s hips. “I can’t believe you…you two…”

He did not have the energy, mentally and physically drained from their quick burst of exertion. Whispering something in the tanuki’s ear that made Rob blush, James laughed, breath raspy in his throat as he drew back slowly, leaving the lover’s to their embrace and passionate kisses. Stephen caressed Rob’s cheek, gently scratching through his fur until the tanuki leaned into his paw, eyes closed contentedly.

You could have said ‘no’ at any time, you know,” Stephen grinned, hugging his mate tight enough to make him grunt for breath. “But you didn’t. Thank you, sweetheart.”

Leaving the couple to shower together – he suspected they would be in there for a while – James sprawled out on the bed,

rummaging through the mess of clothes and trying to put his own in some semblance of order.

“Hey, stud,” he purred like a feline, smiling widening as the horse on the other end scoffed. “Did you miss me?”

Listening to the horse’s voice, James relaxed over the rumpled duvet,

“Oh, I don’t know about that,” James grinned. His mirth was palatable even over the phone. “You’ll have to ask them nicely if you can join us next time, stallion.”



He would have to dress again, sooner or later.

In the pocket of his jeans, something buzzed obnoxiously, demanding attention he was a little too willing to give. With a curious smile,

He fished out the small rectangle of a mobile phone, a picture of a cream-coloured horse on the screen depicting the incoming call.


Jim story


After Jason moved out (and in with his girlfriend,) I had a roommate named Jim. Even though he was straight, Jim knew I was gay and wasn’t at all

Within a couple weeks of moving in, he began walking around the house in his boxers.

After a couple months, he came out of his bedroom one morning with the remnants of a waking hard-on still tenting his baggy boxers

He was grinding his heels against the bed and, with one hand, was holding the sheet slightly off his body.

It didn’t take long for me to realize what he was doing. His other hand, under the sheet, was moving up and down at waist level. Damn! He was jacking off!

I tried to control my breathing, watching as he silently squirmed around on the bed, working to get himself off.

I couldn’t see his cock, but could make out each stroke of his hand as he pumped it under the sheet. I watched the motion of his hand moving faster and faster until he let out a low sig

. It was the first time I’d seen him partially aroused, and the fantasies I’d been having about him suddenly became almost too much to bear. I wanted him! Bad!

One Sunday morning I was sitting in the living room, drinking coffee and watching TV, when I heard a quiet noise coming from Jim’s room. Since the house was old, and the furnace didn’t work very well, we usually slept with our bedroom doors open about 6 inches to keep from freezing to death during the night. Hearing noises that morning,

and shot his load on his stomach. He switched hands holding the sheet, then reached to his night stand to pull a handful of Kleenex from the box next to his alarm clock.

At that point I quickly tip-toed back to the living room and finished drinking my coffee (which had gotten quite cold.)

 I quietly put my coffee cup down and tip-toed to the hallway, stopping just outside his door.Jim’s bed was against the same wall as the door so, from my vantage,

I could see him pretty much from the shoulders down. He had peeled back the covers, except for the sheet, and I could clearly make out his legs, stretched spread eagle, under the sheet.


A few minutes later, I heard his
door open and he walked to the bathroom. When he entered the living room a couple minutes later, his cock was swinging, half hard, in his boxers.

He said “morning” as he passed me on his way to the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee. I said “morning” in response as I watched his thick,
half hard cock, which made one leg of his boxers stand out, pass by me.

That was my first horny experience with Jim, and, although I didn’t know it at the time, that was just the beginning. Smile


Football Team


t happened ten years ago when I was in High School. I was 16 at the time. I was rather small for my age, skinny and looked rather girlish.

There was of course nothing wrong with the male parts of my body. I had evolved like any other boy of my age. The only thing that bothered me was the lack of body hair.

I wasn’t part of any of the sports teams but was part of the gymnastic team, which was seen by the other boy as being for girls.

This guy had never spoken to me since second grade and now I was invited for a whole weekend. “yes I d’like that I just have to ask my parents is it OK to answer you tomorrow”, I said. “Sure, no prob”.

On Thursday morning Ron came immediately to me and asked if I was in. I said yes and asked him what to bring. ” Just some T-shirts, shorts and swimming trunks, if you don’t want to skinny dip”.

He gave me his address and said to be there at five so I could meet his folks before they went of. I said I d’be there..

I answered. ” Oh no you’ re not” as he pulled my hair even harder an bringing my face nearer to his dick.

“Now you see my dick, squid, I want you to kiss it, KISS IT!!!” he screamed.

I was afraid now. Next to me Ron was laughing. Finally it downed to me why I was there. They wanted to humiliate me.

Suddenly Ron, who was enjoying the whole scene grabbed my arm behind my back and bound them.

They all laughed as they began to undress. I knew that I was going to take them all.

Ron distributed beers to get them in the mood. The first one that came up to me was a black quarter back.

