First Time with a Man



We’re in a long line at an airline ticket counter trying to find out when we’ll be able to leave. We chatted a little in line, and know both of us are stuck till late the next day.

We run in to each other again at the hotel kiosk and arrange to van to take us to the Holiday Inn. The clerk says there is only one room left but it has two queen sized beds. You immediately and say yes, we’ll take it.

I’m a little taken aback but agree and feel something turn inside me. I’ve had fantasies about being with a man for a long time, but was always scared to do anything about it.

Now your take charge attitude makes me feel …funny…I’m a little scared when I feel my cock start to stiffen slightly.

I walk ahead of you towards the room and imagine I feel your eyes on my ass. As we pass a display window I look at your reflection and it looks like you ARE checking out my ass.

My heart beats a little faster and I adjust my cock so that the stiffness doesn’t show. When we walk into the room I move one bed and dump my suitcase on it.

You immediately lock the door and look at me with a grin…

who’s getting in the shower first you say as you unbutton your shirt…


As events unfold at the airport and then at the hotel, I become aware of a funny feeling….arousal?

What the hell!. Walking to the room, I can’t help checking out your ass, damn! I realize, I’ve fantasized about something like this…do I have the nerve to even let myself think about it?

….We reach the room, you throw your suitcase on the bed as if claiming it, or just occupying it as storage leaving only one bed, ,glancing at you, I notice the slight bulge in your pants…my own already semi-stiff cock begins to swell a little more

….Uh Rick! I say, want the shower first? or….anyway, I think after I shower I’m gonna hit the lounge for a while before turning in.

What the heck, I’ll take the shower first if you aren’t in a hurry, I begin unbuttoning my shirt, facing you.

I’ve already kicked my shoes off, and as soon as my shirt is off and laying on the empty bed, I reach for my belt buckle. Looking you in the eyes, I begin undoing my belt.


As I begin undoing my belt, I see you kinda collapse back to a sitting position on the bed…the look on your face…Jesus! Does he think I mean for him to

…can’t be…just my imagination. Not knowing what to to, but already having started to undress…I continue.

Undoing the belt, then the clasp of the trousers, finally lowering the zipper. Letting my trousers fall to the floor

. Embarrassingly aware of the erection in my shorts, I mutter, uh Rick! I guess maybe we should shower together, not take a chance of running out of hot water…you think?

I murmur as I slip my shorts off. I bend down facing away from you to remove my socks. Naked I head for the shower, not waiting for an answer, my mind a whirl….what am I doing?…is this really happening?

….he must think I’m…..I don’t know what he thinks I am….what if he follows me to the shower?…can I handle us both naked in such a small shower stall?

….I know I’ve fantasized about this, but this is…..different…this is really happening

Through movements and sounds I realize you are standing in the bathroom door. I turn my head to confirm it, and am pleased to note your state of arousal.

Hi Rick! I say, I can see you are wondering if we can both fit in here. It’ll be tight but I think we can, come on in.

You step into the stall with me, trying to avoid bodily contact. I smile to myself. Well Rick, it’s a little tight but we’ll make do, although, I have to admit this is a tad awkward.

I re-lather my hands with soap and begin again with your nipples. Then my hands move down your chest, inching lower, slowly, teasingly.

You suddenly realize that my hips are moving, my cock sliding back and forth between your thighs, almost imperceptibly.

My hands continue downward, encountering pubic hair. You moan again and your body stiffens.

My soapy fingers twirl in the pubic hair, lightly brushing the base of your throbbing erection. Feel good Rick? I whisper in your ear. You moan again in response.

I’ve never been this close to a naked guy before. “Me either” I hear you murmur, a little quaver in your voice.

Damn Rick!, there’s only one bar of soap, let me get your back then you can get mine

Ok? I lather up my hands and begin soaping your shoulders near your neck. In the crowded shower, because of my erection, my cock tip occasionally brushes your naked buns.

I let one hand’s fingers encircle your shaft, the other cups your balls. I have a favor to ask Rick, would you maybe help me out? “Ysssss” you croak.

Let’s dry off and I’ll tell you what it is, OK? We rinse the soap off and I dry myself then very carefully begin drying you, taking my time,

My hands slowly work down your back, reaching your waist. My fingers splay out to cover your hips, then begin moving up your sides. I hear a barely suppressed moan.

Encouraged, I let my cock slip between your thighs as I move closer so my soapy hands can reach your chest. Not totally surprised, my fingers find already erect nipples.