He swung his dick firs before my face. “Would you like some black dick filling you up squid, after this you crave for black dick, I’ll fill you up good baby”.

So he moved away and I could feel him pushing into me. The rest followed him. Some fucked my mouth others my ass. I was leaking cum from all sides.

I was rather jealous of the guys in the football team. They were well build, muscular, and strong. They called me squid.

Squid was a loner, not popular by the boys and many times the victim of their cruel jokes.

High school was hell for me. Even my parents couldn’t understand why I never brought friends home.

As we came nearer to a long weekend, I was planning a weekend of computer games and TV

The movies were boring and suddenly Ron jumped up and shouted that he was going to get some decent stuff from his parent’s room. ” yeah bring us the stuff you always brag about” cried Jake.

Ron made us sit on the sofa in front of the big plasma TV. I sat in the middle with Jake and Ron on either side.

Ron started the first dvd, they were exited> Finally I understood why, this was hardcore porn. Ron handed out beers and we were looking at people fucking and sucking each other.

Now I had any defense any more. He pulled down my trunks and joked to Jake, ` look the squid has a dick”. There I was naked and bound, sucking dick.

Ron then moved me on the sofa, so that my as moved to his direction. My eyes grew wide as I suddenly felt his dick against my ass cheeks.

He was going to rape me. He started pushing, slowly and I could feel his dick against my rectum.

By then it wasn’t painful anymore and to my shame, I started to want the next guy to shove his hard dick into me.

I was even glad when they wanted me to suck them to hardness again, so that they could fill me again and again.


 It was Wednesday morning during recess that, to my surprise, Ron, the captain of the football team came up to me. “Hey squid!

My parents are going away for the weekend, and I can invite some friends over, we can watch some DVD, play some games, barbeque and have swim.

I invited Jake and was wondering if you like to come”. I couldn’t believe my ears and stood there with open mouth

I could feel my dick getting harder and felt embarrassed; I looked over at Ron and Jake and saw that had the same problem.

Jakes hand was even in his pant and he was playing with his dick, I also saw Ron putting his hand in his trunks.

Suddenly Jake pulled down his trunks and started to work his dick. Ron followed his example. I didn’t know what to do and wanted to get to my room.

Just as I was getting up, Ron grabbed me by my hair, very painfully. “Where are you going squid”. “I wanted to go to the bathroom”,

I felt him push harder and my hole giving way. Suddenly he was past my sphincter and pushed deeper, I could feel his balls slapping mine. He stated to fuck me

A little later the bell rng, Ron went to open the door. I could hear male voices. A lot of them, as they greeted him.

They all came into the room and there was the whole team. Ron laughed, and said “

I promised you pussy, so I give pussy, for the whole weekend”. One of the guys came up to me, “Hey but this is the squid”.


We were still naked when we went to the kitchen for breakfast. After eggs and beacon, I disappeared under the table and sucked Ron and Jake’s dicks in turn. They were ecstatic.

Half an hour later the whole team was back. We went swimming in the pool, playing ball, all naked. Sometimes one of them would call me over and we would quietly disappear for a suck or a fuck.

My ass was by now opened up and looked like a pussy, but I loved it.

At the end of the day, one of the guys proposed they talk to the coach to make me a member of the team. I could not play but they could make me the mascot.

They needed someone to wear the monkey costume and during breaks and before and after matches I could “service” them. All of them were unanimous. I felt happy. I felt like belonging somewhere.

They all left and that night it was Ron’s turn to fuck me all night, they both got their service during breakfast and I went home.

Mum was asking lot of questions about my weekend and I made up a story with a blink in my eyes. I was not going to give HER the details.

On Monday morning everything had changed at school. The team members invited me to take part in their things and discussions.

Jones asked me for a service during break time so I took him to an outbuilding and gave him head.

Monday afternoon Ron looked me up and announced that I had won my place on the team. I was the team mascot.

We trained every second day. When the guys jumped in the shower after practice I was with them offering head and pussy. We played in and out of school.

We even managed to come to the finals. It was half time and we were 2 points behind. The boys were devastated. I got out of my monkey suit and stood naked before them.

I lined them up in a row and started to suck them one by one. I was halfway when I heard someone scream behind me, “What the fuck is going on here”.

It was the coach. I turned around wide-eyed still on my knees. He came up to me but before he could say any more,

I pulled down his shots and took that little fat dick in my mouth and started working on it with my tongue. I could feel his dick come erect.

He grabbed my head and started to move my head towards him, he started to face fuck me.

I heard him moan. Before he could come I removed my head went on hands and knees and asked him if he would like boy pussy.

He went to his knees behind me and shoved his dick into me. He fucked me hard. He came in steams. My position in the team was secured.

I fucked and sucked the team players for the rest of high school. Then we separated. I went to university. Got married and became a father.

My son is a football player at his school. I don’t want to know what goes on in their dressing room.

Sometimes I still have this longing to my days as member of the football team.