Your head is thrown back somewhat, exposing your neck and without thought I kiss and nuzzle it. You moan again, this time audibly.

letting my fingers linger where I sense you are getting the most pleasure. Now Rick! about that favor. I did some shopping for Karen earlier this trip, ,but she wasn’t with me so

….I’m not real sure how I got will look. I hand you a store shopping bag. I’m going down to the lounge for a quick drink but in this bag there are some items i’d like you to try on, and i’ll be back shortly to check them out.

(In the bag, there are a number of pairs of women’s panties, different styles and colors, several different nighties, from long and flowing to short and skimpy.)

Try some of these out for me Rick, and I’ll be back shortly


First Time with a Man II



When you finally decide to notice me, you smile as you gaze at my stiff cock.

I step into the shower quickly when you say there’s room and move as far forward as I can, facing the shower

…I just am too scared to turn around though I couldn’t help noticing your rock hard cock as I climbed in. my mind is racing and I hear you say something like never been this close and one bar of soap but really I can’t hear anything

….I mumble okay as I feel your strong hands begging to lather my back….I moan involuntarily and try to move away but there is no place to go.

I’m so turned on when I feel the tip of your cock press lightly against my buns…

I feel like I may cum but don’t want this to be over so fast. when you begin to massage my chest I lean back against you and feel your lip nuzzling my neck…god, how many girls have I done this to…

and now it’s happening to me and I can’t stop, don’t even what to stop it…I still feel your cock pressing against me so I rise up a little on my toes and feel your cock slip under and between my legs…when I lower myself

I can feel your hot shaft pressing up against my balls and cock….I look down and see your massive head moving slightly back and forth…oh my god, what if he tries…what if he wants…

to fuck me?!? When you begin teasing my cock and balls, part of me wants to spread my legs and bend over so that you can have your way with me,

part of me wants to spin around, drop to my knees, and take your beautiful manhood into my mouth, and part of me wants to run away.

You ask me to help with something and I think, here it comes, he is going to tell me to pleasure him,

I moan, yes, and mean it…I will do anything…quickly we’re out of the shower and you hurriedly dry me off…this is so hot I think,

he wants me so bad he’s rushing…standing in the room by the bed naked I’m confused when you dress quickly and hand me a bag

.what have I become I wonder…is this me….I’m about to take everything off and get the hell out of there when the door opens and you walk back in…

.decided just to do a shot, you say, it didn’t take long…


I see your cock come sliding into view and gasp… this is the first live cock I’ve ever seen…7 inches of cut man meat

…I look up at you but you act so nonchalant… does he expect me to suck it? He’s acting like this no big deal… does he know I fantasize about this

…I vaguely hear something about your wife and trying on panties and drinks and then you are out the door. I just stand there for a moment and wonder,

wtf? I look in the bag and see various feminine apparel…sexy feminine apparel…he is crazy if I’m going to wear this…is he going to come back with all his friends to mock me?!?

I scoff and start to put everything back in the bag when I notice some red silk panties…they’re so lacy and pretty I pick them up just to admire the workmanship…

they look like they may fit…I hesitate and then slip them on….moving to the mirror I think I look stupid but I feel so damn sexy….I spin around then check out my ass…

.will Kevin think it’s pretty too, I wonder? I get nervous again and start to take them off then notice the long flowing nightie…I slip it on and am amazed how sexy it feel on my body…

… as you turn away I hear you suggest a shared shower… my heart races… okay I say and stand… you don’t even look back and I laugh

… like I’m just going to follow him in there I think as I quickly undress… before I even realize it I’m naked, my cock at full attention

… I start walking into the bathroom and can’t believe what I’m doing

… I force myself to stop…his cock was hard… he was aroused…it’s only me here…he wants me

… I take a deep breath and enter slowly and stand quietly till you notice me…in there room in there for me too?


Daddys huge load


So it was a sunday evening and I was really really horny so I texted this guy who I have played with a few times before… he didn’t reply for about 30 minutes I was getting to think he had fell asleep so I turned on a porn and started to jack off

Then I got a text and I knew it was him he said that he was headed to bed soon so hewasn’t in the mood at this time and maybe we should do something later this wee

there was no way he could be still sleeping so I asked him how he liked it and he said to shut up and suck his cock then he forced his cock into my mouth

and started to fuck my face … as I started to choke and gag he pulled it out and said I was a good boy for making his cock so sloppy

He told me he wants to cum and that he want me to take it all down my throat and swallow it he layed back and told me to suck his cock like the little slut I am

.. so I got over it and spit on it again started to stroke him he got mad and said I said suck it then grabbed the back of my head and shoved his cock into my mouth

… I started to plead with him telling him what I wanted to do with his cock … sneak in kneel by the bed whip his cock out and let him enjoy some really good head

… so he text me come on over the back door is unlocked I’ll be laying one the couch waiting for u …

So I immediately got up went to my car a drove to his house .. parked in the back walked into the house and found him on the couch I got down on my knees


As I gagged and choked I looked up and he had a smile on his face I knew he was about to explode so I grabbed his balls and kept on working his tool I could feel his sack get tight as he told me he was going to cum so I sat up and got ready to take his loads

and pulled the blanket back to reveal his 8 inch long 6and a half inch wide cock put my lips on the tip and let all the spit I had been gathering up in my mouth drop and coat his nice daddy cock …

He let out a moan or relief as I took the whole cock down my throat up and down in and out up and down the noises my mouth was making on his cock slobbering all over it splashing spit all over his ball as I grabbed and squeezed with my already soaked hand

One after another he shot 9 huge loads of cum into my mouth so much that it drooled and dripped out after he pulled his cock out he said show daddy his load so I opened my mouth

and showed him as he made me shut my mouth and told me to swallow it … there was so much there I had to swallow twice he said I was a good by and told me to leave …

I left went home and went to bed only to wake up to a few texts from him saying he wanted to do it again but he has a buddy that wants some head too …. to be continued


Mommys nice cock

I said this before all my stories are real and actual encounters

So it all started on yet another night I was craving cock and cum hopped on Craigslist to see what I could find replied to a few adds but nothing came from it so I posted an add and got in the shower

When I got out of the shower and got back to my room I had a few emails with numbers so i called them all only to talk to two people set it all up and headed out to play

I got to one of the houses I was gonna stop at and it ended up being and dirty old man and his house wreaked like dog shit so I left

Called the other guy and when he answered the phone sounded like a older woman so I asked for jack and she said speaking I instantly got turned on that on have always fantasized about playing with a t girl she gave me her address and I was on my way

When I got there she buzzed me in and while I was walking to her apartment she texted me and told me that she would be in her room waiting the door was unlocked and to get naked right when I walked in

I got to her apartment walked in said hello and got naked walked into her room and she had on a black sheer bra and crotchless panties with her thick rock hard 7 to 8 inch uncut cock out stroking it slowly and looking me up and down

She said what did you come here to do in witch I replied to suck your cock mommy she said hmmmm I like when u call me momm

… now let mommy taste your cock as she sat up right to the tip of my cock and it slid all the way in she sucked it for a while then she said mommy wants to cu…now in her reply she said she hasent came for a few weeks so I hope your ready for a full mouth

She helped me onto her very tall bed layed back and I started stroking her cock spitting on it making it slippery and all wet then put the tip of her cock into my mouth and got to taste her precum witch was sweet like sugar

she moaned and started to play with her nipples as I took it deeper and deeper slobbering all over her cock making a huge mess on her sheets she put her hand on my head and said good boy and that this felt so good she wanted to cum twice

she started to jack me off and tell me she was gonna cum again and being she just got done cumming a couple minutes ago I didn’t expect that much but when I started cumming she gave me another huge thick load this time all into my mouth pumping in and out splashing her cum on to my face we stayed in that position for a while until she rolled off she fell asleep and I got up got dressed left and went home

I said ok and with that she grabbed the base of her cock and began spewing thick ropes and gobs and gobs of cum into and all around my mouth her body was shaking and trembling as she was moaning and screaming she couldn’t stop cumming it reminded me of them 10 guy cum shot videos with the ammount of cum that was in my mouth and in my face

She went and got me a towel and some water we layed there for a while while she sucked on my cock and playing with her huge limp dick

she spun around and got into 69 shoving her now half hard cock into my mouth pumping in my mouth getting harder and harder

as her tongue lapping around the tip of my dick and that was driving me wild I could feel myself getting closer and closer to cumming

When I woke up the next morning I had a text from her saying that she wanted me to be hers and she also wanted to do this again when she got back into town we have be playing for about a year and a half now and she still cums twice every time yummy


My elephant cock experience


I was in between appointments and had some time to kill. I came across a small local bar that I had never been to before and went in to grab a soda while I was waiting.

I was the only person in the bar except the bartender who was probably in his late fifties. He told me that it was a gay bar, I had no idea and I sat at the bar anyway.