My straight room mate



Me and my good friend david moved into a 3 bedroom house together, and after about 2 months of living with dave i noticed he never brought girls home, I went clubbing and brought guys home now and then but he seemed to not be sexually active, dont get me wrong david is hot. So i started to think a lot about david and not go out, i would spend all my time chilling with him.

We got along great, but i always kept thinking how and when will i get dave to fuck me. We started to drink together and open up and have a laugh every weekend,

when. we kept watching the porno while the bath was filling, and when it was full, i called out to david I waited until he was at the bathroom door then i took off my pants, and had on a hot little g-string on, and hopped into the bath and sunk into the corner in the bubbles,

when i turned around and looked at dave he was rock hard, and looked away quikly when we made i contact, I said to him “are you hopping in” he smiled and slowly jumped in the spar bath,

we noticed out fingers were wrinkly, we dried each other off and i told david to wait on his bed.

I ran off to my room and grabbed my bottle of lubricant, and my little vibrating dildo i use to loosen myself up, i walk back into davids room naked holding a dildo in one hand and lube in the other, Right before i lied on top of him he said i cant beleive im doing this, I told him to believe it, then i lied on top of him, and we kissed for a bit then i laid back on the pillows,

 He started to pick the pace up and it felt so good, i was watching his face while he was fucking me distracting him for a pash while his dick was inside of me, after 5 – 10 minutes of him fucking me mercenary style, he pulled his dick out and grabbed my arse and rolled me to my stomach, then pulled my hips up and started fucking me doggy style, a few times i had to tell him to slow down because he was fucking me to hard.


I was cumming for so long that my legs got weak, this was the first time i actually cummed from my prostate, the whole time i was cumming i was sitting hard on davids cock, after the orgasm settled and i regained strength in my legs, i sat up and got daves cock out of my arse, and slowly kept a hold of it and moved between his legs, i pulled the condom off, and started giving him head, after a few minutes he cummed in my mouth uncontrollably and i had to quickly pull it out and had cum dripping all down my chest.

but on this weekend i made my move, It was a normal night of just drinking and carrying on, David had the idea to watch a porno,

He put on a dvd and started watching it, David knows im gay but he never said anything about it to me, or questioned me about having sex with other guys, as the movie picked up i was looking at dave sitting on the couch in his boxes with a really hard boner. i was sitting on the other side of the couch.

just to give u an idea its one of those triangle bathroom spa baths, when he jumped in our legs were floating and touching each other,

I moved my hand and started giving david a foot massage, he let me put his foot on the top of my thigh and start rubbing his foot, then up the back of his calf. 

He put his head back and relaxed more as i rubbed his feet and legs up to his knees, then i made my move, i lent forward and as i started moving he put his head up, i moved was on my knees between his legs, and started kissing him straight away

and made david watch as i loosened myself up, and after the dildo went in with ease, i gave it to dave and he started to use the dildo on me, and it didn’t take long before he threw that dildo to the side and said he wanted to fuck me, so I told him to lie back, and i hopped on top of him with my legs spread, and put hit hard cock between my slippery asscheeks.


My arse was so lubed up and loose, after he smashed me doggie for ages, after he nearly cummed dave pulled out of my arse and laid back, and pulled me on top of him and we started kissing, as i was kissing him he put his hands on my arse and pulled my forward and positioned his dick in my hole for me.

After he cummed, we started to kiss and cuddle, and i asked him what he thought, He told me that it was incredible, and i slept in his bed cuddling in his arms, when we woke up the next morning,

Trying to stare at his cock, then I had a bright idea, i walked into his bedroom and in his ensuite he has a big spa bath, so i started filling it up, he walked in to see what i was doing in his room, and told him i was going to have a spa bath, dave told me that he hadnt tried it yet, so i convinced him to try it out with me, and he didn’t reply at first,

but how cold it was it didn’t take him long to reply with “make sure the water is boiling”. funny knew i was gay and he was keen to hop in a bath with me, I knew from there he was keen for something,

 it was like one big motion, i felt dave start kissing me back, we made out hardcore in the corner of the spa bath, i could feel his hard cock on my belly when i was kissing him while i was in-between his legs in the corner of the spa, i grabbed the top of daves boxes and pulled then off, he moved his body to make it easier, i felt him pull my gstring off, after making out naked all over the spa bath and feeling each other up for 20 – 30 minutes, we hopped out because

I kissed his knack and sat up on my knees and lined his knob up with my arsehole, and sat on his dick, i slowly felt the nob break the rim and pop through, i slowly sat deeper, and kept pulling out to lube his dick up more, after a few minutes i had a good motion riding daves cock, and told him to take control, and made him to what he wanted to do, this is the part i didn’t expect, he went crazy on me, straight after i jumped off his laid me on my back spread my legs up, and fucked me mercenary style, i had my legs spread with my heals on his back,

I slid on his cock like nothing i was so loose, i started to ride his cock like crazy, i was sitting hard on his cock, then lifting my hips up until i felt his nob just about to pop out then just fall back on his dick until it was deep inside of me, it was really intense sex, the most ive had, i cummed all over his chest when riding his cock.

i woke up with daves morning glory in my back, when he woke up, he couldn’t believe it at first, and tried to say he was drunk last night, and when i kissed him when he was trying to deny what happened, he just gave up and we have a morning fuck, well that’s the story of my friend David’s first fuck, we are still room mates together, but we sleep in the same bed now, Dave turned out to be the love of my life, and are going strong to this day. So believe in love, you never know what can happen.