I got a soda and we got talking. His name was Mike and he asked me “Do you like cock” and I said “Yes, I like the occasional cock, I like women too mind you”.

Mike asked me “What do you like to do with a cock, what type of cocks do you like? Don’t be bashful you can’t shock me trust me”.

I laughed and said “I like uncut cocks and lower hangers. I like the taste of cum and I love it when I lie on the floor and a guy gets on all fours on top of me and feeds me his cock”.

Mike said to me “that’s hot I like feeding a guy cum. You won’t believe some of the stuff that goes on in here, it’s too much for me at my age. I have some senior friends of mine, we are all retired.

About once a month we meet here for some fun”. Mike then proceeded to show me pictures of him and his friends at the bar.

He was in these pictures and he had a huge uncut cock with the thickest foreskin I had ever seen, it looked amazing. Mike said to me “I hate my cock, it’s way too big and ugly, most guys can’t deal with it.”

I replied “Mike I think your cock looks amazing, I have never seen one that big, your balls are incredible”. He came around from the bar and stood in front of me.

He unzipped and out flopped an elephant trunk. It was a good 12 inches soft and thicker than anything I have ever seen. His foreskin was so thick it really looked like I could stick my whole tongue up there and not touch his cock head.

It looked like one of those pumped cocks that you he see on some Internet sites. His ball sack was equally as large, there no way that this guy could wear a speedo!

I needed to go, but I really wanted to stay, I had never encountered anything like this in real life. Mike told me his shift was ending in a few hours and I could meet him at his place after my appointment.

Needless to say during my appointment, all I could think of was his elephant cock. I arrived at his place and rang the bell. Mike answered the door in a t shirt and nothing else, his cock and balls hanging down nearly to his knees.

We went into the lounge and sat on the couch. I could not keep my eyes off his cock and balls and he started to take my clothes off.

After I was naked we started playing with each others cocks, mine looked tiny compared to his. We took some pictures of each other’s cocks, for future personal use, and I really wanted to taste his cock,

so I sat Mike to the edge of the couch with his balls and cock hanging over the edge. I went underneath him and started licking his balls.

They were nice and sweaty and I gently put each ball into my mouth and licked it all over. Mike was loving it,

his ball sack was very large and I could just picture him giving me a great tea bagging with them.

After a few minutes I stopped sucking his balls and moved to his cock. I gave Mike my phone and asked him to video me orally pleasing him.

I had his huge, thick foreskin right in front of my nose, and I took my tongue and started licking the end of it.

Mike said “You like it smelly I see, lick that cheese off boy!” I kept pulling back his foreskin until his enormous head popped out

I let his foreskin go for a moment and it cover three of my fingers completely as it closed, quite amazing.

I licked the inside of his foreskin clean and licked around and around on his head. Mike kept egging me on, “That’s it polish my huge head with you’r tongue”

. His cock started to leak some pre cum and I gently squeezed it onto my tongue, it tasted good. Mike was really starting to get into it

I had no idea of the amount of cum I was in store for. He started to quiver and it started.

Wave after wave of hot, thick cum came squirting out in my face and in my mouth.

It tasted fantastic as it dribbled down my face and shot down my throat. Just when I thought it was over, another jet of cum squirted out,

We talked about anal sex and Mike told me he had not had any in years because no one would let him put his cock in their ass. I said I was prepared to try.

First of all he wanted to lick my ass, so I bent over in front of him and he started licking my gaping hole. I knew it was dirty but he didn’t seem to mind.

We started off with me in his ass bareback. I knew I was negative and Mike showed me test results from a few months earlier, so I was comfortable.

I had him on all fours and slid my cock in his ass, it felt really good and i reached around and started kneading his huge hanging balls.

You never know what can happen when you are trying to kill some time at a strange ba

We started off with me in his ass bareback. I knew I was negative and Mike showed me test results from a few months earlier, so I was comfortable.

I had him on all fours and slid my cock in his ass, it felt really good and i reached around and started kneading his huge hanging balls.

I didnt want to cum because I knew we had another oral session and I wanted to save it for that so I pulled out.

Mike immediately turned around and started to suck my dirty cock, not really my scene, but i wasn’t complaining at that point.

I pushed my tongue into his foreskin as I pulled it back a bit. My tongue was now in his foreskin and docked to his cock, my nose was even in a little

The smell was a mixture of old cum and piss, something a lot of people get turned off by, but not me.

That’s why a lot of people don’t like uncut cocks, but that is exactly why I do like uncut cocks. I find what collects in the foreskin to be very sexy, the smell of a man!

“Like the taste of my pre-cum do you? stick your tongue on my tip, I have more for you”. His cock was growing, more pre-cum was oozing out onto my tongue. It was getting sticky.

Mike said, “Get on the floor just like you told me you liked, I will feed you my cock and balls and we can 69.

” I lay on the floor and Mike straddled my face. He started sucking my cock and his enormous cock and balls were slapping me in the face.

this time in my hair, it was everywhere. I let his cock go as it shrank back to it’s twelve inch normal size. I had not cum yet and Mike worked me for another few minutes until I gave him his reward.

We both sat on the couch next to each other and I could see a lot of cum still leaking out of his thick foreskin,

Mike said “you don’t want to waste any do you, go down there and suck that cum out”. I knelt down in front of him and put my tongue underneath it to catch the drops.

I didnt want to cum because I knew we had another oral session and I wanted to save it for that so I pulled out.

Mike immediately turned around and started to suck my dirty cock, not really my scene, but i wasn’t complaining at that point.

We tried putting his cock in my ass but it would not get hard enough, luckily. Soon it was time for another oral session.

First I lay on the ground and had him squat over my face and teabag me with his balls.

It was great, then I had him stand and I knelt in front of him to suck that monster as best I could and get the full blast of his cum squirts.

We tried putting his cock in my ass but it would not get hard enough, luckily. Soon it was time for another oral session.

First I lay on the ground and had him squat over my face and teabag me with his balls.

Mike said “I find it difficult to get more than semi hard, but I have huge loads, you won’t be able to handle it to handle it. ”

I pushed by tongue as far as it would go in his foreskin and licked around his shaft, relishing the taste of his manhood.

I grabbed his cock, pulled his crazy foreskin back and let it hang in my mouth as I started licking and sucking his head.

More pre cum started dripping, I was determined to get it in my mouth so I started pushing it in further and further.

I was starting to gag and his balls were slapping against me too. My mouth was stretched as far as it would go and I could feel his head at the back of my mouth.

All of a sudden Mike said “I am going to cum, I want to cum in your face”, and he pulled his cock out of my mouth.

It was an inch away from me, one of my hands had his foreskin pulled back, and my tongue was out ready for it’s reward.

I pulled his foreskin carefully back and got a nice cum discharge straight into my mouth. As I continued to pull his endless foreskin back I licked all around his huge, limp shaft , cleaning off all of the cum.

Mike said “if we wait about thirty minutes it will be very smelly down there, lots more chesse for you to lick out of my foreskin and I will be ready to cum again.” Of course I was going to wait and do it again.

He got pretty hard this time and I pulled his foreskin all the way back and put it in my mouth as far as it would go.

He started moving it in and out, faster and faster, pre cum oozing out of his swollen head, and then another explosion of cum, it was amazing.

Mike and I have had many fun times together, and I have met, and experienced his senior fiends.

It was great, then I had him stand and I knelt in front of him to suck that monster as best I could and get the full blast of his cum squirts.

He got pretty hard this time and I pulled his foreskin all the way back and put it in my mouth as far as it would go.

He started moving it in and out, faster and faster, pre cum oozing out of his swollen head, and then another explosion of cum, it was amazing.

Mike and I have had many fun times together, and I have met, and experienced his senior fiends.

You never know what can happen when you are trying to kill some time at a strange bar


My First Orgy


My old fuck buddy Alex, and his boyfriend Adam, get together with a group of guys every month or so, usually six to eight guys, mostly couples but some invited single guys.

I can’t believe Alex had never told me about this because it sounds fucking hot!!! This Wednesday, Alex and Adam are hosting the event at their place,

they have seven guys confirmed so far and right now there is only one true bottom among the group (Alex is versatile as are a couple of the other guys but only one guy who can really take a pounding). .

I knocked on the door and Alex’s boyfriend, Adam, was there wearing only a pair of red speedo brand speedos and looking really hot.

I could hear people in the house and Adam directed me into the study which is at the front of their townhouse and told me to get changed and come into the living room when I was ready.

I stripped down to my jockstrap. I was a little bit nervous, wearing very little and about to meet some complete strangers but I took a deep breath and headed towards the living room.

Turned out that I was the last one to arrive.

As Josh was thrusting I managed to get Adam’s cock out the leg of his speedo and I told him I wanted to suck him which he didn’t object to.