The Kidnapped



My name is Edward Slain and I’m your average high school boy doing 12th Grade. Having dirty brown and neatly trim hair and bubbly blue eyes often makes me the target of most girls and some guys as they define that combination as hot and cute.

I’m 5’5’’ with a hardcore swimmer’s body with all that clearly define six packs and nicely muscled chest which most made most people think that I’m good in bed. Truth be told, I have no idea how to jerk off non-the-less how to fuck a girl. That was all about to change in due time.

One afternoon I was walking back home using my usual route, but somehow it seems weird that I was the only person in like about a 1 mile radius but I shrugged it off. Out of nowhere a black Aphard Romeo came in front of me and stopped. The side doors opened to show two masked man who quickly grabbed me and threw me into their vehicle and drove off.

Inside there I tried to struggle and was kicking randomly. Apparently I accidentally kicked one of the guy’s balls and he gave a yelp before giving a blow in my stomach which knocked the wind out of me. While I was temporary disabled the other guy quickly handcuffed my hands behind my back show me a syringe which contained some transparent liquid inside.

“We can do this the easy way or the hard way, you choice mate. This baby here is heroin and once you take it you can never live without it…”

That made me obedient as I have heard the horrors of drugs, they suck the life out of you and leave you to wander on the lands like an zombies. I even meet some of these drug addicts once a long time ago when I accidentally enter some slums area.

“Good…Because the last thing we wanna do is harm that pretty face and gorgeous body of yours…hehe” the guy with aching ball said that.

“Here have a drink…” mask guy no.1 offered me a bottle of water which I was doubting if it was drugged and as if he had some mind reading capabilities he responded.

“Don’t worry it’s not rigged, at least not this one.”

It was true that I was really thirsty from walking back home and struggling just now so I quickly gulped down the 500ml bottled water.
The car stopped at some remote looking area and masked guy no.1 dragged me out of the vehicle.

I was really trying to pee really hard but no pee could possibly come out. If felt wonderful with what the driver was doing but the pain my by exploding bladder was hurting really badly. There were butterflies swimming in my stomach from this weird and pleasurable experience.

Come on boy, we are going to do a little hiking” he smiled.
All four of us started hiking some mountain looking path with one of them in front and two behind me to guard me from escaping. Along the hike I notice that all for men looked well-build under their clothes with those nice bulked up biceps and hunky looking chests which makes me assume that all four of them are teen adults at least because my seniors all have similar bodies as them.

Halfway in the climb I suddenly needed to pee really badly.

“Erm…I need to pee really badly”

“How badly?” the driver asked

“Really, really badly”

The driver came over to me and suddenly start touching my dick as to check if I was telling the truth or not. Then he slip his manly looking hands into my jockstrap and cupped my balls before making slow jerks on my teenage prick. It started to get harder and harder from so much stimulation as this was the first time I was feeling something like this and a moan actually escaped from my mouth.
“”Look he is enjoying it” said masked men no.2 before coming over and give me a tongue twisting kiss.

I was being sandwiched between two beefy men with the third man watching from a distance.

“P..p..p..lease I need to pee.” I was shivering from the excitement and urgency to pee.


With that Masked Man No.2 place some distance between us and the driver start unzipping my pants and taking my 8 inch erected beast out. He kept slowly jerking it and nibble on my ear.

“Go on, start peeing…we don’t have much time…” he was whispering sexily into my ears

The driver knew that as long as you have a hardon and constantly being stimulated, there is no way this kid could possibly pee, but he wanted to see that hot agony of wanting to pee and not able to, at the same time feeling pleasurable from being jerked off. He also notices that this kid most probably have never masturbated and does not even understand that term, else he would have resisted when he slid his hands inside his pants. They got themselves a hot virgin both front and back. He was smirking to himself.

I could feel the driver’s body head and my tied up hand was actually touching his dick. He his dick was hard to and he was grinding against my hand.

With one hand slowly jerking my dick off, his other hand wandered to my nipples and abs, making circle wherever it went.

His hot breath was giving me goose bumps and sexy voice made me feel really hot.


I could still felt the urge to pee and it started to feel painful every second. It took me two more tries before I could finally send my stream of golden urine out and relieve myself form the pain of needing to pee.

Finally I could feel myself going to pee, but this experience of peeing felt so good that I was moaning when I was peeing.

At the precise moment when I was about to pee, the driver pulled my virgin foreskin back which hurt awhile only to enhance the pleasurable peeing experience.

While peeing the man kept polishing my pinkish knob which sent shivers all over my body.

When I looked down, I notice that my pee was not the normal pee, strains of white liquid gushed out of my pee hole and my body jerked violently from the intense first time. I just came for the first time.

The driver finally stopped jerking me off, but he wouldn’t let go of me. He just kept holding my dick and the caressing hand just keep caressing my sweet body.

The driver gave me a jerk to shake any pee droplets off my dick before placing it back into my jockstrap and zipping my pants up. All the while I could feel something like a wet patch of water on his pants, which later I realize it was pre-cum stains.

The four of us continue to climb the trails.


My Porn Site



There’s a device that fits around your penis that measures the increase or decrease in penile size.

It’s been used in several psychological studies to determine, precisely, how aroused people are by various stimuli.

The first thing I would do on my website, is prove that I was, in fact, a 100% straight man.=

He treats women the way I’d like to be treated. I’d like shoot a scene where I essentially reenact a Max Hardcore film.

While the guy’s fucking me in the ass he can shove a huge dildo down my throat, like really shoving so I don’t have any choice.

Slobber would be pouring down me and he might choose to slap me with the dildo and call me a fuck-pig, a fucking faggot piece of shit, good for being fuck-meat only.

He’d put a dental spreader in my mouth and have me lying down with my neck tilted back. Then he’d throat fuck the shit out of me, not even stopping if I throw up. He’d stop in the middle of it to piss on my face.

Of course I would prefer a woman, being straight, but I think it would be more humiliating to be controlled by some ghetto-trash black guy who hates white

One of my favorite things from straight porn is gaping. There’s just something unbelievable arousing to see a woman reduced to a used-up hole,

especially an asshole because you know they’re not getting any real sexual pleasure out of that, they’re just enjoying being perverted whores.

I want to feel like I’m not a man anymore, closer to a woman, but not even a person. I’d like to see what it feels like to be loved and degraded at the same time.

How much money do you think I could make off a website like that? I’d be willing to do several shoots a day. Realistically, I couldn’t do it 24/7.


I would then undergo a series of homosexual abuses and after a year see if a person can’t be made gay, at least through hardcore, rough sex.

I would like to shoot a porno where I undergo a bukkake. I’d like to have a woman there to help me collect cum and make sure I swallowed every last drop.

I’m thinking upwards of a hundred men, here. She’d hold the bowl to make sure no cum got away and might even suck some cum out of the cocks and spit it into my mouth.

Finally he’d cum down my throat. I’d be struggling the whole time, of course, ashamed at what has become of me.

And honestly I don’t know why I’d do these things. Poor childhood, I suppose.

Gang-bangs would be a regular feature of my website as well. I’d invite my fans to take part and they’d show no mercy banging my ass lubed with just spit and pounding my throat until I couldn’t speak.

I’d need someone unspeakably cruel and perverted to take control of me, to mentor me into being a piece of whore shit.

He’d put me in a chastity lock and deny me orgasms. I’d have to do more and more fucked up things to get an orgasm.

I suppose that’s what I want to be reduced to: a fucking hole. I’d like to take some obscenely large dicks and see how long and how big I can get my asshole to stay opened.

I’d save money from the making of this website to ensure that if I wound up with a permanently distended asshole, I could have corrective surgery.

And that I would need that would be fucking hot to me.

Again, why would I do these things? I think because porn has warped my brain.

I’d need to time to drink and hang out with friends and watch my favorite TV shows. If I could make a living off of this, I’d devote my full time and I’d be going to the gym even more and get me a six-pack.

Maybe we could get 20 or so of the men to cum in her ass and pussy and I could suck it out and swallow.

We’d wind up with a big bowl full of sperm and the woman would spoon feed it to me at the end.On of my favorite male porn stars is Max Hardcore and if you haven’t heard of him you should look him up.

I’ve never fantasized about wearing women’s clothes, so that’s probably a great humiliation for me.

I hear once every two weeks is the optimal amount of time to go between orgasms to ensure that you’re as horny as possible without getting used to not cumming.

And of course to deny me the pleasure of sleeping with a woman would be highly emasculating to me. I only wish I’d started such a website while I was still a virgin.

I’d need at least one person to completely and utterly dominate me and orchestrate the whole thing. guys.

I like to see women degraded and objectified and I get immense pleasure feeling that degradation and humiliation through empathy.

What I like so much about fucking a woman up the ass is that I’ve tried it and it’s difficult. It hurts and it’s intense and you derive no real sexual pleasure from it, but there’s still something there.

I’ve tasted my own cum and it made me throw up. And that’s part of why I think bukkake is so hot.

I’d like to become such a fucked out whore that I really do begin to think of my mouth and ass as my pussy

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

I mean, not that I don’t look good without my shirt off now. Do you have any other ideas for me?