This position was awkward and I was just about to quit when Josh started moaning louder and louder and then he froze, deep in my arse as he started cumming.

Josh slowly slipped his cock out of me and I stood up. He turned me around and gave me a kiss. looked over there were five guys over on the couch, the two couples and Alex was there as a bit of a fifth wheel.

One of the guys got off the couch and put his hand on my neck and came down and talked into my ear.

He introduced himself as Mike and asked if he could have a turn fucking me. With Alex’s cock still in my mouth I grunted and kind of nodded my consent and next thing I knew I felt hands on my hips and my arse was full of cock again.This exact proceedure happened three more times with the other guys that were on the couch when I walked in.

Considering my cock had been hard for forty-five minutes it was surprising that it wasn’t long until I was really close.

I looked around and there were five guys standing around watching me ride Alex’s cock with Adam behind me jerking me off.

I leaned over and started kissing Alex as I started to cum what has to be one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had.

As I was splashing my cum over Alex’s stomach Alex started cumming as well.

I didn’t notice it at the time but their hands went from resting on my knees, to my thighs, to rubbing my thighs and finally on the front of my speedos rubbing my hard again cock.

As my cock started to strain the lycra of my speedos, the couple told me they would like to thank me for offering my arse for both of them.

I pulled my erect cock out of the leg of my speedos and they both headed south and started sharing my cock.

I was standing a little bit behind him just enjoying the show. Now I was between the other couple and the guy on my right grabbed my cock and started jerking me off. I put my hands behind and was playing with their speedo clad arses.

Josh, the guy who fucked me first, was the first to cum. His cock was in Adam’s mouth so he has a bit of an excuse

He came on Adam’s face and quick as a flash, Adam’s mouth moved to another cock..

Alex said that they were going to invite me anyway, but now my arse was in demand – hahaha.

I’ve never been to anything like this before, or had sex with that many people at once but I think I might be up for the challenge.

Alex asked if I could wear the new jockstrap that the ‘Married Guy’ gave me a few weeks ago.

I think I’m going to have to spend some time with my butt plug between now and then just to make sure I am ready

My preparation was pretty good, I just about lived with one of my butt plugs in all day Tuesday and Wednesday morning. I managed to restrain myself from jerking off Wednesday morning despite being unbelievably horny from the minute I woke up.

There were two couples on the couch making out, all four were wearing AussieBum’s which was pretty hot.

Alex, Adam and another guy (who was wearing a classic black speedo) were standing in the kitchen watching these two couples going at it on the couch.

I was introduced to the other guy, I’ll call him Josh, who was the only single guy other than myself.

The four guys on the couch were two couples who had swapped partners and were getting stuck into each other.

I was the only one not wearing speedos and as Alex gave me a beer he told me that everyone was excited to meet the infamous Dave Speedo Evans and had speedo’d it up for me.

Josh headed to the bathroom to clean up a little bit and Adam directed me towards the couch. Adam had a condom and a bottle of lube in his hand and directed me to get on my knees in front of Alex who was part of a weird mix of arms and legs.

I found the front of Alex’s speedos and started licking his cock through the nylon front of his speedos.

Adam entered me in one single deep stroke of his cock.

Alex was wearing a pair of loose AussieBums which don’t have any elastic in the waist.

What did surprise me was that Alex’s had not cum from all the attention I was giving his cock.
I was horny as hell but my cock had zero attention so far but I was rock hard.

When the last of the couples from the couch came I looked up at Alex and guiltily told him that it was his turn. We both smiled.

I got up off my knees, which were a little bit sore and straddled Alex. My arse didn’t need any more lube and I slid down on Alex’s cock.

Just in case you thought that orgies were all very serious, as Alex and I caught our breath we got a round of applause from the guys which got both of us laughing as well.

Alex and I got up and headed to the shower to clean up a little bit.

It was a good thing I brought a spare pair of speedos. Alex and I returned to the living room, me now wearing my ADIDAS three stripe speedos. Everyone was taking a bit of a break and I was introduced to the two couples properly.

I’ve had two guys work on my cock before and if I could, this is the only way I’d ever have my cock sucked.

It was awesome. Looking around the room the other guys were back at it and things were getting horny again.

There was a fair bit of moaning, and slurping going on between the eight of us guys and one of the guys that was sharing my cock broke off his cock sucking and came up and kissed me. He told me not to cum because they have a special finish to the evening.

I arrived at Alex and Adam’s place right on time and there were a couple of other cars there already (some of the guys came up from Sydney).