Anything you think I should include in a follow-up of what else I would do if I had my own porno site?


Daddy, my master



live in the country. One summer evening I felt like going for a walk. It was 9:00 at night. It was summer, so I wore a super tight pink tank top, a pair of black spandex volleyball shorts, and a pair of pink thigh high socks. I had on white converse shoes as well.

I walked down my driveway and turned onto the dirt road. I walked for at least two miles before I heard a car driving behind me. So I got off the road and kept walking. The car was getting closer. I turned around and was blinded by the head lights. The only thing that I could make out was that it was a black van.

The van drove ahead of me and stopped. Five guys got out and ran towards me. I started to run the other way, but I was quickly tackled by the guys.

The threw me down onto the ground and jumped on top of me. I was punched a few times and the last thing I remember is a cloth going over my eyes.

I woke up in the back of the van. The blindfold was still covering my eyes. I could sense that I was naked, because I could feel the cool air on the cock and balls.

I started to squirm, and a voice said “Oh look, princess is awake.” I replied “Where am I? Who are you?” Somebody slapped me and said “Don’t speak unless you’re told to slut.” I didn’t say another word.

I felt a hand grab my balls. I pleaded “Please don’t hurt me.” I received another slap. A guy yelled “If you don’t fucking shut up, we’ll do more than hurt you! We can do whatever we want to you. WE OWN YOU!” I was shocked.

The hand kept massaging my balls until my cock grew hard. Somebody slapped my cock and it hurt. The guys started laughing. They kept teasing me until the van stopped.

The van stopped and the door opened. I was thrown out of the van onto the ground. I landed on hard dirt.

Someone ripped the blindfold off me. I opened my eyes and saw one guy standing before me. I noticed a little house behind him. There was nothing else around. The van was gone.

The man stepped in front of me and sat on top of me. He tied my ankles together, and he tied my hands together in front of me. He got off me and pulled me onto my knees. He looked at me and spit in my face.

 He said “I own your useless body. You will do whatever I say, no matter what. You are my slave. From now on, you will call me daddy, or master.” He slapped me hard. “Do understand me bitch?” I looked at him and replied “Yes daddy.” He pushed my head down and said “Never look at me in my face.”

Daddy hooked a collar around my neck and a leash. He started to pull me when he looked down at my pathetic body. “Awwww, can my little slut not walk? Here, let daddy help you.” He said. He untied my hands and my ankles.

“There you go slut, now you can walk like the filthy dog you are.” He added before he pulled me into the house.

We stopped in front of the couch. “Take off my shoes bitch.” Daddy ordered. I obeyed him and quickly untied his shoes and took them off. He grabbed one out of my hand and shoved it over my mouth and nose. He held it there and made me inhale the stinky, masculine scent of his feet. I loved it. My cock was still hard as hell.

Daddy pulled away his shoe and did the same thing with his other shoe.

Daddy unclipped my leash and made me stand up. He tied my hands apart above my head. He raised me up until my feet couldn’t touch the ground. He tied me feet apart. I was in the spread eagle position now.

Daddy walked over to a counter and took of his shirt. He grabbed a wooden paddle and walked over to me. For the first time, I saw his body. I admired his ripped muscles and his tight abs.

Daddy walked behind me and spanked my ass with the paddle. He kept going for about 30 hits

Finally, after what felt like hours of teasing, daddy finally let me cum. “Cum for daddy.” He said. I squirted all over him. Strand after strand of warm cum left me. When I was done, daddy smacked me and yelled in my face “WHY DID YOU FUCKING CUM ON ME?” I was to tired to answer.

Daddy pulled his dick out of my mouth and started stroking it over my body. He shot his cum all over my face, and some on my chest. Then he made me milk him for any leftovers.

Daddy rolled me over and lifted up my ass. He spread the cheeks and I felt he head of his hard cock rub the opening of my asshole. “Are you ready for your fucking slut?” He said. I was full of lust.

Daddy’s cock finally got soft. He got up and knelt on the bed over me. “Are you thirsty slave? Do you want something to drink?” He asked. “Yes daddy. Please give your worthless, pathetic slave something to drink.” I replied. I thought that he was going to get a glass of water, but he didn’t.

Next, daddy made me lick and suck his feet through his moist socks.

“Pull off my socks with your teeth bitch.” Daddy ordered. I grabbed the top of his right sock and pulled it off. “Shake it like a dog.” He said. I obeyed him and shook his sock in my mouth.

I pulled off the other sock. Daddy pushed my onto the floor and jumped on top of me. He grabbed on of his socks and stuffed it into my mouth. He tied my hands and ankles together again. He got off me and pulled me up onto my knees. He sat back down on the couch and stuck his feet in my face. “Worship my beautiful feet slave.” He said. “Yes daddy.” I replied.

By that time, I was crying and screaming “Please stop daddy.”

Daddy walked over to the counter and sat down his paddle. He grabbed a whip from the wall. He walked over and whispered in my ear “I’m just getting started baby.” Then he whipped my chest. He kept whipping me until my body was covered in red marks, and I was balling my eyes out.

Daddy untied me and made me clean his body. By now I had recovered. My cock was still flaccid. Daddy walked over to the counter and reached in a drawer. He pulled something out and brought it over to me. It was a chastity belt. This is your punishment for cumming on me. Now you will never be able to cum again without my approval.” He said. He put it on my limp cock and empty balls. He locked it and tossed the key onto the counter. He put the collar and leash back on me and led me to another room.

“Yes daddy, please fuck me. Fuck me hard. Fill my dirty pussy with you delicious cum.” I said. Daddy laughed as pushed his huge cock into me.

I moaned in pain, and pleasure. Daddy grabbed my collar and pushed in and out of my pussy. He rocked me back and forth fiercely. It was the roughest fucking I’ve ever had.

I felt a stream of warm piss hit my body. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth, ready to take in daddy’s golden water

I licked my way up his long right foot, from his heel to his toes. I licked between each toe and sucked each one like a cock. Then I took all of his toes in my mouth at once, and I sucked them for a while.

I moved to the left foot, and repeated the same thing.

Daddy got off my body and ordered me onto my hands and knees. He led me downstairs into the basement. He opened a hidden door and led me down a long hallway, which opened up into a large room. It was a real dungeon. There was hundreds of bdsm supplies all over.

Daddy finally stopped for a minute. He stood in front of me and stared at my beaten body. He grabbed my hard cock and pulled it. I screamed pain. He let go and grabbed my balls. He played with them until precum was squirting out of my cock.

“Beg for my permission to let you cum slut.” Daddy said. Through my sobs, I pleaded “Please daddy, let me cum. Please let my pathetic balls cum.” He smiled and kept slowly stroking my aching cock.

Inside the next room was a king size mattress on the floor, and a small dresser. Daddy unhooked the leash and pushed me onto the mattress. “This is your new home slave.” He said.

Then, daddy stripped naked and jumped onto the bed. He immediately pinned me and put his hard cock in my mouth. “That’s right slut, suck daddy’s cock.” He said. I sucked his cock the best I could, not wanting to disappoint my daddy.

It lasted about 20 minutes. When daddy came inside me, I was laying down on my stomach and daddy was on top of me, ramming my helpless body. I felt cum flow out of me and onto my legs. Daddy pulled out and pulled my face to his cock and made me clean him. I loved the taste of my asshole and his cum mixed.

 It finally stopped and daddy got off the bed. He grabbed a huge butt plug out of the dresser and made me suck it.

He took it out and shoved it into my ass, making me jump. Daddy got up and went to the door. “Goodnight slut. I’ll see you later.

He said. As he opened the door, he grabbed a remote and switched it on. Immediately I felt the butt plug vibrating. Daddy left and closed the door, leaving me alone, and naked, on the mattress.


Best Friend


The final bell rang at school, and we knew that summer had finally begun. That night, I had plans to hang out with my best friend, Jamey, down at the campgrounds that my family owned.

We’ve been best friends for years, and we’ve always had a little gay humor. Like, sometimes he’d tell me to suck his dick, just as a joke, or I’d kiss his cheek. But we both knew that we loved each other like brothers. Or… Maybe more.

J: OK, the moment of truth.

He tries opening the doorknob to see if anyone had locked it for themselves. It opens.

S: Oh my God! Yes! We are the shit.

We laugh and go inside. We look around the cabin. So far, the only thing I see is the living room, which has a huge leather couch, two recliners, a chandelier, and a massive TV. The kitchen has a marble island, and a refrigerator stocked with soda.

I grab my waistband and decide to pull my boxers off too, just to mess with him. I undo the zipper and button, and pull everything down.

S: How’s that?
J: Oh, nice. Haha
S: Truth or Dare?
J: We always do dares, so lets just stick with those.
S: Alright, I dare you to take off everything.
J: OK.

S: Alright…

I walk over to him and touch his dick. I slowly wrap my hand around it and start moving up and down.

J: Ah, get off! Haha I thought you wouldn’t do it.
S: I don’t crush that easily!
J: Whatever, dare.
S: I dare you to lick all over my body.
J: Oh, God… *sigh* ok.

J: Deal. You going to bed?
S: Yeah, we probably should. Uhh… We’re naked.
J: Yeah… Haha. Can we just sleep naked? I’m comfortable.
S: I don’t care.

We head to the bed and get underneath the blankets. I remember that Jamey does stuff in his sleep. Talks, walks, and who knows what else.

S: Night, man.
J: Night.

The next morning, I woke up to find Jamey in the living room watching TV. He had on some athletic shorts, but still no shirt.

S: Hey…
J: Morning!
S: Do you… Remember last night?
J: No?
S: Oh. Ok. Never mind.

He looked at me confused. He could tell that I was uneasy about the whole situation.