As I got out of my car, I was wearing a button up shirt, jeans, and boots. Under my jeans I was wearing my new AussieBum jockstrap that the Married Guy gave me

and I had my ADIDAS three-stripe speedos in my back pocket as a backup or just something to change into in the likely event that the jockstrap ends up being a little dirty..

Adam came over and started making out with me right there in front of his boyfriend, Alex, and Josh.

Then I felt Josh come up behind me and start kissing my neck and then…. his hand was between my arse cheeks. And then…. I felt a well lubed finger inside me.

Josh asked me if I was ready, I was.

My lips hadn’t left Adam’s when I started to feel Josh line up behind me and start to insert himself inside me.

Sex standing up is always a little tricky but Josh was rock hard and my arse was hungry for some cock.

This isn’t the first time I’ve sucked a guy off who was wearing speedos so I undid Alex’s drawstring and pulled the front of his speedos down

releasing his rock hard, beautiful cock. It was a little more difficult than usual because Alex’s boyfriend was fucking me but I managed just fine.

With the head of Alex’s cock in my mouth I looked up and saw that he was busy making out with one of the guys.

It wasn’t long and Adam had an orgasm, cock deep inside me.

While I noticed Adam slipping his cock out of my arse, I was focused on Alex’s cock which was in my mouth.

Adam came up behind me and asked if some DP (double penetration) might be on the cards.

I’ve never tried DP before and considering the pounding my arse had just had over the last forty-five minutes or so I didn’t think this was the right time to explore my DP virginity.

I did ask Adam to jerk me off.

Adam’s chest was pressing against my back and he reached around, pulled my cock out the leg of my jockstrap and started stroking my cock.

Everyone was interested in my sites which was cool and pretty much everyone has been a member at some point. Everyone had read about me breaking in Alex and helping him explore his gay side.

I asked everyone if it was OK if I write about our orgy and as long as I am discrete everyone thought it would be amazing to be mentioned.

We just hung out and had a few drinks over the next hour or so and it ended up that I was on the couch sitting between one of the couples.

After a little while longer of just enjoying two guys sucking me off Adam knelt down in the middle of the room and some of the other guys were standing around him .

Turns out that the grand finale of the evening is the host getting cummmed on by everyone.

Seven of us stood shoulder to shoulder around Adam. He was sucking one cock and stroking off two others.

 I was really close to cumming but I didn’t want to cum out of turn so I had to slow down the guy on my right who had my cock in his hand.

Finally my turn came around and Adam took my cock in his mouth. It wasn’t long and I pulled out and added my load of cum to the 4 loads already on his face. Some of it was dribbling down his chest by now.

If you ever have the opportunity to be a part of an orgy or a group sex party, I can say from my experience that it is really fucking hot!!!


Cumming on my speedos


I just got back from Colorado and had a great time with Kip (yes, there was lots of speedo/hottub sex).

It is a long trip home. While I was on the train headed from Sydney up to the Central Coast I wrote a blog post saying that after getting in the ocean for a swim the next thing I was looking forward to was some Aussie cock.

Between that train ride and me getting home, I received a text message from the Married Guy saying:

As expected, there was nobody in the change rooms, I went to the end shower cubical which is pretty private, turned the shower on and started getting hard thinking about what was about to happen.

Then the Married Guy was standing in the door, the front of his speedo straining with his erect cock which was trying to get free.

Then, the Married Guy backed up again the wall (his back was against the wall)

The Married Guy had come from work so he was wearing trousers, button up shirt, tie where I was just wearing board shorts and a polo shirt (and the jockstrap he just gave me) so I was dressed first. As I walked out of the change rooms I said to the Married Guy


So Monday came around and it was great being back in an outdoor pool, I definitely noticed the difference swimming at sea level compared to the few swims I had in Colorado at nearly 9,000 feet above sea level (Australia’s highest mountain is only 7,310 feet).

I got to the pool before the Married Guy but I noticed him wearing his black speedos in the lane next to me after about 300m.

The Married Guy usually swims about 1500m so I kept swimming until I figured he was about done and then waited. He stopped, we shock hands both standing up to our waists in the pool. The Married Guy told me to go into the change rooms and wait for me…..

and then he turned me around and started rubbing his cock, which was still in his speedo, against my butt crack.

That was when the Married Guy started cumming on the back of my speedo and at least his first rope of cum was on my back. We both got our breath back and I stood up, my speedo was ruined with the front full of my cum and the backside covered in the Married Guys cum

The pool has a huge change room which is usually empty and has some shower cubicals. I’ve had my fair share of sexual experiences in these showers and while I don’t think one would ever get caught…

the idea of getting caught adds to how hot it is. When I first started hooking up with the Married Guy he said that hooking up in the change rooms was pretty high on his sexual bucket list and we have done it twice. So, when he told me to go in the change rooms and wait for me I didn’t need to be told twice.

He had both his hands on my hips as I leaned back into his body as he grinded me. At some point he pulled the front of his speedos down which gave him much more freedom to slide it up and down my speedo clad arse.

It was at this point that the Married Guy reached around and started rubbing my cock through my speedos. Then he whispered in my ear:

When I had finished cumming, the Married Guy told me to bend over and he hand both hands on my hips and he slid his cock up and down my butt crack.

There was no way I was getting the cum off them in the shower so I just took them off and followed the Married Guy into the main area of the change rooms.

I grabbed my towel quickly in case someone walked in and the Married Guy threw me an AussieBum jockstrap.

My New Daddy


So it’s Friday night, I just got off work, and all day I had been thinking about sucking cock.

The night before I was lookin’ for something to get into, so to speak, and saw an older guy talking about meeting at a ice cream shop and indirectly flirting from across the room.

So after I got off work I looked his ad up on there and luckily it said he would be there from 5 to about 7

So I walked in and there they were both standing in towels dripping wet from the shower.

I guess one told me to get naked and the other said to come here. I was confused but turned on at the same time so I asked what they wanted me to do.

Then they walked up to me and started to get me naked. One brought me down to my knees and put his cock down my throat, choking me.

He rubbed my head and told me I was gonna make daddy cum so I started to suck harder. His buddy was just standing there watching and jerking me and him off;

it was driving me nuts because my daddy said I couldn’t cum.

As hard as it was to focus on not cumming it made it easier to know my daddy was on the very edge of cumming.

The next thing I knew he was letting loose in my mouth, screaming that he was cumming and couldn’t stop.

They pushed me back on the bed and both started sucking my cock, one on my balls and the other on my cock. It wasn’t long before I came hard;

I haven’t came in a while so there was enough to go around and they both shared it and swallowed my cum. Then we all got dressed and I left.

unless he found what he was looking for. So I drove to the ice cream shop walked in and look for him from the description he left in his ad.

I ordered what he said to order in his ad and sat somewhat close to his table. I sat there staring at him and eventually we made eye contact;

I did all what he asked then he stood up and walked by my table on the way out and left me a note which was his address and number and said to call in 10 minutes.

He pulls it out, grabs my face, and tells me he’s in charge. His buddy asked if he could feel my throat, too.

He pulled my head towards his cock; although it wasn’t as long as the other it was thicker.

I opened my mouth for him and he slid his fat cock all the way in and fucked my face for a while. Then he pulled it out and my daddy grabbed my neck and he walked me into the bedroom, threw me on the bed, and told me to watch.


It was over flowing out of my mouth and as he pulled out he covered my mouth and told me not to swallow.

Then his buddy came up and shoved his fat cock into my cum filled mouth.

He was rock hard and he went right to work fucking my face while my daddy was telling him to fill my mouth with more cum.

So I call and he asked when was I coming over and I said I’d love to right now. He laughed and said, “Ok, you have the address… I’ll be waiting.”

So I pulled up and it was dark by now. I walk up to the house and there was a note on the door and it said ‘come on in and join us’.

I was a little nervous; I was just lookin’ to suck on a nice cock and now I was getting two

His buddy walked in and he got on his knees and swallowed my daddy’s cock.

I begged him to let me suck his buddy’s cock while he was sucking yours, but he said no u have to watch.

As I watched I got hornier and hornier, then he pulled his cock out and slapped his now wet cock on my face.

I started to lick it and suck it for daddy. His buddy put his cock close to my mouth and started to jerk it. I switched back and forth between the two but as I felt my daddy getting close I just sucked him.

He started to get louder and louder with his moans and screams then again before I know it hot sticky cum was dripping out of my mouth.

He stood up and pulled his cum covered cock out and I swallowed both huge loads in one big gulp.

Then my daddy told my to clean his cock off so I did that too.

I started to get up when they both started asking where I was going. I told them I thought they were done with me but they both told me it was my turn to cum now.

On my way home I got a text message from my daddy and it said ‘let’s do this again, I got more friends I wanna share u with