Maybe even the kiss… I threw away my breakfast and looked at my phone to ease the awkwardness.

I was washing the plate I used and I turned around to see myself face to face with Jamey.

J: I wasn’t asleep yesterday… I did it because I wanted to… Haven’t you ever wanted to experiment a little?
S: I… I don’t know…
J: Just… Think about it.
S: I’m… Going to go take a shower.

We are both in high school, I’m a freshman and he’s a sophomore. He is 6’2 and I’m 6′. He’s blonde, fit, and kind of muscley. I’m slim, and I have black hair. My name is Stephen.

We had both been looking forward to the campgrounds forever. We go there every summer. I head to the Annex to meet with him.

J: Finally you get here! Jesus, did you walk from China?
S: Shut up. Just get your shit and let’s go.
J: Hey, fuck you!
S: Yes, please.

We both go to the bedroom to put down our stuff. It is beautiful. There is a king bed, with two dressers, windows overlooking the river, and a master bathroom with a huge shower.

S: Looks like we’re sharing a bed!
J: Mmm. I know what I’m doing later.
S: Haha shut up…

We unpack all our stuff for the weekend and get settled.

He walks over to the couch where I am, and he starts at my hand, licking all around. He has his hand on my chest, and its slowly moving down, without him realizing it. His hand touches my dick and he gets shocked.

J: Sorry man.
S: Don’t be. You have to lick it.
J: You think I won’t?
S: You think you’re so bad, don’t you. Haha.
J: Challenge accepted.

We fall asleep. At about 3 in the morning, I feel something moving in the bed. I look over and Jamey has gotten out of the bed and is jacking off by the window. I go over to wake him up.

S: Jamey?
J: Kiss me.
S: What?
J: I haven’t stopped thinking about tonight. I love you.
S: Uhh…
J: Just try it.

J: Did I do something stupid in my sleep?
S: Yeah…
J: I didn’t get drunk did I?!
S: No… You kissed me…

He got red in the face almost instantaneously. He looked down at his phone and started doing something else. I walked into the kitchen and started making breakfast. It was extremely awkward. After a half hour, he finally said something.

I walked to the bathroom praying that he wasn’t going to follow me. But a part of me wanted him to…

I got into the bathroom and started taking my clothes off. I started thinking about Jamey’s naked body… And how amazing it is… I was starting to get hard. I couldn’t take it anymore… I wanted him. I needed him.

I ran out of the bathroom and found Jamey on the bed.

J: Whoa, someone’s excited. Where ya-

I cut him off with my lips. I grabbed ahold of his face and shoved my tongue in his mouth. His tongue was so warm and moist. I pulled away and smiled at him.

We grab our stuff and get into his car. It’s a really long drive, but we don’t really do much in the car. We get to the campgrounds and immediately go to claim the grand cabin at the top of the cliff. That’s the one we’ve always wanted to stay in.

It’s stocked with all kinds of luxuries, unlike the wooden cabins. We hoped today we’d finally get it to ourselves. We walk up to the door.

J: Holy shit, it’s already 10 o’clock!
S: Oh well, we’re here all weekend to go o the gym and the pool and stuff. And no one’s stopping us from staying up late.
J: True. You want a Coke?
S: Yeah, thanks man.

We sit in the living room watching TV for awhile when Jamey suddenly says, “Truth or Dare?”

I get excited. This is my favorite game. “Dare.”

J: I dare you to take off your pants.
S: Wow, hardcore.

He starts taking off his shirt, and I can see his somewhat muscley figure start to show. He then takes off his pants and underwear, revealing his cock. I looked at it, I’d never noticed how nice it was.

J: You liking what you see? 😉
S: Oh, yeah, of course.
J: I dare you to… Jack me off.

I was stunned. We’d never done anything that far. But I couldn’t give in to the game.


He goes to the bed and lays down, still with no clothes on. I got on some sweatpants and a T-shirt and went to bed and fell asleep

He grabs my cock and puts it in his mouth and starts blowing me. I sit there in complete shock. I did not see that coming.


S: Jesus! Haha ok you’re done.
J: Told you.
S: You win tonight. We’re doing more tomorrow.

He puts his face close to mine and kisses me. His warm lips are amazing on mine. I don’t pull away for a second, then I snap to reality.

S: Jamey, go to sleep. This isn’t right.
J: Whatever.

J: Apparently my dream happened in real life…
S: What do you mean?
J: After last night, I started feeling… Different. Truth or Dare was fun. I had fun. I don’t know… Something about it just seemed… Right.

I stared at my plate, thinking about everything. I would be lying if I said I didn’t have fun, too. It felt amazing. All of it.

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J: I knew you’d come around.

I pulled the blankets off and saw that he had a hard-on. I looked at him smiling.

J: Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

He moved his face closer to mine and kissed me gently, moving down my neck and stomach. He got to my hard, 8 inch dick and smiled.

J: Wanna shower?